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  1. cruisehopeful

    When do kids go back to school in California?

    As above poster said, go early in August. When the AP blocks are off at the end of the month, it get packed. In addition to that, Haunted Mansion will go down to do the holiday makeover. When "tourist season" ends, Disney starts working on everything and you are at the mercy of most closures.
  2. cruisehopeful

    Legoland and area

    When you are staying in Carlsbad, you can eat at a Ruby's on the end of the Oceanside Pier in Oceanside. I haven't been to Legoland in a few years. I suggest eating the apple fries while there. The aquarium is a let down, but since you'll be there for 3 nights, you'll probably want to go...
  3. cruisehopeful

    Number of Days to Visit in October

    October is a great time to visit and also a very busy time. Gay Days is awesome. Lots of very festive and happy guests. You can wear a red shirt on those days to fit in. There will be rainbow treats and souveniers available that weekend only. The only thing I don't like about Gay Days is the...
  4. cruisehopeful

    Disney VS. Princess VS. Norwegian VS Celebrity

    I was on the Star Princess. I would have no problem sailing on that ship again.
  5. cruisehopeful

    Trader Sam's Tips?

    I generally sit outside in the evening to listen to the live music and enjoy the torches. I love being in Hawaii and it makes me feel like I am there. Once, during the day, my daughter and I decided to sit inside. It was during the month of August and it was really hot inside. We sat at the bar...
  6. cruisehopeful

    Disney VS. Princess VS. Norwegian VS Celebrity

    I have been on Princess and would love to sail with them again for an Alaskan cruise. I have been on DCL for Alaska twice before. I would choose Princess over DCL for Alaska. 1.) Food is better and more plentiful on Princess. The buffet room is open almost all of the time vs. DCL Cabanas has...
  7. cruisehopeful

    Embarkation - where do you go?

    I always try to book my arrival time so that we can have a sit down meal in the MDR right away. For the unfortunate times that we are too late, we go to Cabanas to get our food and then take it to the outside portion of Cove Cafe.
  8. cruisehopeful

    A little help would be wonderful....

    My husband loves a meal at Carthay Circle. It's probably his favorite thing to do at the parks.
  9. cruisehopeful


    My kids use it. They ask the CM at the front of the regular line if SR is open and when it is (which is often), they are told to enter through the exit. It's always been a very short wait for them.
  10. cruisehopeful

    News: New Orleans and Princess Tiana Take Center Stage in Enhancements Coming to the Disney Wonder

    I'm kind of attached to the current Cove Cafe, but I'm sure I'll get used to the new one. I have land cafes on land and think I'll feel let down by a land cafe on the Wonder. Looking forward to the new lounge, though.
  11. cruisehopeful

    White Water Snacks: Avocado Toast anyone???

    It's actually a really good price. I pay $10. for one near my job that doesn't have egg. I'll keep this one in mind.
  12. cruisehopeful

    vacation where everything went wrong update

    Glad she is doing well. Holiday time is a great time to visit and It's a Small World Holiday is an amazing ride. Knock on wood that your mom doesn't get sick this time. A couple things to keep in mind, once the sun goes down, it gets very cold. If someone in line near you is coughing a phlegm...
  13. cruisehopeful

    WOC Dessert party? Can you cancel and get a refund?

    24 hours cancellation will get you a refund. Cancel sooner if you know you won't be going since it does take a few days to get your money back.
  14. cruisehopeful

    One day...mid-August (17-19) where?

    DL is a better value, even if it costs a lot more. You'll get a lot more bang for your buck. Go with DL. You can decide later if you want to do park hopper.
  15. cruisehopeful

    First Disney cruise: go all out or take it easy?

    Sorry, don't have time ATM to read all of the replies. I just wanted to say that even if you do the most spartan Disney Cruise ever, you will have a full and complete vacation. You do not need to add anything special or do anything extra. DCL has enough going if you just do the bare minimum.
  16. cruisehopeful

    Pixie dust opportunities

    Lucky me, I was able to go to DCA and DL yesterday. I went specifically to ride Soarin over California. :) I ended up thinking about this thread a couple times. Let me preface this by saying it was very hot yesterday. My husband and I bought some Pandora charms and were visiting/joking around...
  17. cruisehopeful

    Shorter cruises more often or longer cruises not as often?

    For me it's cruise more often on shorter cruises. It's the only way we can do it right now. For most people, longer cruises less often are probably more memorable and more cost effective.
  18. cruisehopeful

    ** Opening Day Pricing QUOTES Fall 2020: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy **

    G Wonder 10/16/20 05C 2A $2032.16 [1016.08|1016.08] no ins/trans/air/OBB
  19. cruisehopeful

    Must Eat DLR Food?

    Since you describe yourself as a foodie and like unique items, I'd go with a breakfast at Carnation Cafe - Eggs Benedict is my choice there. Have a meal at Carthay Circle (lunch or dinner) and a meal at Blue Bayou (lunch or dinner). If you don't mind leaving the parks for a meal, have a dinner...
  20. cruisehopeful

    Looking for ideas/help

    You may not want to overthink it. When you are actually there, you may see an opportunity for something that you can't prethink. No matter what you decide, it will be special and memorable. Is it possible to have her buy a drink or a churro nearby and say you just want a quick peek at the pins...


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