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  1. Phicinfan

    News Round Up 2019

    If this is true it has to be for cost savings....cheaper to have puppets than animitronics you have to fix?? which is sad really. My family saw it last week while we were at WDW, and the show was full, but the heads on the wall had seen better days.....
  2. Phicinfan

    My wife is in a panic

    I guess my biggest issue with this rumor is....why spend the money here? I get this isn't a huge fan favorite, although I will say we went last week and when we saw the show it was full. Then again it was 90 degrees out with high humidity too ;) that all being said, there is a huge hole over...
  3. Phicinfan

    News Round Up 2019

    In FRONTIER LAND - no, I really, really don't. Last rumor I have seen said this was due for a refresh not an IP change
  4. Phicinfan

    News Round Up 2019

    With due respect please tell me how current time toys fits into Frontier land? It doesn't. You could maybe stretch it to focus on Woody's round up maybe...but fact is it simply does not fit. This rumor makes no sense at all
  5. Phicinfan

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    Per Martin at - ground breaking for Brazil in Epcot should be THIS winter. I hope beyond hope this is true.
  6. Phicinfan

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    Again, folks, per the latest from a couple of trusted insiders, no ride with this Pavilion for opening. Maybe added later on though...
  7. Phicinfan

    Rafiki's Planet Watch reopens July 11th.

    okay not to steal the thread - but didn't we see in the WoL addition in Epcot that there will be an Animation academy there as well? Don't get me wrong, I love having more than one...but is this a bit redundant?
  8. Phicinfan

    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    Was in the park last week, and was amazed at the rate of speed they were running them at. I will add in two cases we had huge Thunder storms go through with clocked 40-50 mile an hour wind, and while they rocked did not see them in any "distress" as it were. Funny side light - did not know the...
  9. Phicinfan

    Is Brazil Happening At World Showcase?

    It has been reconfirmed by insider Martin at - that this will open in 2022 with no attraction, he stated that months ago, and reiterated recently. He also stated that there is a ride designed, and could be added later.
  10. Phicinfan

    New DVC resort announced for Magic Kingdom area!

    His super secret resources....mwahahahahahaha 🧐
  11. Phicinfan

    Epcot Spine and Entrance Project

    I wonder what if ANY new information we get from this. If all we get is a rehash of what we know will be added to Epcot, this will be sorely disappointing. We know about : Rat in france, GotG in energy, Space restaurant, new core, refurbed entrance, new restaurant in Japan - can we get a bone...
  12. Phicinfan

    50th in 2021

    By all reports there is no way they would expand skyliner in that manner, I also don't think they can walk away from monorails, in that it is almost synonymous with WDW. I do think the goal IS to get out of bussing as much as possible, what the next version is I am not sure.
  13. Phicinfan

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    As I have said, I have not seen a sure path from any insider what the re-imagining will go to. I do recall at least Martin stating it is locking in on its "World Fair" type placement. But I am quite sure a few insiders have said both areas will be what and how that will effect...
  14. Phicinfan

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    Future world is dead. I have seen rumors and insiders confirm there will be a rename of BOTH sides of Epcot. The park is being re-imagined. I have not seen any rumors over the total scope...but considering they are now starting phase 3 - which will include SGE refurb and redo of middle of...
  15. Phicinfan

    Epcot - Area between Germany and China - New Pavillion?

    That is not the model they follow anymore. They do look for some corporate sponsorship, or funds kick in, but they don't get funding from a country. As I understand it now.
  16. Phicinfan

    Rumor? Seas and The Land closing?

    Insiders have killed this rumor - MagicFeather and Martin at have both said this is NOT happening and both know of plans (phase 3 of Epcot redo) that entail some refurbs for both pavilions. No time table on those refurbs though. Plus Disney themselves had announced a replacement...
  17. Phicinfan

    More Marvel at Disney

    Okay, still though, from what I have heard while WDI is very creative, they like to over spend as well. Yes? Your point in the response I quoted was that Management is making choices due to cost instead of creativity, and I am merely pointing out that part of that is due to the extremely high...
  18. Phicinfan

    More Marvel at Disney

    Isn't it both? WDI wants attractions that are more affordable to build, but Imagineering by most reports has a huge issue with controlling its spending and costs for its design. I think there is blame to go around for both
  19. Phicinfan

    More Marvel at Disney

    A Marvel 5th park would be ideal. You have Asgard, Wakanda, you could some of the space areas used in GotG, not to mention the hidden city of Inhumans. Technically you could do Atlantis with Namor as well. It would really be an opportunity to cover new technologies, new abilities and...
  20. Phicinfan

    Great Movie Ride closes for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway

    Last I heard from some insiders they were looking at April not February, still that schedule can change lightning quick.... No, that was NOT a car reference before anyone asks ;)


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