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  1. l4dyj8

    Would DLH Hold Our Bags When Not Staying There?

    They ask for your name when you pull up. And at DLH and GCH, they check your name at the gate. Last weekend, they even had a printed card ready with our name. This is for the car. But they indeed check if you are a guest
  2. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I booked via a third party. That 888 SWGE number worked fine. I was prepared with my confirmation number but they look you up via name and date you booked. I never received an email with a QR code butbthey had it on file
  3. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I didn’t know they had this rule. We were there on Sunday. DH and my 9 year old built one, while my 3 year old and I watched. It helped that we were at the end, so I can watch from the side. The conveyer belt area was pretty crowded and they didn’t really stop anyone.
  4. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Yes. I booked through CheapTickets. I normally book direct but the only available room were premium rooms. However, I did not get an email with a QR code. But I called and they told me my time. I could not add names over the phone. I took care of this upon check in and at the hotel Galaxy Edge...
  5. l4dyj8

    Merchandise Delivery from Galaxy Edge to hotel?

    There was a sign, albeit small, on the counter at the Droid Depot when you pay. It was next to a sign regarding limited warranty options. I’ve purchased a large canvas art piece from the gallery in DTD. We retrieved it upon check out with Bell Hop. There are certain times the hotel retrieved...
  6. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Like others said, depends on the CM. But I think also the timing/crowds. Honestly everything happened so fast. We are a family of 4 with a 3 and 9 year old. If we were in front of our group, we were prepared for DH to be one pilot and give the other people a pilot slot. But they actually didn’t...
  7. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    There’s plenty of stroller parking. I would say the tricky part is finding ramps. More so because, since it’s all new, Im not sure where to go and you are sort of following the herd the second you walk in. There’s parking next to the entrance of MFSR. To the left, near the ramp. The Resistence...
  8. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We left DLH at 7. (For today, Sunday 6/2) We were totally fine with time. You aren’t first in line by any means but check in is easy. Obviously not front in line for anything. At the turnstile you have to find the entrance to Special Events at the other end so they let you through. You’ll see...
  9. l4dyj8

    DLH Foot Cream

    I have only gotten it at GCH. We stay at all 3 properties often. But with our GCH stay last Nov 2018, they did not have it. Did not see it at DLH with our March 2019 stay either. The 3 hotels used to differ slightly with their toiletries. GCH having extra perks (foot cream plus sunburn gel)...
  10. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I called the official Disney SWGE number. 888-834-9125 vs the hotel reservations 714 number
  11. l4dyj8

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We have a (free) reservation for Sunday 6/2 @ 8am. But Later booked a stay at DLH from Sat-Sun through a third party. I never got an email regarding a hotel based reservation because that is my desired time. But I wanted to call to confirm if there was an advantage between hotel reservations vs...
  12. l4dyj8

    Are Annual Pass room discounts worth it?

    No. Not for a room discout They aren’t offen. They aren’t the same like they used to be. And usually are from Sunday to Thursday They are usually the same, just offered earlier than the public. They may add perks. Dining voucher and fast pass. Years ago, I booked GCH for $250. Had a free...
  13. l4dyj8

    Disneyland Hotel -- How badly does it need refurbishment?

    I haven’t had any of those issues at all in 3 of our stays within the past 5 years. I take reviews with the grain of salt. Maybe some just felt it wasn’t as modern. Our most recent stay was in March and again next week. If there was a problem, they would quickly fix it. We had a technical...
  14. l4dyj8

    Is it warm enough to swim now?

    It’s cold this week. It’s rained in various cities throughout LA and Orange County. It’s been windy and chilly. The weather keeps shifting. We are staying that weekend as well. At the moment it says sunny at 74. I hope it sticks. But honestly it can shift. As long as the sun is out, it may be...
  15. l4dyj8

    I am in shock. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    What a nice surprise! I've never heard of an upgrade before your arrived nor at a hotel switch! We've been upgraded to suite at PPH randomly. But I do know someone who booked a suite at DLH and then upgraded to the Adventureland Suite. But again... the upgrade was upon check in! Glad your...
  16. l4dyj8

    Weather right now

    The weather has been all over the place this month. It rained yesterday, pouring... But by the afternoon, it was sunny and dry. It is scheduled to rain on Sunday and Tuesday next week. I'm in LA County where depending on where you are exactly, it can be a few degrees warmer. Anaheim can be a...
  17. l4dyj8

    POLL: Disneyland Hotel or Grand Californian?

    I’ve had mixed experiences that are dependent on the room. This has always felt random. I’ve been disappointed by our first stays at both hotels. But then loved othet stays. (So our deciding factor has always been budget) I’d vote GCH. But not for the room. The convenient location. The...
  18. l4dyj8

    News: Disneyland Resort Introduces New Annual Passport that Combines Value and Flexibility

    Hmm. I don’t know how this will help with crowds. But it feels more appealing than our Deluxe pass. We don’t normally go during the busy summer months and Christmas week. So the blackouts dates didn’t bother me. Not Until last year when they took away the first 2 Saturdays in December and 1...
  19. l4dyj8

    The Disneyland Hotel SUPER-THREAD

    I remember before the hotel renovation, there was a different bar. It was more open. Not Trader Sam’s. Trader Sam’s took over the space above the “Wine Cellar.” I can see how the old bar was a problem. It was very much an outdoor bar with TVs. This was 2009 I believe It’s no longer like that...
  20. l4dyj8

    Mickey and Friends Parking

    I would stick with walking or using a shuttle if your hotel offers one. They open and close the structure now and then in the morning for crowd control, in my previous experiences. We have arrived an hour after friends. They were able to park there, but we were diverted elsewhere. Sometimes...


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