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  1. ABZDisneyFan

    Booking ADR’s

    Double Post. o_O
  2. ABZDisneyFan

    Booking ADR’s

    I would echo what the some of the previous posters have said about calling Disney Dining, I spent a very fraught hour this morning from 11am trying to find a Cali Grill ADR for Thanksgiving day on the MDE App & nothing would come up, MDE on the web site wouldn't show me any dates past our...
  3. ABZDisneyFan

    Booking ADR’s

    I would keep trying, ADR's come up for BOG all the time, good luck.
  4. ABZDisneyFan

    Booking ADR’s

    It was our ADR day (180+10) yesterday & we managed to get BOG, was not trying for CRT so can't help on that one.
  5. ABZDisneyFan

    WWYD? BOG or Cali Grill?

    California Grill without a doubt, fantastic food, fantastic wine list, great service, beautiful room, great view & there is nothing nicer than standing out on one of the viewing platforms with a glass of wine watching the fireworks.
  6. ABZDisneyFan

    We've booked for Oct 2020!

    Always a great feeling when you make that booking. :)
  7. ABZDisneyFan

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration

    Attending two parties is not crazy at all, we always go to two parties when we are over from the UK. You will have time to enjoy everything & not be rushed.
  8. ABZDisneyFan

    Keys to the Kingdom tour

    We did it on our last trip in 2017 & we both really enjoyed it, our guide was fantastic, the backstage stuff & the utilidors were the highlights for us. As other people have said, try to book the first tour of the day if you can.
  9. ABZDisneyFan

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    It was a really nice event, Pete took time to chat & take photo's with everyone before it started & then again afterwards. We got there nice & early so were amongst the first to have a chat & get photo's taken.
  10. ABZDisneyFan

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    I'm sure the August party will be great, we're very jealous. We head out in November so the October meet up is perfect for us, see you there.
  11. ABZDisneyFan

    UK Traveler Help!

    You could upgrade one of your tickets, which would take care of parking & discount's, just an idea. You could also try asking the question over on the UK section of the boards, I'm sure someone will have done it before & be able to give you some pointers.
  12. ABZDisneyFan

    Strategy for DHS Extra Extra Magic Hours (6-9am Sept 1- Nov 2)

    We arrive from the UK for a two week stay on the 16th of November, we'd originally resigned ourselves to it not being open & were ready for a relatively quiet first week before the madness of Thanksgiving during the second week. Hopefully the 6am starts will continue through November, if so we...
  13. ABZDisneyFan

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    Photo's of us with Pete at the event in London last year.
  14. ABZDisneyFan

    Pictures With The DIS Team

    Cool photo Kate, I think I might have been the person who took it. :-)
  15. ABZDisneyFan

    Flying via Dublin

    If your flight from Manchester is not delayed then in theory, yes you will have enough time, however if it's delayed by even a small amount of time then you are going to be pushing it to get off the flight & onto the next one. Do not underestimate how long it may take you to get through...
  16. ABZDisneyFan

    Passing on Potter

    After avoiding Universal on our last few trips, we have bit the bullet & are going this year. We've booked one night at the Royal Pacific & will buy two day tickets, the park tickets are insanely expensive in our opinion, but as this is going to be our last Florida trip for a few years we...
  17. ABZDisneyFan

    Anyone else have a "found my perfect resort" moment?

    It's the Yacht Club for us, stayed in a garden view room the first time we were there but went for a lake view room in 2017, the view was stunning & that sealed the "Our Resort" thing for us. Going back to the YC in November for two weeks & have booked a lake view room again.
  18. ABZDisneyFan

    Tell a DIS Vet Where to See IllumiNations

    Germany is quite a good spot to watch from, on a good night & assuming both shows are running at the same time, you'll be able to see some of the HEA fireworks from the MK at the same time.
  19. ABZDisneyFan

    Keys to the Kingdom vs Disneyland's Walk in Walt's Footsteps?

    Keys to the Kingdom is a great tour, we did it in 2017 & loved every minute of it.


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