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  1. Teleclashter

    Disneyland show?

    No Disneyland Show today. We had technological problems on top of storms yesterday, so we've taken the week off. Back next week.
  2. Teleclashter

    Best and Worst

    The show will be back tomorrow. It's hard to remember, but last week we were busy with media events and such and that caused us to miss a couple of the shows, while others were still able to go up. Now we are going to test out Best & Worst on Saturday's instead of having multiple shows release...
  3. Teleclashter

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    I loved this night.
  4. Teleclashter

    No "Stay out of the damn lakes today"...?

    While I don't travel to WDW on vacation anymore, I do travel other places regularly that this same theory can apply to. My favorite restaurant when I travel home to visit my family used to be a "staple" restaurant. It was my favorite. The menu hasn't changed the last 3 times I've been home and...
  5. Teleclashter

    No "Stay out of the damn lakes today"...?

    There are close to 90 restaurants on property... maybe more? I think there are plenty of restaurants that offer meat and salad at the same price point around property that has better service and better quality of food. So yeah, they can find somewhere else.
  6. Teleclashter

    Pete's Solo Shows and the $10 tier

    So I know most of you think that we read threads and stay in the loop on your feedback. That isn't always true, but with this thread I can say it's half true and we are discussing the future of what we can do with Patreon. I can say that Pete's Solo Show will definitely always remain at a $10...
  7. Teleclashter

    Worst Things About Animal Kingdom?

    Okay, I promise, this is the last time I ask you these wide open questions, but we have one more episode to go with these topics! What do you think are the worst things about Animal Kingdom? Y'all basically said everything about the park was the best about it, so I'm super interested in hearing...
  8. Teleclashter

    Best Things About Animal Kingdom?

    Hey y'all! Back again to pick your brains yet another time. This time we're talking Animal Kingdom. What do you think are the best aspects of Animal Kingdom? Pandora? The size? The interesting dining options? Walking trails? Chester & Hester's? Let us know and we can include it in our upcoming...
  9. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    Just in case you don't read every single post on here, I want to make sure you know that we are going to be utilizing the Theme Parks Attractions & Strategies forums for Best and Worst topics in the future, and we'll try to make sure that it's labelled clearly so y'all know that it's us looking...
  10. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    In terms of the discussion about Best and Worst, this has been a very helpful discussion. I'm glad that I can be honest with you all about the current state of the show and you have been so helpful in not cutting us down, but trying to toss out ideas to help make it better. So please know that...
  11. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    I sincerely appreciate the feedback, so thank you, and I'm definitely sharing your thoughts with Ryno since he curates the show. The only thing we are locked into is the format, which I know sounds silly, but it's a format that Pete wants to have, so unless we can pull away from it with proven...
  12. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    To be honest, we have, but time comes into play with a show like this. It's asking a lot of people to spend their personal time doing research, learning, and compiling information so it's ready to go when we record and if it was a one-person show it might be easier than it is with a show that...
  13. Teleclashter

    Podcasts aren’t downloading...none of them

    I’m aware of the issue with this week’s Tuesday show. I’m in a place where I can’t connect to VPN long enough without getting disconnected to get the situation fixed. As soon as I’m on good internet it will be available.
  14. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    They aren't being phoned in, but there's a finite amount of topics that we can talk about before we are just repeating ourselves blindly and we hit that point a year ago. We tried with topics we thought were different and interesting, like the smells episodes, and the feedback was that we were...
  15. Teleclashter

    Sean Faulk?

    The only person who's on our team that's in the parks the same amount of time or more than me is Steve and now Fiasco. I don't despise Disney. I'm honest about it. If I don't think you should spend your hard earned money on a subpar experience then I'm going to be honest with you and if you...
  16. Teleclashter

    Disneyland show?

    A bigger deal does get made, because there are lots of people who do count on our reviews in their decision making process and the worst thing we could do is just sweep stuff under the covers because the average person might not care. If we say it's not that bad, but its not the greatest and a...
  17. Teleclashter

    What are the best things about Epcot?

    Hey everyone! You all were a ton of help with our show about the worst things about DHS, so I thought I'd come back and pick your brains again, but this time with the best things about Epcot! We already did the worst show and we said the worst things were constant festivals, drunks in t-shirts...
  18. Teleclashter

    Podcasts aren’t downloading...none of them

    Can you be specific in where you're trying to download it? I just tried Podcasts on two different devices and both of them are working perfectly.
  19. Teleclashter

    Who is the new woman doing Dis videos from Disneyland?

    Morgan is a new contributor out in California who will be taking over our Insta from time to time and appearing in videos with us when we are out there.
  20. Teleclashter

    Disneyland show?

    I have stayed in three other Good Neighbor hotels in the area that are the same price point, managed better, and less filthy. If you’re moving on because you don’t want us to bash a place you love, that’s fine, but the 5 people who did stay at the hotel are the ones who travel on a budget and...


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