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  1. TomorrowlandKD

    Where has Charles been ?

    Wait, so Fiasco is considered Charles' replacement? ..... I miss Charles!
  2. TomorrowlandKD


    Steve's a big boy, if he's annoyed I'm sure he'll let the staff know. Do you want a podcast where everyone is happy happy and positive every waking moment? I'm sure there's a Sesame Street or Barney podcast somewhere out there with that kind of thing... Disagreements, candid opinions, views...
  3. TomorrowlandKD

    Backup Host

    This. Craig and Ryno for the win. Everyone chill out.
  4. TomorrowlandKD

    Tyler and Katrina

    Had no idea Oliver had his own channel. I'm glad he's doing well!
  5. TomorrowlandKD

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Thanks for posting. Now that being said; when are we going to get another solo show??? The wait in between feels longer this time! haha Love all you do, Pete! -Kyle
  6. TomorrowlandKD

    Sean Faulk?

    Support Sean and his family...
  7. TomorrowlandKD

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    Good morning everyone, I thought it would be a neat idea to post any photos of you with the members of the DIS team you've met in the parks over the years! (If this is a dumb idea, mods can delete of course). Candids are always fun :-) Enjoy the day! -Kyle
  8. TomorrowlandKD

    Tyler and Katrina we go again.
  9. TomorrowlandKD

    Where has Charles been ?

    Are we going to have a new thread made every time someone isn't in a few episodes? Come on guys!!!
  10. TomorrowlandKD

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    I pay $100 + shipping/handling per year for my D23 Charter membership. I get four magazines and a yearly gift. That's it. Ugh. At this point it's my mind not being able to let go of the coveted "Charter Member" status. I PROUDLY pay $25 a month for The DIS and get Pete's solo shows, early...
  11. TomorrowlandKD

    Doritos invented at Disneyland

    Nacho Cheese > Cooler Ranch
  12. TomorrowlandKD

    New DVC 101 Episode from the DIS Unplugged!

    Me too. I don't know why. But I've been researching it a heck of a lot more recently...
  13. TomorrowlandKD

    New VIP Tour

    Am I the only one unimpressed by the VIP tour video today? Not Steve doing the video himself, I mean the offerings and the way it was handled?
  14. TomorrowlandKD

    New DVC 101 Episode from the DIS Unplugged!

    Pete posted on Instagram yesterday that he "took the plunge" and got in on DVC! You could see it on his face during the 101 Episode that it was only a matter of time, he got so excited. Copper Creek! Congrats Pete!! Can't wait to hear all about your booking/signing up experience during the next...
  15. TomorrowlandKD

    Craig appreciation post!

    oh boy. At any rate: Craig's my favorite!!!!!!
  16. TomorrowlandKD

    48 Hours at Disneyland - It's Shocking How Much You Can Do! Solo at DLR May 2018 - FINAL Update 8/19

    Can't wait to see your report! My wife and I are headed to DL for our very first time this upcoming February so I'm soaking in as much information as I can! -Kyle
  17. TomorrowlandKD

    Let's see your EPCOT photo's..........

    Interesting, that Goofy looks to be in the same pose as the winter garden pose a few photos above.
  18. TomorrowlandKD

    Haunted Mansion Organ Music - I played it!

    Hey guys, I'm a full time Director of Music out here on Cape Cod and while I was waiting to play a funeral this morning, I thought it might be fun to try to play a little of the famous organ intro on the organ that I use at work! Thought some of you may get a kick out of it. It's only a few...


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