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  1. TCups4Me

    Where has Charles been ?

    Thanks for the update. He was great to work with and I wish him well!
  2. TCups4Me

    Where has Charles been ?

    Charles was the Senior Editor and used to be listed. Jackie’s title was something else. I only kept up with it because I am a contributor and he was my point of contact.
  3. TCups4Me

    Filthy Bathrooms!

    The cleanest bathrooms I saw on my last trip were in Africa at AK. The dirtiest we’re outside Launch Bay in HS. Just gross.
  4. TCups4Me

    Where has Charles been ?

    As with many companies, if you want to know an employee’s status, you could check the Contact page of their website. Not all companies keep this up to date, but it’s a good place to start. This is my preferred route rather than speculating.
  5. TCups4Me

    Carol Bowling

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing with your DIS community.
  6. TCups4Me

    CRT help

    Was Ariel there for lunch? We have a CRT lunch res and a FP to meet Ariel right after. Thinking of changing that!
  7. TCups4Me

    DCL Food - What to expect?

    This is great to know. Thanks
  8. TCups4Me

    DCL Food - What to expect?

    That is certainly a fair assessment. Clearly, the main dining rooms are not a place where I am comfortable eating, due to the service and food. Thankfully, there were other options that we were perfectly happy with for the way we travel at this point in our lives. We walked away with amazing...
  9. TCups4Me

    DCL Food - What to expect?

    On our first cruise on the Wonder, tips were specifically mentioned. We got a whole lecture about how they don’t get paid much and they rely on our tips to survive. Turned us off on cruising for 15 years. I felt guilty for supporting an industry like that. We decided to try it again. On this...
  10. TCups4Me

    DCL Food - What to expect?

    It would be nice if the servers asked if we would like our child’s meal first. Our sons are 8 and 11. And we were not interested in sending them to the kids club after dinner. The sales pitch was for tips. They wanted to make sure we ate in the dining room and not elsewhere on ship. I...
  11. TCups4Me

    Yet Another Transportation Question

    We rented a car for 8 days thru Costco for $150 this month. We drove out to Port the morning of the cruise and parked in the garage. Super easy.
  12. TCups4Me

    DCL Food - What to expect?

    I agree with the description of wedding food or seminar food. It’s mediocre with a pretty presentation. We first sailed on the Wonder and disliked the dining rooms because of the food and the high pressure sales pitch from the staff for tips. 15 years later, we sailed on the Dream (this month)...
  13. TCups4Me

    Chaos at MCO

    We were at the airport when this happened. We had just dropped off our rental car and were checking our luggage in at the Southwest counter when I saw a man with a little girl run toward the doors behind us. Then I heard someone shout, "GO!!!!!" My husband and I have seen the reports of mass...
  14. TCups4Me

    Is Disney’s site as slow for Travel Agents?

    Disney will need to increase commissions to travel agents since all their clients will be asking them to do more! I’d be pretty upset if I were a TA.
  15. TCups4Me

    Is Disney’s site as slow for Travel Agents?

    Good to know. It’s so frustrating that I’m tempted to have an agent do everything for me. I’ve never used one because I enjoy doing it, but not anymore!
  16. TCups4Me

    Is Disney’s site as slow for Travel Agents?

    I’m curious. With so many people using TAs to price and book their vacations and FastPasses, is the website just as slow for them? If it’s working at all, it is sooooo painfully slow! Do TAs get a magical working site to use?
  17. TCups4Me

    MDE: Down for everyone, or just me? [10/18/2018]

    Same. I have to either use incognito window or clear cookies first to get everything working properly. Same with Disney Cruise Line.
  18. TCups4Me

    Date-Based Ticket Price Discussion

    I figured Disney planned the roll out of their new pricing structure on a Tuesday so that it coincided with DIS podcast day! But no discussion about it. Wah wah. (That's completely tongue in cheek, by the way.)Maybe I'm alone in my excitement of this change and I should stick to my spreadsheets...
  19. TCups4Me

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Thanks for your help!
  20. TCups4Me

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Groupon currently has a deal on a Sam's Membership that I'm considering. How much are the $500 gift cards there? The site won't show me a price without a membership #. I was hoping to get the membership through Groupon, using my Chase Rewards shopping portal, then buy the Disney card at Sams...


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