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  1. Moliphino

    My wife is in a panic

    Yes, my point was you can still ride them in Disneyland. Country Bears has already been removed from Disneyland, so if they take it out at WDW there's nowhere in the US to see it. You'd have to go to Tokyo.
  2. Moliphino

    My wife is in a panic

    Those all still exist (for the most part, 20,000 Leagues is now Nemo themed) at Disneyland, at least. Disneyland has already gotten rid of their Country Bears.
  3. Moliphino

    Narrowed down to Epcot...

    Which San Angel? San Angel Inn or La Hacienda de San Angel?
  4. Moliphino

    Traders Sams with kids

    As long as they're well behaved I don't see what the problem is, and I say that as an adult with no children (the last child I went to Disney with is my now 24 year old cousin).
  5. Moliphino

    Paid FP options coming soon to WDW?

    Me too. It was painful to go to DL and DLP and have to go back to using paper fastpasses and run all over the place.
  6. Moliphino

    Albums you LOVE start to finish!

    Brand New - Deja Entendu, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, Science Fiction Jimmy Buffet - Songs You Know By Heart (it's a compilation album, which may be cheating)
  7. Moliphino

    Traders Sams with kids

    Kids are totally fine before 8, I'd just make sure they'll eat the food if you plan to have a meal there (there are no kids meals, just the appetizers). But then I was going to the Adventurers Club from when I was 6, so clearly my family has no issues with kids in bars as long as they're allowed.
  8. Moliphino

    The Country Bears to close?

    I am that kid who's now in their 30s and I think this is terrible. Toy Story has a whole land in DHS, why does it need an attraction in MK?
  9. Moliphino

    Dining Help Request, Please

    Raglan Road is a must for the bread pudding. They have a lot of seafood options, too.
  10. Moliphino

    Introverts! feedback

    That's super accurate for me, aside from the 15 minute warning one.
  11. Moliphino

    Flight Changed Drastically - WWYD?

    We had a similar issue when flying to Rome in April. Aer Lingus neglected to account for the Daylight Savings time change occurring in Europe during our redeye flight until 2 weeks before our trip, then they realized we would not be able to make the connecting flight we booked. We lost 10 hours...
  12. Moliphino

    Gray is THE color these days I guess

    Not a big fan. Most of our house is shades of blue.
  13. Moliphino

    I need a new book series

    Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series is one of my favorites. Or her Finishing School series if you're more in the mood for YA.
  14. Moliphino

    Favorite AK snacks

    For good cocktails go to the Nomad Lounge. I like the ice cream cookie sandwiches at Dino Bites, they use Haagen Dazs.
  15. Moliphino

    Bus from Animal Kingdom to Disney Springs?

    If you need to get from AK to DS before 4, take a bus to Saratoga Springs and get off at the Congress Park stop. It's a quick walk to the Marketplace end from there.
  16. Moliphino

    Savory Snack Credits?

    There are plenty of other places to get savory snacks, though. Mac and cheese with shrimp or pulled pork at AK, pretzels, nudel gratin/egg rolls/etc. in Epcot, Mickey pretzels everywhere, etc.
  17. Moliphino

    POR - Royal Rooms or Preferred rooms better?

    We were in Oak, too, when we had a Royal Room and thought the location was great. Very easy walk to the main building.
  18. Moliphino

    What Movie did you love, but

    I'd add 12 Years a Slave to that list. Good movie, but I do not want to see it again.
  19. Moliphino

    Table Service Restaurant in Epcot

    La Hacienda de San Angel is not open at lunch (though you can sit inside if you're eating at the Cantina).
  20. Moliphino

    If money were no object

    Paris. And maybe winters in Seville.


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