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  1. krrrristen

    Disney Fantasy - Oct. 12, 2019 - Halloween on the High Seas - Western Caribbean

    Joining in, we just booked for our honeymoon!
  2. krrrristen

    The May 2019 Trip Report Thread

    We booked for this weekend earlier this week - Friday-Sunday. Picked up our Runaway camper last weekend and wanted to do a shakedown trip. Where better than the fort??
  3. krrrristen

    "I Think I Might Be a Disneyland Person!" - Feb. 2016 ~ Updated 10/21: A Fortunate Find

    We are finally starting to plan a trip for next year (!!!) to Disneyland and I am so excited! Originally we thought it might be a stop on the way out to Hawaii for our honeymoon this summer, but we've scrapped that plan and are going to Alaska instead. I agreed with the caveat that I wanted to...
  4. krrrristen

    The Most EPIC Pre-Trip Report - Group PTR for 2019!! List of TRIP REPORTS added

    How did I miss this? Oh wait... I've been MIA from the boards for months :rotfl2: This sounds like such fun! I will be around 5/4-5 with one of my Disney-fan friends celebrating the end of our semesters! We may extend 1-2 days after (not before, I'll have so much grading to finish) but I have...
  5. krrrristen

    It's Time for College Football

    It was a great game! I went to OU for grad school 2012-14 and worked in athletics during some of the most fun years they've had in recent history. There's nothing in the world like it! My other alma mater is UCF, and I think I was the only person in FL who knew who Heupel was when they hired...
  6. krrrristen

    What was the 1st and so far the most recent concert you have attended?

    First concert - Backstreet Boys. I think 2000 or 2001? We went to see Night Ranger during the spring concert series at Epcot this year, which was fun!
  7. krrrristen

    It's Time for College Football

    I see I have another Big 12-er above me. Boomer Sooner!
  8. krrrristen

    I love credit cards so much!

    Hi all, been lurking in the thread for a while. Still trying to decide if CSR is worth it for me (mostly local travel due to family obligations and lack of PTO in my new job) or if I should get a different card instead. I only have the lower-level SW card in terms of travel rewards, and my 2...
  9. krrrristen

    Culture Shocks and Disney Magic... in Asia!!! A TR on all Asia Disney Resorts! [Update Dec19!]

    I love looking at your photos! Back in the day there was a "theme park" in Orlando called Splendid China, and when we went for a field trip in elementary school I tried the white rabbit candy (you are right, so good) and... lost a tooth! Seriously! I saw your picture and couldn't remember if...
  10. krrrristen

    "You and me, we're in a club now!" - a DFTW/Disneymoon/Vacay August 2017 PTR

    Yay! Glad to hear it! I have been totally out of it here on the boards, but have been thinking of you my last 2 trips to Disney like "Meghan is going to be here getting married so soon!!!" And now it's here! You will have an awesome time :cloud9::flower1::love:
  11. krrrristen

    ABC's of Cities...

    Englewood, FL
  12. krrrristen

    Stowaways onboard the 2016 EBPC - TR update 11/4, p.24

    I didn't get the waffles last time, but I think they have "Pop" waffles instead of Mickey waffles! But they're the same allergy recipe. I'll ask & let you know :thumbsup2
  13. krrrristen

    Stowaways onboard the 2016 EBPC - TR update 11/4, p.24

    I know! We have no idea what to do still, lol! I have always wanted to go to Norway or Alaska, so those are at the top of my list, but BF wants to do a Canada or British Isles trip. He went to Dublin with his last girlfriend (now almost two years ago :rolleyes1), so he owes me a big trip too...
  14. krrrristen

    "GET AWAY, SCURVY!!" – A May 2017 Whirlwind Long Weekend TR

    Girl I have been there before. It does suck. You're always missing something you need! I could tell this was foreshadowing... Because bagless sucks. Knew it! :( I can't remember if I've mentioned this before, but I have motion sickness problems too! I had brain surgery... 18 years ago...
  15. krrrristen

    "You and me, we're in a club now!" - a DFTW/Disneymoon/Vacay August 2017 PTR

    Great idea! Who wouldn't be pleased with cupcakes???? Mental health is def the most important thing! That's why I encouraged BF to go ahead and leave his job without having another lined up. It's working out alright for him so far, I'm sure it will work for you too! Oh goodness those are...
  16. krrrristen

    Stowaways onboard the 2016 EBPC - TR update 11/4, p.24

    What a great Mothers Day trip for you two! Definitely something I've thought about while we're starting to plan for a cruise next summer ;) Oh goodness that looks delightful!
  17. krrrristen

    A Cancellation, A Proposal and A Lot of Food - Marathon Weekend 2017 COMPLETE!

    I love Tusker House! We are skipping it this trip in lieu of Tiffins while we still have the AP discount, but I have a feeling it will pop back up next trip :P Me too! I remember when Animal Kingdom first opened they had all these specials on Disney Channel about it, and the part where they...


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