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    2:00 Entry to MVMCP?

    Having just taken advantage of this for NSSHP, I wonder if anyone can explain how the ticket checking works. Let me explain what happened, and why I'm wondering... My party of 9 had Park Hopper passes, already used earlier that day at another park, upon arriving at the Magic Kingdom around...
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    Jogging route around the Contemporary

    Has it really been 4 years since anybody chatted about jogging at the Contemporary/BLT? Not for the faint of heart, but I discovered there is a great 5-mile run to be had around the Lagoon. The route is tricky because there is no foot path from the main entrance of Magic Kingdom to the Grand...
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    BLT GV Upper Doors

    I just returned from a great trip with two firsts: First time staying in a BLT Grand Villa, and first time staying at GF. The reservation was last-minute, and we had to move every night. Anyway, I have some observations about the BLT GV's: Lake View Grand Villas are great! Because BLT GV's...
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    Can you waitlist for 2 resorts?

    Actually, a DVC cast member recently explained to me that they changed the policy about a year ago. Before, you could have many wait-list entries, but now, you can only have two. Also, they will no longer call you to confirm, even if you request such a call, and they are unwilling to send...
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    I Went Soarin!!!!!!!!!

    My family also really enjoyed SOARIN'. I had read about it and was disappointed that it would not be open during our visit last week, nor could we make the special preview weekend in April for DVC members. Luckily, one of the kids had to use the bathroom after Journey Into Imagination, and we...
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    What Happened to My Registration?

    Hi. I registered at on 19-Aug-2000. I still have the confirmation e-mail, complete with pointers. I wasn't very active, but I logged in a couple times a year. Today, when I tried to log in, my account had been removed. I was able to recreate it, but what...
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    AP Certificates

    Has anyone figured out the actual advantage to the AP vouchers? If you just show up at the ticket sales location at one of the parks with a DVC membership card and a credit card, won't they sell you an AP at the DVC rate anyway? Does having the vouchers printed in advance help? Also...
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    Medical care at WDW?

    Unfortunately, I also have experience with the emergency room last year. I agree that it's very pleasant, and the fish tank is a nice touch. There are a lot of very Christian pictures and plaques on the wall, which we thought unusual but didn't mind. However, the wait was interminable. I...


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