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    VIDEO: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Food & Awesome Mix Live Review | Epcot

    Guardians of the Galaxy has returned to Epcot and Walt Disney World! This summer, you can watch Awesome Mix Live throughout the day at the America Gardens Theater or you can head inside Liberty Inn to try to Space Sandwich, Awesome Mix Plate, Cosmic Cake or Rocket Fuel!
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    VIDEO: Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure First Impressions

    Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is the latest addition to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando and it's an awesome ride, so I try to break down the experience and my feelings of it!
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    Crystal Palace Review (Disney Dining Show)! #cute

    I had to set this photo as the background on my phone. It might be my most favorite pic on the planet! 🥰
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    Crystal Palace Review (Disney Dining Show)! #cute

    We had the best fun that night!! I'm so glad you guys are enjoying this video; thanks for sharing it here, @Hunterr! Those characters are really a fun bunch and the food wasn't bad, it just wasn't knock-your-socks-off amazing. I'd go again, though. 👍
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    Help "Request a Quote" Error for Dreams Unlimited Travel Website

    Corey was adding the 2020 dates in so it could be that you caught it while he was doing that. Have you tried again? He's all done now. :goodvibes
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    If you THINK you've seen HEA, check out Craig's video.

    Yup, that was @Teleclashter! He rocks at taking fantastic video and well, most other things too. :goodvibes
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    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Things to Consider When Traveling Overseas | 05/27/19

    In this episode, John and Kevin discuss what you need to consider and include when deciding to travel overseas!
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    Posting pics after new upgrade and no longer able to select which page of a thread i want to see

    I'm wondering if you might be looking at a thread that doesn't have more than one page? I was just looking at one that has 5 and I could go to page 5 right there from the title.
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    Great new look, question about sharing threads to social media?

    I shared one to Twitter and another to Facebook and my name and avatar did not show up in either post; just the link to what I shared.
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    Using this board to up your post count-----PLEASE

    Hi there, Sorry to see that you're having some trouble. Would you mind sending an email to to explain the issue you're having? Please be sure to include your user name (probably both your old one and your new one). They'll be able to give you a hand from there. :goodvibes...
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    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast: Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ultimate Dining Package

    In this episode, John and Kevin discuss the Ultimate Dining Package available on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line!
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    VIDEO: Booking Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland & Walt Disney World | 05/13/19

    In this week's episode of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, the panel discusses what you need to know to book a Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge vacation at Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort, plus what it's like in the land and what they learned at Star Wars Celebration!
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    VIDEO: Grand Floridian Cafe Dinner Review | Disney Dining Show | 05/10/19

    In this episode, join Pete, Fiasco, Eric, & [Pete's] Mom at the Grand Floridian Cafe at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa for a dinner review!
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    Advantages of Buying DVC Resale | DVC Show | 3/1/19

    I will definitely pass along the suggestion as I know that topic will help out a lot of folks. :goodvibes
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    Where has Charles been ?

    Eric Gross is very busy with the Moving to the Magic section of the site. He's also an admin in the Moving to the Magic Facebook group if you guys want to check out what he's posting there – lots of great info for those thinking about moving to Florida!
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    VIDEO: Adventures by Disney Egypt Vacation | 05/06/19

    In this episode, John and Kevin discuss the announcement of the Adventures by Disney Egypt vacation!
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    VIDEOS: Disney's Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary Celebration!

    Hey guys, Just stopping by to share some of the fun from the Anniversary Celebration at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The guys went to a media event last night where they were shown the Wonderful World of Animation Projection Show and of course they took video! If you didn't catch the...
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    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Virgin Voyages | 04/29/19

    In this episode, the panel discusses their thoughts on Virgin Voyages that will begin sailing in 2020!
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    Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast | Traveling as a Same-Sex Couple | 04/22/19

    In this episode, the panel discusses their experience traveling as same-sex couples whether it's to a Disney park or somewhere else in the world!


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