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    How fast it all changed.

    Thinking of you and best wishes to all of your family from Germany.
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    Some small POTC and Autopia updates + park pics

    Thanks for posting. Really enjoy your park pics till I go agin in 41 :dogdance: days. I will also try your Buzz tipps.
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    Single digit dance!

    That's fantastic. Have fun! I have 47 days to wait and can't wait to see all the Harry Potter Land again. Counting every day.
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    The Return of Lime Green Mickey Head for SWGE

    What a great idea, will for sure make one.
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    June 2019 Check In

    Thank you BadPinkTink for your work. May the force be with you and soooo much fun for everyone enjoying DL in June. :thanks:
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    June 2019 Check In

    Didn't get an email so I called yesterday. The CM was very helpful and friendly, with no wait on the phone. Seems they do not send emails to international guests.:badpc: But I have my reservation and can't wait. June 9th 2 pm:dogdance:
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    June 2019 Check In

    No reservation till now, makes me crazy nervous. :worship:
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    Minion breakfast

    Is this the Minion breakfast inside Universal Studios? We did this two years ago and were not too impressed. It was nice to get pictures and autographs but the tables were very close together and the food was not great at all. My expectations on theme park food are not high and I'm no picky...
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    Will there be anything special with the opening of Hagrids Coaster?

    I was wondering if there will be any specials like food, characters or opening events during the opening days. Or is it just like "it us open, go and ride"? By chance we will arrive June 13th so I would love to join in some events.
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    Specials during VIP tour - any ideas welcome

    For our next trip in June we booked a VIP tour. We are a little bit sad that SWGE is not included but have to take it as it is. I really loved the tour last year and we were able to ride Lilly Belle as a special treat, I still remember it. So now I am looking for any other special ideas to do...
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    aduts getting autographs

    We always do autographs (adults only) and had a lot of fun with characters.For me this is one of the best aspects at Disney vacations, everyone can be a child again and have fun. I have autographs from my first trip over 20 years ago and I remember all situations. Love looking at them, so go...
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    It's duckling season at the park

    Thank you for the pictures so cute
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    Mini park report - Space Mtn, Buzz, crowds + park pics

    Thank you Wonkakid for your Buzz tipps. Maybe with that I will have a chance to beat my husband when we go in June. :P Love your pictures, tipps and reports every week. Make me feel a little bit like beeing there.:thanks:
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    WoC reserved seating with VIP tour - sit or stand?

    Thank you Nonsuch, I think that place is great as I was mostly concerned about the crowds.
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    WoC reserved seating with VIP tour - sit or stand?

    Thank you, this board is so fast with answering questions. I love it.
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    WoC reserved seating with VIP tour - sit or stand?

    Just booked a VIP tour for our June trip :cloud9: and we would like to visit WoC after the tour ends. I know you can get reserved viewing area with the tour but now I would love to know if it is in the fastpass viewing area (means arrive early to get a good view) or a special area, maybe with...
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    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    Just watched all Star Wars movies last days, I'm perfectly prepared. Can't believe I am this excited for the announcment of an opening day. May the force be with all of you waiting for news.
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    Hagrid's Coaster is Coming June 13th!

    I can't believe it, we arrive June 13th. So excitedpixiedust:
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    With possible previews in may and the expected money for them, do you think they will sell out very fast, or at all? We are visiting from Germany so maybe not returning the next couple of years and I would love to experience SWGE with lower crowds.We will be there June 8 till 12 so I can't...
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    Universal Early Close Procedures?

    If your kids like the minion movie I would go on this ride. We love it.It is really fun. I think ET is nice if you remember the movie but not as much fun as Minions.


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