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  1. momma2ethan

    Those using swagbucks ???

    I still have it on mine
  2. momma2ethan

    Best Non-Alcoholic Frozen Drinks

    I'm boring so for non-alcoholic I stick with Dole whip floats and frozen cokes. I honestly don't think I've had any other slushy/frozen drink that wasn't boozy :drinking1
  3. momma2ethan

    Mousekeeping Credit?

    It would not have been a voucher or credit against your room balance. You should have received an e-gift card in your email..
  4. momma2ethan

    A Tipsy Tenth Dining Adventure - Updated 6/16: Jiko Part 2

    Funny you should say that about running. I always say that if you see me running I'm either being chased by zombies or DS forgot his trombone/house key/phone. HAHAHA
  5. momma2ethan

    Limiting Kids Snacking

    We each get one snack per day. I almost always end up sharing mine with him and he frequently shares his with me. Neither of us tend to have huge appetites at Disney because of the heat and we like the same things so sharing works great for us. We also buy a popcorn bucket and I never say no to...
  6. momma2ethan

    Sprint cell service in the WDW parks

    I have Sprint and have never had any real issue with coverage at Disney. I can only think of a couple rare occasions that I didn't have service and that was places such as deep in the FOP queue where you're pretty much inside a mountain.
  7. momma2ethan

    photopass/memory maker with AP

    No, you do not have to purchase memory maker if your AP includes photopass
  8. momma2ethan

    How Many Times Can We Eat At Che Fartsmith's? Update 6/13 - Satu'li Canteen

    My 11yo son is easily impressed. We grabbed sandwiches from here when we hit the outlet in August and he LOVED his. He actually randomly mentioned "that crazy delicious sub place" just last week while I was watching a character warehouse vlog. HAHA I think we got the California Chicken. I know...
  9. momma2ethan

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    It works great for hot water. Our morning routine is to run a cycle w/o coffee for DS's oatmeal. Once that's done he makes my coffee while I'm in the shower. This allow his oatmeal to cook and my coffee to cool just enough that I don't burn myself as I chug it while dressing and fixing my hair...
  10. momma2ethan

    Virus on these boards?

    It's a known issue stemming from a bad Google ad. They've reported it to Google but it's now out of their hands. Google has to do their part in removing the buggy ad
  11. momma2ethan

    Do Disney gift cards expire?

    They do not expire :)
  12. momma2ethan

    The Dress Shop on Cherry Tree Lane

    Oh be still my heart. That is BEAUTIFUL!!!
  13. momma2ethan

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    Unfortunately, no. You have to use either a linked cc or dining credits. I'm also waiting for them to add GC as a payment option for mobile ordering. I get gift cards through swagbucks and use them to buy Disney gift cards for our food and shopping. I would love to be able to take advantage of...
  14. momma2ethan

    WDW Foodies Take Disneyland-April/May 2019 (San Diego/DL DTR) Updated 6/12 DL QS

    I honestly can't even remember what place we ate at or what exactly I'd ordered but I do remember it being very tasty. I know it was a counter service type place without it's own seating and that it was some sort of "southwest bowl" or like a Denver bowl" type thing that was sort of a...
  15. momma2ethan

    Rope dropping Figment

    We like to hit Storybook Circus at rope drop. DS has a deep love for Barnstormer for some reason and likes to get in a handful of rides with no wait early in the day since the queue is blazing hot once the sun gets high. Tom Sawyer Island doesn't open until 11AM so that would not be a RD option
  16. momma2ethan

    WDW Foodies Take Disneyland-April/May 2019 (San Diego/DL DTR) Updated 6/12 DL QS

    Totally following along. After multiple WDW I feel like I've gotten our likes and dislikes pretty well set but a potential DL trip early next year has me feeling completely out of my element. We have had layovers in Denver a couple times and DS still talks about the meal we had there almost 3...
  17. momma2ethan

    Free Drink on Southwest Airlines on Mother's Day?

    I don't see why not. Even if they balk at making one you can just order a sparkling wine and a juice. They do not limit the complementary non alcoholic drinks in my experience. DS always orders a sprite and a juice because he likes to mix them and I've often ordered a coffee and a soda.
  18. momma2ethan

    Destash 2019 Time to Trash the Stash!

    Baby steps. Grab a few boxes from one of those storage spaces Saturday and go through them. I bet your motivation kicks back in once you start making progress on those. This is a great idea and it can be a huge motivator. I did this when I cleared out and decluttered my big storage closet. It...
  19. momma2ethan

    Few questions [about Alex & Ani and Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers stores at Disney Springs]

    Yes, the Alex and Ani store sells the Disney exclusive bracelets. They usually have the biggest selection IMO
  20. momma2ethan

    Disney's POP CENTURY RESORT Information & Questions

    I'm not a breakfast eater at all but DS is the kid who can eat breakfast at home then again at school 20 minutes later. We bring instant oatmeal for him. We like the ones that are already in bowls (like easy mac) but I think next trip we'll just bring packets and a bowl. I use the coffee maker...


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