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  1. Pooh2

    All about the Autotrain

    There is a sign at the entrance to the sleeper car that you must be ticketed in the sleeper to enter the car. We saw a car attendant give a young woman the boot back to coach who was wandering through the sleeper car. The bottom bunk in the accessible room was wider than the top bunk and may...
  2. Pooh2

    My DGD and unexpected blood clotting disorder

    Our friend has Factor 5 Leiden and did not know until she threw a blood clot to the lung at age 18. Glad your grand daughter is okay and now knows what to watch for.
  3. Pooh2

    Disney's GRAND FLORIDIAN RESORT & SPA + VILLAS Information & Questions

    We have a once-in-a-lifetime long weekend booked at the Grand to celebrate our 35th anniversary. The review got me a bit anxious and rethinking our reservation but in the end, we are going to experience for ourselves and hope it is wonderful! Kind of hoping Pete's review got the attention of...
  4. Pooh2

    Opinion: Should DCL add port of Tampa?

    Would love to see DCL come up to Boston! Tampa would be awesome too!
  5. Pooh2

    Disney's GRAND FLORIDIAN RESORT & SPA + VILLAS Information & Questions

    We have a long weekend booked at the Grand Floridian in Outer Bldg, Lagoon View category. Is there handicapp parking near the room? On the map, it looks like the parking lot is a distance from the outer Buildings?
  6. Pooh2

    Questions about a possible MAW trip

    We enjoyed the Autotrain. It would be a fun adventure for a 9 year old! My recollection of attractions options is that if you opt to to go Kennedy Space Center and HP World, you would get less days at Disney but there is an option to hit them all. Enjoy your trip!
  7. Pooh2

    Discount help

    Star Wars Land is opening the last week of August so it may be a bit harder to find discounts. Check on the mydisneyexperience app to see what discounts are available for your days. We tend to use our Disney Visa dollars for food in the parks/resorts and look for a discount on the room.
  8. Pooh2

    Adding people onto a reservation for one day

    I have not heard of adding day guests before. Do they have a charge for that? That would be perfect for our situation if it's possible to do so.
  9. Pooh2

    Adding people onto a reservation for one day

    We recently rented dvc points and added on my son's family so they could visit us at the resort and use the pools. Would we be able to do something similar for a reservation we have at Grand Floridian that was booked directly through Disney? Would adding two adults add to the cost? If there...
  10. Pooh2

    Man tasered and arrested at MK dessert party.

    I would imagine the poor kids of those parents also vividly remember that day! Wonder how they turned out??!
  11. Pooh2

    Wedding gift?

    I take into consideration how close I am to the couple. I do not take into consideration how expensive the venue is. One of my nephews had a very extravagant wedding, another nephew had a simple backyard affair. They both got the same amount of cash from us. For those of you saying you...
  12. Pooh2

    Is it really that hot in the summer?

    Just got back from a week at WDW. The heat really did us in. We ended up going to the parks for an hour or two in the morning, nap and pool in the afternoon and back to the parks at 7pm. It really is that hot!
  13. Pooh2

    floats in pool?

    Are baby floats allowed in the pools? Looking at an inflatable where the baby sits upright.
  14. Pooh2

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Does anyone know if the bands can be upgraded with an annual pass at Disney springs customer service? Or it is only for pre-orders?
  15. Pooh2

    Where can I get 35mm film developed?

    For all the film buffs (slide film especially), check out a movie called Kodachrome on netflix. Made me want to go out and shoot some film again!
  16. Pooh2

    Disney visa meet and greet

    Where are the disney visa meet and greets these days? Do they still have them at Epcot and HS?
  17. Pooh2

    Where can I get 35mm film developed?

    If you go on, there is a place to order film mailers (no charge for just the mailers). Much better prints than Walmart.
  18. Pooh2

    What's the most awkward situation you have been in socially?

    I would have opened all 4 windows!!!


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