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  1. TaytonsTourGuide

    Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom

    Oops, I must have missed that. Thats good to hear :) Thanks
  2. TaytonsTourGuide

    Ideas for Golden Birthday+Double Digit Birthday

    O, thank you! I was going to pick up something from Amorettes (thats spelled wrong, I'm sure), but this looks way better and it'd be great to have it delivered.
  3. TaytonsTourGuide

    Bed Bugs Lawsuit - A Procedural Note

    Definitely not boring! I'm a baby lawyer (just passed the bar in October) and love being able to pick out legal issues discussed on the podcast. I'm interested to see how much they go on to seek during their I do think they will eventually seek (much) more than 75k.
  4. TaytonsTourGuide

    Tim Tracker advised not to take selfies with guests at Magic Kingdom

    I agree...if their content is good enough that Disney notices and wants to give them freebies, more power to them. I actually prefer when they are "hosted" because I think its content we wouldnt get from them otherwise - and our family enjoys their perspective (and my 10 year old thinks Tim is...
  5. TaytonsTourGuide

    Where has Charles been ?

    Thats a bummer to hear, as I enjoyed the knowledge he brought to the table about contracts/construction/etc. I also loved having the opinion of someone with social anxiety...its always a nice heads up before we go somewhere. I wish him well!
  6. TaytonsTourGuide

    Ideas for Golden Birthday+Double Digit Birthday

    My son is turning 10 on our next trip. It is also his golden birthday (he's turn 10 on the 10th day of the month). I'm looking for ideas/special things to do. We go every year, so it's been hard for me to come up with stuff. I booked all his favorite character meals (for breakfast before...
  7. TaytonsTourGuide

    When is everyone going to Disney?

    We are leaving July 9th for my sons 10th birthday and golden birthday trip :)
  8. TaytonsTourGuide

    Any last minute tips?

    Get some beignets in New Orleans Square, corndogs from the red cart, and a churro (they're better out here than WDW).
  9. TaytonsTourGuide

    In which state do you live ?

    Nevada. Just 4 hours from Disneyland :)
  10. TaytonsTourGuide

    D23 EXPO 2019 Superthread - dates announced!

    We've never been to D23 and were hoping to go Saturday and Sunday this year. it looks like we may only be able to do one day though. Is that enough time? And which day do we go with? (just me and my 10 year old son)
  11. TaytonsTourGuide

    One (and a half) days in San Diego (Girls Trip)

    My 4 best friends and I are taking a quick girls trip to San Diego to watch/cheer on 2 of the girls while they run a marathon. We will have all day Saturday (driving from Vegas that morning) and 1/2 day Sunday after the race (before we drive home). What should we do/see? We've already decided...
  12. TaytonsTourGuide

    I suppose I am new...

    Hi! I'm Sabrina. I made this account AGES ago, but just lurked for a bit without ever posting. I've been watching the Dis every week for years and love all their information/tips/reviews. Pete has gotten me really interested in buying into DVC, so we are currently looking into that and may...


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