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  1. SG131

    Looking to buy direct - 50 points (after 10 years waiting)

    They CAN, but that doesn't mean they will. Disney owns a certain percentage of the DVC resorts and that coupled with people using their points for cruises and whatnot allows them to sell some rooms for cash. If there are cash rooms available they may pull one of those rooms for your welcome...
  2. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I can see it also being an approach to discourage people from buying AP just for Star Wars. I’m sure it will be a mad rush to get a slot and they will get lots of complaints from people not getting in. The more added competition the worse it will be. Luckily, my pass is good until December, but...
  3. SG131

    Lining up kids ages with the 50th Anniversary

    So the official 50th anniversary is October of 2021. For Mickey’s 90th birthday the celebration sort of started on his bday but then carried on and more activities were added over the next few months. I would be worried that with a Spring or Summer 2021 trip you may miss a bunch of the...
  4. SG131

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    If I had to choose I think I would pick SWGE, I've been debating the same thing myself. Now it we know SWGE will be ready for guests in the middle of August, I'm even more curious if Pete's event has something to do with GE.
  5. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I wasn't an AP at the time, but I thought with Pandora the time slots were for entry, but once you were in you could hang around for as long as you'd like. I feel like at SWGE they will need to limit the length of time people can stay.
  6. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    So are you thinking 4 hour time slots similar to Disneyland with maybe two weeks of previews?
  7. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I feel like the really hardcore fans probably already hit Disneyland.
  8. SG131

    News Round Up 2019

    That would be perfect! That part of my trip is a bit busier, but I could definitely make it work!
  9. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    I seem to randomly receive some, but not all so that has me concerned.
  10. SG131

    News Round Up 2019

    That's what I want to know. I'm there until the 15th, but I can easily extend that trip a couple of days if need be. That would be much easier than going back down a couple weeks later.
  11. SG131

    Annual Passholder and DVC Previews Watch

    WOW, I had given up all hope of this! This could change all my August plans.
  12. SG131

    New here! Qs about changing existing reservations to apply discounts

    When a new discount comes out sometimes you can modify your existing reservation online. With Disney IT it is hit or miss. Sometimes people end up having to book a new reservation then calling Disney to cancel the first one. But even if your first reservation is canceled, you won’t lose your...
  13. SG131

    restaurant rotation

    We were just on the Fantasy for a 7 night cruise and we had the rotation ERAERAE. There was no back to back nights in the same restaurant. Those that had Animators Palace night one had it for 3 nights so that was the most desirable rotation.
  14. SG131

    Memory maker or massages at GF?

    Especially since it's your honeymoon, I'd go with the pictures so that you have the memories of the trip. Even if it's August and you're sweaty and some point you'll be glad you have them.
  15. SG131


    Now that my contract passed ROFR I got my first ever DVC sales pitch via email. Including offering tours to non-members. Sorry, they're a bit late to try to get me to buy through them.
  16. SG131

    Disney Emoji Blitz

    Finished the event and got another Jack Jack, finished rainbow falls and got another Mr Incredible. Edna still eludes me....
  17. SG131

    Pete made me do it!

    Where are you looking to buy this time?
  18. SG131

    Pecos Bill Taco Trio Question

    I get the beef tacos regularly, no pineapple salsa or yogurt on them
  19. SG131

    News Round Up 2019

    I'm wondering if the experience will be better or worse at night. I'd love to ride and will probably make a day trip to universal at some point to see it, but there is no ride in the world I would wait 600 minutes for!
  20. SG131

    FP day tomorrow- computer or phone?

    Another vote for computer but I always have my phone ready as a backup. Once I did have to switch back and forth a few times until I was done.


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