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    Disney Skyliner (Gondola Transportation System) Read Post 1 Updated 6/15/19

    They probably have meat thermometers built into the seats and the vents open or close based upon rump roast temperatures.
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    Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom

    And Disney has been very kind in asking them not to participate in that activity.
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    Walk Around the World commemorative bricks

    They're made of Soylent Green from recycled former Fox employees.
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    And so the Netflix Emptying begins! BIG news re. DisneyPlus! SHAZAAM!

    As long as Netflix has Figaro Pho, there is no need for Disney:
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    Things learned from rope dropping

    We like to buy our way to the front of the line using currency. Children will normally give up their place in line for a shiny new half dollar while most adults can be bought off with either a Sacagawea or Susan B. Anthony dollar.
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    Replacing Stitch's Great Escape.

    The propofol alone would be fun. And think of all the lives that could be saved! And they could still use Stitch in the recovery room. He could show you the photos of the polyps that were removed or give you his Elvis impersonation if you were polyp free. They could sell Preparation H in the...
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    What JL did went beyond assault. He actually battered females in the office. Battery is defined at common law as "any unlawful and or unwanted touching of the person of another by the aggressor, or by a substance put in motion by him."
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    Both JL and the company are doing all they can to avoid any victims coming forward to file charges! JL's reputation has been ruined but both Pixar and Disney have only been slightly tarnished. The PR department is working overtime to make sure no additional damage occurs. That's one of the...
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    Perhaps it's that engineers like to feel up other engineers next to them in order to get accurate dimensions.
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    Is Toy Story Land underperforming?

    There are enough Star Wars, Pandora and Toy Story geeks to make all of these lands thrive. After all, Country Bear Jamboree has prospered for 47 years. There's no accounting for taste.
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    The concern now is that Pete Docter has been selected to take over JL's duties at Pixar. I don't think Pete is up to the task.
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    Replacing the Rocking roller coaster with Monster Inc ride

    You're right! Kids don't listen to rock & roll any longer. That's why we need Rappin' Roller Coaster:
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    Replacing the Rocking roller coaster with Monster Inc ride

    IP throughout WDW is fine. EPCOT and AK need more IP quickly. Burma-Shave signs along the route on the safari would be a step in the right direction:
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    Replacing the Rocking roller coaster with Monster Inc ride

    They really need to dump the rock and roll theme and go with classical music instead. Beethoven's 5th Roller Coaster would work well or perhaps the William Tell Overture: Final Roller Coaster.
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    Is Toy Story Land underperforming?

    Slinky Dog, Slinky Train, Slinky Hippo and the other assorted Slinky pull toys were terrible and were never very popular with children. The original Slinky was genius and was very popular with children. Had Disney dispatched the Slinky Dog coaster and instead designed a plain Slinky coaster...
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    Bob Iger needs to win one for the Gipper by taking Lasseter out of the game.
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    They have John under contract and they'll keep him under contract. He'll have several handlers that will watch out for his welfare and keep him sober. His advisement and consultation will be monitored. We will only hear about John if Disney wants us to hear something. Disney just wants to...
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    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo will join The Lone Ranger and John Carter on Disney's all time loser list.
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    Lasseter may return to Disney

    A major problem is that Toy Story 4 is set for release in June, 2019 and the story revolves around Woody's search for Bo Peep: Lasseter's behavior has turned him into a laughing stock.


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