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  1. jbehr12

    A Disneyland future themed resort in Texas?

    If anything new resorts and parks will only continue overseas, they have already tapped the American market and adding a third US property wouldn’t give them new visitors and revenue, but just spread out the revenue stream that currently exists.
  2. jbehr12

    What's the least amount of time you would budget FOP-Tiffins?

    I’d have a little anxiety but you should have the time. You should be on and off FOP in 20-30 min and it’s less than a 5 min walk to Tiffins. If the ride goes down or something and it takes you a while just tell Tiffins when you check in and they will most likely accommodate. You should be fine...
  3. jbehr12

    TOT Fast passes @ 60 days out

    60+ should not be an issue for almost any time you want as long as you look regularly
  4. jbehr12

    Restaurants in the parks

    MK- Skipper Canteen Epcot- Spice Road Table, Via Napoli, or possibly Rose and Crown HS- Brown Derby Lounge or Baseline tap house for snacks... Brown Derby dining room is nice but service has always been better for me outside in the lounge. AK- Nomad Lounge no questions asked... for full service...
  5. jbehr12

    Just soup and salad at Narcoose's?

    It’s your vacation and you’re the paying customer - feel inclined to order whatever you want!
  6. jbehr12

    Tomorrow is FP Day! A question...

    Normal. Your dates should be available at 7am sharp on FP day.
  7. jbehr12

    Columbia Harbour House - geez, those stairs...

    Go up and down the stairs slowly... Problem solved...?
  8. jbehr12

    Here now: Tips for Toy Story Land and SDD

    During EMH last summer in August I remember riding SDD just before 1 am. It was absolutely awesome.
  9. jbehr12

    Grand Floridian Sugarloaf Club 5/27-5/31 Review

    This is pretty much true property wide.
  10. jbehr12


    I went in January and it was a bad experience that needed manager intervention. It seems like it’s a 50/50 shot of a good experience and for the price they charge I don’t feel like playing a slot machine.
  11. jbehr12

    Do they actually release more fastpasses?

    That my friend, is a drop :)
  12. jbehr12

    Grand Floridian Sugarloaf Club 5/27-5/31 Review

    Aside from you there’s probably hundreds of other king bed requests for any given night, but not nearly that many king bed rooms unfortunately. Some requests just can’t be honored at Disney due to sheer volume. I do agree about the polite response, that should go without saying.
  13. jbehr12

    Do they actually release more fastpasses?

    Wow you’re absolutely right, there’s no way it could have been 9:30! I remember getting it right after SDD, which was my third FP, so it must have been closer to 11:30. People typically say drops for SDD happen around 9:30 so maybe that’s why I thought it was then? Anyway I do remember seeing...
  14. jbehr12

    Grand Floridian Sugarloaf Club 5/27-5/31 Review

    If you’ve gotten your request at every hotel you’ve ever been at you should travel with me because I too would like that impeccable luck. A request is just that, a request, not a reservation or a promise.
  15. jbehr12

    Alien Swirling Saucers vs Toy Story Mania!

    Don’t stress over Saucers, it’s quite honestly a pretty lame ride that will most definitely be a tier 2 once SWGE is open and eventually offers FPs. TSM is much more worthwhile.
  16. jbehr12

    Do they actually release more fastpasses?

    If it’s a same day drop you’ll see multiple FP times for multiple rides all appear at once, unless you see the very last one which is unlikely.
  17. jbehr12

    Do they actually release more fastpasses?

    They release more when hours are extended at parks and they also do same day drops. You can usually find SDD if you log in at the right time around 9:30 am. I personally got a same day SDD in January using this method directly after getting off from a 9 am FP. Got off, checked around 9:30, found...
  18. jbehr12

    Does Garden Grill rotate currently?

    Lmao now I want a marshmallow 😂 I’m not even going to edit it.
  19. jbehr12

    Is the big Blue pool a must do for a 6yo and 4yo?

    Let’s call a spade a spade here... it’s just a pool. Nothing special.
  20. jbehr12

    Tickets Disappeared

    If it keeps up make sure to call them before your FP window in case there is an actual issue. Chances are it’s a glitch but if it doesn’t resolve you don’t want to miss your window!


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