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  1. amwhitaker

    Old Podcasts

    So I've been a member of the DISboards forever, but only started listening to the DIS unplugged Disneyworld podcasts about 11 months ago. Where can I find all of the old shows to listen to. I found a few on YouTube, but would like to listen chronologically. The podcasts are the best and I...
  2. amwhitaker

    Whats up with all the Farting ?

    Funniest thread ever!
  3. amwhitaker

    Smoking Ban

    So happy about this! Can't tell you how many times I've walked by someone in the parks trying to hide their cigarette, while their disgusting smell trailed all around them.
  4. amwhitaker

    Dosh or shopkick?

    I have Shopkick but have never heard of Dosh. I too forget to earn my kicks until I am in the car leaving the store!
  5. amwhitaker

    Looking for a memory maker share for early April

    I did one years ago when it was still legal! lol
  6. amwhitaker

    Mickey Limited Edition Beats Headphones

    $329??? Just like everything else Disney, too expensive.
  7. amwhitaker

    Stitch’s Great Escape permanently closed

    I'm happy it's gone! What a lame ride. They should do some Star Wars, which is a huge draw.
  8. amwhitaker

    Disney Announces it is making "The Nutcracker And The Four Realms" Christmas Movie

    I saw it on Sunday. It was ok, not outstanding. Kind of reminded me of Narnia. I didn't like how it was filmed, kind of grainy.
  9. amwhitaker

    Thanksgiving help

    We stopped going over Thanksgiving years ago. The crowds just got too insane. My favorite time is now May.
  10. amwhitaker

    Parking Now $25

    Pretty soon Disney World will be a rich mans vacation. I can't believe how expensive it has gotten. We are going on cruises more an more (not Disney) because you get more bang for your buck.
  11. amwhitaker

    DCL selling fish extender

    It's about time! I'll check it out.
  12. amwhitaker

    Disney Fantasy- January 14, 2017- 7 nt Eastern Caribbean

    I'm with you on the disappointment. Although we all had fun amongst ourselves dressing up for Star Wars day, I felt that there wasn't really enough things going on to merit the extra money for this special cruise. Ticketed meet & greets were too rushed and I felt that they needed more...
  13. amwhitaker

    Disney Fantasy- January 14, 2017- 7 nt Eastern Caribbean

    Awww that's awfully nice of you!
  14. amwhitaker


    Hi Lady B! I would like to put my request in for after the holidays. We leave on January 13th. Mickey and Minnie with 2 life preservers Celebrating...
  15. amwhitaker

    Star Wars Cruise

    COOL!!! See ya on the boat!
  16. amwhitaker

    Star Wars Cruise

    We are going on the Eastern Caribbean Star Wars cruise. Does anyone know exactly what day Pirates and Star Wars is?
  17. amwhitaker

    Disney Fantasy- January 14, 2017- 7 nt Eastern Caribbean

    Yes! Name the group! Something Star Wars! Like the Cruise Awakens idea!
  18. amwhitaker

    "Sideways" Inside Cabins on Magic

    My brother and SIL had one of those rooms and it was awesome! If I get an inside again, I will request one of those!
  19. amwhitaker

    Organizing FE Groups Advice, size and participation

    I've never had trouble joining a group on these boards. But joining a 200+ group is way beyond what I would join.


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