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  1. NeuroCindy

    *UN*Official 20 Years of Dreams Event Thread

    I only have the 3 days with my parents really planned. Then 1 other day I have an ADR. Other than that, it's winging it. I may book some fastpasses, but won't care if I use them or not.
  2. NeuroCindy

    What happened to Charles Boda????? He's no longer with the company.
  3. NeuroCindy

    Rain Rain Rain

    Thank you! So many people don't know this.
  4. NeuroCindy


    They've all done this to each other at different times. Steve did it repeatedly about Turkey Legs in one of the shows (which was actually hysterical). If Steve is unhappy or hurt with what they are doing, then he needs to either tell them, or talk to Pete/John/Corey (i.e. someone in...
  5. NeuroCindy

    Poly Bird Lawsuit

    I prefer Judge Marilyn Milian. #PeoplesCourt4Lyfe
  6. NeuroCindy

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    Any update on the schedule of events? Fastpass booking days are quickly approaching.
  7. NeuroCindy

    Teenager with

    What is wrong with people!? I shouldn't be surprised, yet I always am about how ignorant people can be. If it's not affecting you, why open your mouth about it? >:(
  8. NeuroCindy

    What IF... The DIS Team Were Disney Characters (yet again) 2019

    I must be in the minority. I like the 2019 one, I just want him in a v-neck. I think these are great though!
  9. NeuroCindy

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Yes they do, but Get out of here with your logic and reasoning.
  10. NeuroCindy

    Attractions where lines are hot

    I feel like so many it depends how long the line is. I always feel like I'm melting in haunted mansion's line, even though it's shaded.
  11. NeuroCindy

    Saw Steve at Germany pavilion lol

    I know if @Princess Jes ever met someone in the parks, especially at MNSSHP, she'd be cool, calm, and collected. :rotfl2:
  12. NeuroCindy

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    You were saying?
  13. NeuroCindy

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    I find your comment shallow and pedantic.
  14. NeuroCindy

    Hosts question

    Pandora Party.
  15. NeuroCindy

    Hosts question

    I have rooted for the Indians over the Sox for you! FOR YOU! Jes, that's the American meaning of rooted, not the Australian meaning.
  16. NeuroCindy

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    Let's talk about Hobart.
  17. NeuroCindy

    Hosts question

    I thought the best day of your life was when the Cubs won the world series.
  18. NeuroCindy

    Hosts question

    I'm his favorite. Right @KingLlama
  19. NeuroCindy

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    I did encounter multiple bathrooms that smelled of horrible dirty diapers when I was there a couple of weeks ago.


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