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  1. WGCFV

    Just booked last minute trip.

    We were not really planning on going, and just browsing latest AP rates and discounts, which as usually ended with us booking a 5 minute trip end of June/Early July time-frame. With $160 a night at the Coronado(for the first half) we just could not resist!! Now time to book some dinners!!
  2. WGCFV

    Where has Charles been ?

    One final comment from me on this thread. I thought Boda's article on the virtues of escapism was brilliant, for those of you who have not had the opportunity to read it, here it is...
  3. WGCFV

    Where has Charles been ?

    HR issues are particularly sensitive when somebody leaves a company if on their owns terms or otherwise. However, I agree with the others that a simple acknowledgement on the podcast that a member of the team has left, wish them best of luck etc, would be appreciated by the fans/community.
  4. WGCFV

    Where has Charles been ?

    I always liked his insights, and his wit, I wish him the best!!
  5. WGCFV

    Saw Steve at Germany pavilion lol

    We met Steve and his wife at Kona Cafe last year. They were both very kind and gracious to our 12 year old daughter.
  6. WGCFV

    Whats up with all the Farting ?

    Remember "In space no one can hear you scream."
  7. WGCFV

    Where has Charles been ?

    Funny I was wondering myself where Charles has been as of late, and just saw this thread. He is a sharp guy, dry wit, and always has some good insights/perspectives to share. Hope he is okay, in "a good place", and back soon.
  8. WGCFV

    Grand flo???

    It's truly beautiful resort, and while we have enjoyed staying there in the past, it is not our first choice in the deluxe category. It's all a matter of personal preference, but I just find it to be too busy, especially the lobby which can be quite crowded, especially during the holiday season.
  9. WGCFV

    Sean Faulk?

    This is a good thread. My 2 cents, I would love to see a livestream show where Craig, Ryno and the fellows go drinking around the world. Maybe start the show after stop number 4 or 5, and then take some live questions from the fans.
  10. WGCFV

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    At the last Food & Wine Festival, I had the unpleasant experience of stopping in for a quick pit stop at the American Pavilion restroom. The men's bathroom was quite full, and about 5 of us were waiting in a small line. 2 guys came in, and I can only assume that they had a few too many adult...
  11. WGCFV

    Opinions on Shades of Green?

    Thanks everyone!
  12. WGCFV

    Opinions on Shades of Green?

    Hello everyone. My wife is a US Army Veteran and we have booked a first time stay at Shades of Green in September. We have visited the property on several occasions when staying at the Polynesian, and it seems nice enough and the price can't be beat for the location! However did not really...
  13. WGCFV

    Whats up with all the Farting ?

    This thread cracks me up every-time I read it. I guess I am just a 12 year old boy trapped in a 48 year year old man's body :teeth: I loved the end of Tuesday's discussion when Pete was talking about his Dad, I can relate totally, and laughed out loud for a good 5 minutes!
  14. WGCFV

    Dreaming of the day I can leave corporate life, move to FL & work at WDW

    Well my original post certainly spurred some interesting comments and reactions as I fully expected it would :mic: I do certainly appreciate all of the opinions expressed. In my own self defense. I would not consider myself to be a naive, wishful thinker. I currently manage a global team of 80...
  15. WGCFV

    Dreaming of the day I can leave corporate life, move to FL & work at WDW

    Today was a challenging day at work. I am a Global director for a large technology company, have 24 years plus of tenure. Not a bad gig, and I work with a great group of folks, but lately all I can think about is when will I finally be able to pursue my dream job, working at WDW. We have three...
  16. WGCFV

    Le Cellier?

    Has anyone been to Le Cellier in the past 6 months, if so any feedback on food and service experience? This used to be one of our favorites, but last 2 times we went( most recent was over the summer), we were very disappointed. Food was only okay( steaks were not cooked as we requested and just...
  17. WGCFV

    Just Finished Watching Today's Show......

    I really enjoyed the show as well, Pete and team had some excellent insights. The whole bathroom discussion, made me chuckle but was spot on, something needs to be done for sure. I remember in the past, the parks including the restrooms were spotless. I was just there last month, and the...
  18. WGCFV

    Parade Guilt

    My family has totally stopped going to all parades, no exceptions. In the past we would always diligently arrive early, find a good spot well in advance and wait for the parade to start. However, without exception, we have had numerous very bad experiences with folks trying to push in front...
  19. WGCFV

    Dec Disney Trip Thoughts

    We really like the atmosphere/theming at Edison, service as good and we particularly enjoyed the appetizers( candied bacon was our favorite). Was an early dinner, and the restaurant was fairly empty, which was surprising. We will go back again for sure!
  20. WGCFV

    Dec Disney Trip Thoughts

    My family and I just returned from our annual December Disney trip. We stayed at the French Quarter, which is my new favorite Moderate resorts. Riverside has traditionally been our favorite moderate resort, but there is really something about the quaint, smaller setting at French Quarter...


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