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    Character Spot at epcot now a tier 2

    Just pulled up MyDisneyExperience and this is correct. Tier 1 is Frozen, Illuminations, Test Track, Soarin.
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    6 AM Park Opening my Entire Stay!?!

    Certainly worth a try for 1 day. I would be hard pressed to use the 6am opening every day, but for your DHS day, take advantage of your perks and go early.
  3. OB1

    CM trade out new pins?

    The Disney outlet will have pins from previous run events. I have traded with a cast before and picked the run event pin, both star wars & character pins. I would think that a cast member probably received the pin in trade.
  4. OB1

    Are FPs needed for Animal Kingdom shows?

    We have always been able to get in, even though it may be WAY back. As stated previously, FP does get in first while we wait in the sun. We will often wait until 5 minutes before loading, so there has been occasion to not make it. If you arrive 15 minutes before loading (which is probably 25...
  5. OB1

    AP magnets???

    They were set to hand out magnets through June 3rd - the last day of F&G. It will be interesting to see if any are available after that date.
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    How would you start your day at AK?

    If you do Everest/trail first, the safari will be at least a 30 minute wait. Even though many folks flood to Pandora, there is still a lot of interest in the safari.
  7. OB1

    Is my math right?

    SO TRUE. I get burned on this all the time. In fact, I have a biz trip to Vegas in September, and I am looking at an extra 1 1/2 days to go play at WDW. I have some hotel points, and the biz will pay for the flight. Makes it nearly free, or at least my Disney math says free.
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    Soarin'...time to fix it?

    It is sad that only 1/3rd of the show has an optimal experience. That really is not acceptable. The poor folks who show up for maybe an only time to WDW and sit on the outer areas.
  9. OB1

    Does Pandora still open earlier than other AK Lands?

    They normally start early. As long as there is not an EMH on that day, you should be able to ride and make Tusker House in time. Arriving as early as you plan, I would estimate a 30 minute ride time, and you may even be on the first run. HOWEVER, it gets a bit crazy with the masses heading...
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    Your Favorite Shows and Live Entertainment

    Festival of the Lion King. LOVE IT The Frozen Sing Along in Hollywood Studios is super funny. No kids, but we always see it Also agree with Voices of Liberty in EPCOT A fun see at Magic Kingdom is the Muppets in Liberty Square
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    Advice for three septuagenarians, one day in a park

    Tough choice - EPCOT or AK. Maybe if they have a good day at the first one, they will bump up to a 2nd day after a day of rest. EPCOT does allow a lot to see & do that is not thrill based. If it is during a festival, then the extra food choices may be fun.
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    Help planning my toy story land time with some added hiccups!! (Sorry for length)

    Not bad. The meet & greet will fill up fast, so good idea. Check if there is early morning magic that morning. If yes, then many of those folks that got in early will be in the meet & greet. It may work better to ride first, but you can check the lines as you get into the land. Not really any...
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    What day of the week for which parks?

    Are you using Extra Magic Hours? If not, then most people will plan to visit the parks that are not offering EMH. What about the Halloween party. If you want to see night time shows at MK, then you will be limited to the days you can go because of the parties (unless you are doing one of them)...
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    36 Hours of Disney

    My rental car cost $45 on the 2 days/1 night that I went. I thought it was worth it to have control. Had an annual pass, so I did move around.
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    If I purchase an AP, will I still use the current magic band that I have?

    I would call tomorrow on the luggage tags. I received mine 5 weeks out. Magic Bands arrived 3 1/2 weeks out.
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    Fastpasses after 60 day window?

    Once the 30 day mark hits, it will really get tough as it is open FP season. Probably your best luck will be to modify the day of. Lots of stories of people that go with no FP and are able to score almost everything. I have been able to find FOP day of, but not slinky dog.
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    Haunted Mansion New Photopass Photo!

    Look forward to grabbing this photo on our mid May trip.
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    The MDE app is messing with me, right?

    Mine for a May trip is different on the app than on the computer. Counting on the computer to be correct.
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    how does fp work with park hopper?

    Just back from a 1 day visit on APR 3rd. I booked 3 for AK, only used 2, and then modified to MK FP. In the past, I do think we had to do all 3 first, but I was able to do this.
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    Will we have a hard time getting fast passes 3 weeks out?

    Get the best you can, and refresh the day of. Your best options will happen then. Good luck


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