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    A Reservation Procedure/System Must Be In Place for Galaxy's Edge @ DHS

    I know it was 4hr windows, but I thought they were letting new groups in every 3hrs. So everyone had overlaps. Right?
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    A Reservation Procedure/System Must Be In Place for Galaxy's Edge @ DHS

    There is just under 30k rooms in WDW (if you exclude non Disney owned). if you went through the same concept as DL, and had blocks every 3 hrs, with 3k(mabye 4K) people per block. You could have about 15k per day in the land. Since every room requires a minimum 1night stay, that would mean...
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    Planning help needed for morning of our MVMCP

    I think If you Fp 1 of those and rope drop the other 2 you will be back at the hotel by 10-11/am. I’m not sure when’s ToT will be finished with refurb but I heard that ride has long lines now.
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    Planning help needed for morning of our MVMCP

    FYI - you can only get fast passes for 1 of those rides since they will be all T1 rides by September 1.
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    October or December?

    Same deal with me. We have a 5 day trip booked.- last week of Oct and 1st week of Dec. Some thoughts. Last year we went in November and weather was really cool. I’m assuming October is be much hooter. If we go in Oct, we get MNSSHP, last Nov we did the MVMCP. I’m assuming in Oct the parks...
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    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    Has anyone that started booking their CLFP after the GE opening able to find out if there is anything special that is being offered? I know there is no FP for smugglers run but hoping there may be something extra offered. High hopes.
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    Hagrid's Coaster Queue Updates / Questions / Reviews

    I’m hoping for express pass also. We plan on going either in December or feb next year. My understanding is most of the new rides are getting EP not long after opening?
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    Any live-streams for hagrids grand opening day?

    Does anyone know of any live-streams for the grand opening?
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    A Reservation Procedure/System Must Be In Place for Galaxy's Edge @ DHS

    We have a late September trip booked in CL. I’m hoping something is introduced into the CLFP program for some kinda extra GE access benefit.
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    Cheapest buy 2 days get 3 free tickets?

    If APH rates are available at the hotel your staying. I say go for it -buy the AP! In our case when we went in April, we stayed at PBH and our 3 night stay hotel room savings was $650 using APH rate. No brainer for us. Plus you have 1yr pass to make another trip later on.
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    Alien Swirling Saucers vs Toy Story Mania!

    For sure TSMM vs. A.S.S, I noticed lines for A.S.S are much quicker to get into.
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    A Reservation Procedure/System Must Be In Place for Galaxy's Edge @ DHS

    I’m still a proponent for a reservation system for onsite guests similar to DL. Why force the 30k room guests into a small 3hr block when you can spread them out over a full day 6am to 10pm? What’s the difference? If 10k-15k people show up to EEMH, the queue will already be sold out for the...
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    Anyone getting insane amounts of pop ups?

    The crazy redirects are back again. This is pretty bad that Disboards can’t figure this out. I only have this issue visiting this site.
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    Trial Club Level Fastpass+ Purchase Program Planning & Discussion

    2 quick question, For the CLFP, if we wanted to make changes let’s say day of and switch to another time or ride, how quick does DSS respond for updates to the FPP ? Are they txt, phone? IF a CLFP+ Booked ride is out of service during the time period, do you just get a anytime FPP for any ride...
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    Character breakfast help

    We loved Ohana and also 1900 Park Fare good. Epcot was great but we ate lunch there. Since most of your group is adults the 2 above would be a great option.
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    Will ROTR open August 28th in DL?

    I was thinking - would it make sense for DL to open ROTR at or near August 28th. Let’s face it, DHS is a small park and unlike DL can’t really absorb the crowds(hence all the crazy changes they are making with FP,etc..). There are only a hand full of other attractions vs. DL which has...
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    Strategy for DHS Extra Extra Magic Hours (6-9am Sept 1- Nov 2)

    This is not true. In November Disney removed EMH at AK. They removed it around day 34 prior to our arrival. We were pretty upset since we had made ADRs, and our 60day FPP, so after talking with guest services they were able to a accommodate for the last minute change.
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    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    Not sure if optics will matter giving preferred treatmeant to On-site guests. Onsite guests already have perks that offsite doesn’t get, like 60day FPP, EMH, access during phased closures.
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    Reservations for SWGE at WDW?

    I think Disney has a ton of options on the table on how this is going to rollout. My guess at the end of June is when they make the final decision. One can agree the DL model seemed to work perfectly for them. I mean, i’m Looking at wait times and it’s 15min for Smugglers run. Who would ever...
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    Am I the Only One Who Thinks September & October Won't Be That Bad?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if RotR opens in WDW 1st. Or both locations launch at the same time. I have my bets on RotR being sometime in November.


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