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  1. monica9

    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    I suggest if you can't do the whole family then bring the little one. Each year that passes by you may have a harder time with your disabilities so this may be the time to go to give your little one the opportunity. Why not stay at Fort Wilderness, just do a day or two at the Disney parks and...
  2. monica9

    Choosing a restaurant more for the resort it's in

    I feel like when we first tried Ohana we did so because of the theming and the resort but then after going we continue to go because of the food. It would make total sense to pick an AKL restaurant if you've never been to see that resort. It's not a resort you can just hop on a monorail or quick...
  3. monica9

    Disney's Art of Animation Resort (Part II)

    Hi. We will be here for a couple of days before heading to another resort. I'm not seeing pictures of the little Mermaid room. Does anyone have a picture or link to pictures? Thanks!
  4. monica9

    Lane’s family gets a little blessing

    MY HEART 💔 So happy for them with their new little blessing.
  5. monica9

    Worst Room View Pics Thread

    :rotfl2: I can't take it!!!! :rotfl2:
  6. monica9

    Worst Room View Pics Thread

    OMG. This is the ultimate!
  7. monica9

    Worst Room View Pics Thread

    Our Standard view at WL was of the top of trees. It was actually very pretty. We originally booked a pool view. We ended up first floor with a walkway going into the main lobby so people were constantly walking by and the pool was so far to the right we could barely see it. We ended up moving to...
  8. monica9

    ABC news - American woman attacked in the Dominican Republic... Update 6/3

    Agreed. Some things you can't avoid but I can certainly pick a different island to vacation. Also, for me personally, I'm more worried about getting poisoned than being shot. You can't avoid eating or giving food to your children. You never know if it's going to be tainted. Scary!
  9. monica9

    What do you think of Barbie? Would you let your children play with Barbies?

    Yes. My girls played/play with Barbie dolls.
  10. monica9

    Would you be upset?

    I would be upset, yes. But I would understand why your husband and kids were in it and not you (groomsmen, flower girl, etc). I do however think he should have thought about that and included you by at least doing a reading at the ceremony to be part of it. I'd feel better if asked to at least...
  11. monica9

    I had hoped to get to Cuba

    We were traveling to Cuba on Carnival next July and they completely changed our itinerary. Just hoping we get an onboard credit too!
  12. monica9

    Those using swagbucks ???

    Have been doing swagbucks religiously since January and the past couple of days I’ve only had 2 or 3 surveys available to me. Does anyone know why that happens and how I can get more up on my board to try? Thanks
  13. monica9

    Spining off from Eating Out: What else do you outsource?

    I like cleaning my house too. I'm getting a deep cleaning for the first time and might start doing it 2x a year. We pay to get our lawn cut We pay for someone to spray our yard for ticks. That's it besides our house maintance (well guy, furnace guy ,etc.)
  14. monica9

    One Way Flights

    We are going 9/27-10-6 and I must check 5x/day for rates to change. They say once it hits the 4 month mark rates lower but it's still not happening. Also, I was told to hit CTRL+N when searching so it doesn't know you have looked that way the rates aren't inflated because they know you're...
  15. monica9

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Thanks. Is there a water station nearby or is the closest in the main lobby? How long does it take to get to the main lobby or to TTC if you walked there? Thanks for answering my questions!
  16. monica9

    Disney's POLYNESIAN VILLAGE RESORT + VILLAS Information & Questions

    Glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself! Did you have a lake view or standard view in moorea? We are renting a studio and wondering about the views from each longhouse. What were you looking out on?
  17. monica9

    Renting car to drive to Disney?

    Listen if my husband let me drive some of it I'd say we just drive straight through but I know even if I drove a little he wouldn't sleep! Thanks for the recommendation
  18. monica9

    Is SWGE impacting your trip? Discuss your plans here!

    I agree that we should be fortunate to be at Disney but I think a lot of people who know how to plan decided to strategically plan to go in the Fall expecting lower crowds with cheaper fee and before GE opened. Not sure if you've ever been there in September but there's a huge difference in...
  19. monica9

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    OMG so how does this work exactly? Can I buy $1000 in gift cards and get $200 gift card to shop rite? Can I do it in one transaction?


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