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  1. LilPiglet

    The Last to Post Thread

  2. LilPiglet

    Which One Would YOU Want To Do?

    My dream is to someday go to Hawaii and especially try to stay at Aulani. So I would choose Hawaii.
  3. LilPiglet

    Caitlyn Jenner

    I hope for Caitlyn/Bruce that this makes her happy. She does look really good though.
  4. LilPiglet

    Murder Mystery in the Magic Kingdom: The Game!

    Piglet: Looks around this big Magical place called the Magic Kingdom. He is so little and pretty much just used to the 100 Acre Woods where he plays with his friends.
  5. LilPiglet

    Getting to Know You EVEN MORE!

    I love my tie dye Ravens hoodie. It is so warm and cozy in the cold months.
  6. LilPiglet

    HP Second Generation RP

    Tessa: She said to Marissa that she would love to have some company for the ride to Hogwarts. She reached into the little handbag she had on her lap and asked Marissa if she wanted some candy she had brought for the ride. She is quite the candyaholic.
  7. LilPiglet

    Rate that Band/Singer

    Very talented and I like some of his stuff. 8 Lana Del Rey
  8. LilPiglet

    The Last to Post Thread

  9. LilPiglet

    How do you measure how far you've walked around DLP?

    Yes I asked my Mom what it is called and that is it.
  10. LilPiglet

    What's your favorite quick service restaurant?

    You will love it. The biscuits and gravy are great and so is the Jersey Crumb Cake.
  11. LilPiglet

    How do you measure how far you've walked around DLP?

    When me, Dad, and Mom are at WDW my Mom has this thing that goes around her wrist that measures how man steps, calories burned, and stuff like that. Dad and I don't do it, but she does. I also think the thing around her wrist is linked to some app on her phone, but I am not totally for sure...
  12. LilPiglet

    What's your favorite quick service restaurant?

    The BoardWalk Bakery is my favorite quick service.
  13. LilPiglet

    Met Any Celebs While Touring?

    I saw Neil Patrick Harris when I was 7 years old at Epcot. At the time I had no idea who he was and was more interested in meeting the Disney characters. :)
  14. LilPiglet

    Favorite Names eta: The Baby's here!

    For a girl I like Addison Harper. For a boy I like Logan Jackson.
  15. LilPiglet

    what would you pick - high school student

    I like this idea. Being a kid myself(14 in July) I do enough work while at school all year. The Summer is the time to have fun with friends, have sleepovers, go to the Mall, and stay up late. I know I would not want to use my Summertime to work even though it is only 10-12 hours a week. I have...
  16. LilPiglet

    A Far away city

    Venice Italy- It is where my ancestors are from and also my parents said it is beautiful. They went of a trip there before I was born and I look at the pictures sometimes and they are really awesome.
  17. LilPiglet

    I survived the month of May!!

    I have survived it to. I had a lot of tests in school in May as the school year in coming to an end. I still have a few more final tests to come in June, the 8th Grade end of the year class party, and then graduation from Middle School. Only 15 more school days for me left. Please go fast.
  18. LilPiglet

    Do you know your IQ

    My parents had me tested when I was 8 years old. I got a score of 121 which is suppose to be in the above average intelligence range. I am happy that I got that score when I was 8 years old, but in real school there are still classes I do real well in and Math stuff I really have to work at to...
  19. LilPiglet

    Rate that Band/Singer

    Not really my style of music, but I just listened to a song of his on youtube and his voice isn't bad. 6 Jessica Sanchez
  20. LilPiglet

    The Last to Post Thread

    Lucky, I am up getting ready for school right now. Hope you have a great day. Last


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