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  1. wannabee

    Disney food you miss the most...

    Red velvet cupcake from Starring Rolls
  2. wannabee

    Parents of the High School Class of 2017/College 2021

    DS won't be home this summer either. He is staying at his off campus apartment and will be working there. He's home now for Easter but I've only seen him for a few minutes. He's off with his friends.
  3. wannabee

    Second Star to the Right and Straight on to Dining - 7 Days of Dining

    Sounds fun..cant wait to read your thoughts on the tours
  4. wannabee

    I'm Just Here For Brunch: A 16 Day DR *Update 5/19

    Any idea how late you can enter Tutto Gusto to eat. Can you show uo at like 8:45 with the park closing at 9pm?
  5. wannabee

    I'm Just Here For Brunch: A 16 Day DR *Update 5/19

    Excited for this review!!
  6. wannabee

    PPO at BOG and EMM?

    We did BOG on EMM day last April. Only 1 ride on 7DMT before rope drop crowds arrived.
  7. wannabee

    Disney's YACHT & BEACH CLUB RESORTS Information & Questions Updated Info on Page 1 Post 1 & 13, 14

    So excited.. Dh and I will be at YC 9/9- 9/12. I really need a Disney fix and I can't believe he has agreed to come with me. He hasn't been to DW since 2009. I stayed at BC in 2012. I can't wait to catch up on whats going on around the resort. Its been a long time
  8. wannabee

    Tell me about Disney Hong Kong

    I did a 2 night stay at Explorers Lodge in September. Great hotel and lots of fun. the park is small. Can easily be done in one day. We were there right after a typhoon and a lot was closed unfortunately. Really loved Mystic Manor ( their version of haunted mansion- sort of) and Big Grizzly...
  9. wannabee

    Tell me about Disney Hong Kong

    check out the "other lands" forum-- lots of great info
  10. wannabee

    Parents of the High School Class of 2017/College 2021

    DS is home. I saw him for a couple hours after work and he is out with friends now. So happy to have him home for a few days.
  11. wannabee

    SPIN-OFF - So *What* Is On Everyone's Menu this Thanksgiving?

    We will be about 30 people this year. Turkey Honey Baked Ham Roast pork Cheesy Potato casserole Sweet Potatoes casserole w. brown sugar and pecans Rice Dressing cornbread dressing Green beans w/ bacon, and brown sugar corn casserole Not sure what desserts we will have
  12. wannabee

    Parents of the High School Class of 2017/College 2021

    DS is much happier this year now that he's out of the dorm. Just one roommate who is a high school friend. I also don't hear much about grades during the semester. Occasionally he will call me to tell me of a great grade. We check at the end of the semester.
  13. wannabee

    How much paid vacation do you get?

    I get 6 weeks a year starting this year when I made 15 years with the company. We accrue time very pay period and can bank up to 10 weeks before you stop accruing.
  14. wannabee

    Parents of the High School Class of 2017/College 2021

    So excited. DH and I decided to take a long weekend to Anaheim in January. We will do supercross for him and Disneyland for me. I've never been to California. I just realized that school won't have started yet for DS. So we asked him to join us and he is excited to come. I haven't been to WDW...
  15. wannabee

    Just joined Weight Watchers

    went back to weight watchers this morning. I made lifetime many years ago and realized that I needed to go back to try again. I am up 25 pounds from where I need to be. The plan has changed so much but I'm excited.So glad I went to the meeting today.
  16. wannabee

    OFFICIAL 2018 Christmas & Holiday Time at DLR Superthread!!

    my first DL trip will be Jan 6 and 7th. Appears Christmas will be up thru Sun 6th and then Monday back to normal. How crazy will Sunday be? I'm hoping I can get most of the parks done in 2 days.
  17. wannabee

    Quaint small towns in New Hampshire or Maine.

    Wolfeboro NH is one of my favorite places in the world ..... although I would visit in summer, not winter.
  18. wannabee

    Explorers Lodge

    I just booked 2 nights in September..... I am so excited!!!!
  19. wannabee

    Shanghai Surprise and Hong Kong Hospitality: A July 2018 China Family Trip Report - VIDEO ADDED p. 3

    what a great report. I'm heading to HKDL in September and your report helped a lot