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  1. KellyHonos

    Favorite Restaurant in Each Park???

    Granted there's a handful of places I've never tried before, from the time's Ive been, I'd say... MK-Crystal Palace AK-Tusker House HS- mama melrose Epcot-Coral Reef DS-Morimoto Resort- California Grill
  2. KellyHonos

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful...imagine having to clean up after nimrods like THIS!
  3. KellyHonos

    Filthy Bathrooms!

  4. KellyHonos

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    But is that a change in Disney's standards? Or is that a change in levels of respect and appreciation? Why do people feel comfortable throwing trash in the bushes or leaving trash in ride vehicles? ESPECIALLY when trash cans are dang near everywhere? That's just pure laziness and lack of...
  5. KellyHonos

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    AMEN!!!! PREACH!!!!
  6. KellyHonos

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    We could blame Disney for not keeping up on the bathrooms, but lets not pretend we don't see people make messes that they could 100% be cleaning up themselves. Nothing irks me more than when people have the mentality of, "this is someone's job, therefore I don't have to care about this", and...
  7. KellyHonos

    No "Stay out of the damn lakes today"...?

    I saw both what Pete and what Craig were saying. I can't stand when people KNOWINGLY don't like a place, but continue to go to it in hopes it changed. If your time is limited and your past experiences at Ohana have been less than desirable, you can't choose to play victim and keep going there. I...
  8. KellyHonos

    Fastpasses - Free or Paid? What is your opinion?

    Would charging for fast pass access really alleviate any stress, though? WDW is already expensive enough as it is, so the idea of another cost, no matter how large or small, isn't appealing. But on the same note, if you're already a few grand in, another $50 isn't going to really make or break...
  9. KellyHonos


    My pleasure! As soon as I saw it I knew I had to come share it in a thread!!!
  10. KellyHonos


  11. KellyHonos


    Am I the only one excited about Will Smith's rendition of Genie? I love that this trailer teases music!!! Omg, I'm so excited!
  12. KellyHonos

    December 2019? Will I regret it?

    This is tricky. I've never been to WDW during food and wine, but I have gone during Christmas and new years. I think if you are irritated by festival crowds, you will be more irritated by holiday ones. People are taking time off from work, kids have school off, the parks are decorated for the...
  13. KellyHonos

    Best Sushi at Disney?

  14. KellyHonos

    How do your kids save?

    OH YEAH! I'm a Michigander, we turn in cans every few months! Completely forgot about that not being a nation-wide option. WELL, if it is an option, there ya go
  15. KellyHonos

    Morimoto - sushi on DP

    My sister and I dined here but chose to pay out of pocket versus using 2 dining credits on it since we weren't ordering expensive dishes. If all she wants is a couple sushi rolls that are moderaly priced, it may be better to just pay out of pocket. Unless you plan on ordering a really expensive...
  16. KellyHonos

    How much is too much?

    I think your answer solely depends on YOUR family. Are you guys more interested in making the most out of your time there and prioritizing the rides and shows? Or are you more go-with-the-flow people and not in a rush to get anywhere? Also, is this your first time, or have you all been before...
  17. KellyHonos

    50s Prime Time Cafe has an unbeatable was AWFUL.

    The first three times I went to Disney, my family and I ate here and so I had major nostalgia when I booked my own trip in 2013 and made it a point to visit here for dinner. I was sorely disappointed when the food was bland and unappetizing. That could be because the menu wasn't that exciting to...
  18. KellyHonos

    How do your kids save?

    If you guys happen to be pop drinkers, I'd suggest allowing them to have the $ that comes from the can returns. If you let them accumulate to a decent amount, you'd be surprised at the amount of $ you can collect. I'm not sure when you guys are leaving, but if you do that for 6 months to a year...
  19. KellyHonos

    Is this possible? Safari to Tusker house

    On a side note, I hope you have so much fun! The safari and the Tusker House are a couple of my favorite things to do in AK.
  20. KellyHonos

    Na'vi River Journey

    Sadly, the Seven Dwarfs Mine train let me down a little too. I'll still make it a point to ride it anytime I'm there because it's still a nice, newer ride, but I felt like it lasted .0002 seconds! It started and then suddenly it was over! When we came back to get out of the train, I was like...


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