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  1. Jadyreen1282

    FP day tomorrow, same day as 2020 packages becoming available. Am I doomed?

    Well OP, you planned that well! Well, someone had to say it.
  2. Jadyreen1282

    Can you get a to go cup in DHS???

    We always drag some plastic cups in our pack...just in case.
  3. Jadyreen1282

    Sea Raycers

    We always rent from CR....head of to GF and Poly then swing around WL. Just seems central to us.
  4. Jadyreen1282

    Upgrading/Changing Your Resort With Free Dining

    I was able to add a day to FD at POR a few weeks back for July. They were very they had lots of openings or something....
  5. Jadyreen1282

    When cast members say "oh yeah, looks like everything is almost booked for 2020" - do they actually know?

    What? Sold out? Ya mean no free dining next year... Wahwahwah. Blah blah... Dear lord folks are gullible.
  6. Jadyreen1282

    First visit to the waterparks

    Waste of park time juggling busses between TL and BB. Pick one and enjoy more lazy river time.
  7. Jadyreen1282

    Taking your droid and lifesaver home on the airplane......

    My Droid is my lifesaver. That's why I load him up in my XWing and don't use the airline.
  8. Jadyreen1282

    Which water park?

    Blizzard Beach is better with younger kids I'd say. Our fav is TL but we do both each trip.
  9. Jadyreen1282

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Well I got a credit card charge for four bands and shipping email. I am very interested to see what comes since colored bands are free with resort stay. I will be the only optimist here to say I will get all four I ordered as charged....yes riiiiight.
  10. Jadyreen1282

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    I received the tracking number today too.
  11. Jadyreen1282

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    We got the ones from MYB...Just in case we get hosed. Edit: and I just checked and mine for July 6th trip just got charged...again.
  12. Jadyreen1282

    Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Photo

    Yah, this one sucks. I mean really sucks. The wife and I do kiss shots in all of the ride photos and even that one was just
  13. Jadyreen1282

    Flight of Passage in a skirt

    Hike it up and give it a go or you'll never know. That rhymed.
  14. Jadyreen1282

    Photopass question

    It's more than worth it. If you think you could get every ride picture for under that then you must be at Kings Island.
  15. Jadyreen1282

    Photos :)

    We, every year, get the picture on the bridge next the France pavilion. Dont know why, nothing against France but it's not that special a shot. Just have to get it.
  16. Jadyreen1282

    Can You Eat on a Disney Ride?

    I will bite on your click bait and chew on it fir a while but guessing pizza on Space Mountain would fit more.
  17. Jadyreen1282

    A bit bored at the Studios

    We spend all day there but then again we eat aaaalot. And meet and greet everyone. Dessert party and all.
  18. Jadyreen1282

    Reservation Nightmares

    Why would Disney "forgive" anything? Are you sure you are not get scammed somehow. Disney doesn't just make deals by arbitrarily cutting rates over the phone. Hoping this is pixie dust and not a scammer.
  19. Jadyreen1282

    No premium magic bands currently available?

    I got an email saying they were "delayed". Never said they were cancelled. The site shows the original colored bands. cannot edit the order and it just gives me an error. I matched gift cards and steel water bottle colors to these premium bands to make the trip extra special for my niece and...


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