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  1. Kim&Chris

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    I'm not a costco member either. I did the same thing that you did, but decided to cancel it "just in case" I'm asked for proof. Not sure if they'll do that, but my luck is horrendous so I'd be the one to get caught :crazy2:
  2. Kim&Chris

    How far in advance of your arrival date to mail packages?

    Will be at our home for two weeks later this year. Don't want to lug all of our stuff in suitcases, so we will probably mail things to our resort ahead of time. We've never done this before, so looking for suggestions. How far in advance have you mailed packages? How do you label it (do...
  3. Kim&Chris

    Missing 5 year old boy from Chicago suburb found deceased, parents charged...

    I cannot agree more. Seriously, you hit the nail right on the head.
  4. Kim&Chris

    Missing 5 year old boy from Chicago suburb found deceased, parents charged...

    Poor baby.....RIP. May you finally have some peace
  5. Kim&Chris

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    Mousesavers is offering a great code for Hertz - 2002500. I just booked a car for the end of June for $242.00. Not too shabby.
  6. Kim&Chris

    Do you call MS to make room requests?

    Never actually requested rooms, but have requested locations/buildings. The last few trips, I pretty much got what I requested.
  7. Kim&Chris

    Abducted in Plain Sight

    I found that insanely disturbing. My jaw dropped about 20 times while watching this. Between the ridiculously naive parents, Jan continuing to believe in the aliens, and a dozen other things.....I'm still shaking my head.
  8. Kim&Chris

    Cats with skin

    Thank you, and I'm so sorry for your loss
  9. Kim&Chris

    Cats with skin

    There's a 4 year old cat at my local animal shelter that desperately needs a home. She's scrawny and skinny. I went to visit her last night, and put an application in to adopt her. They said "you should know she has terrible allergies to food, and when we got her she'd dug into her own skin"...
  10. Kim&Chris

    How do you get from MCO to the Car Care Center?

    Would love to check prices to rent a car from the CCC, but how the heck do you get there from MCO?
  11. Kim&Chris

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    Not too bad. Fingers crossed that prices will start to go down soon!
  12. Kim&Chris

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    I tried the Mousesavers code for Hertz. Four nights, end of June, got $242.76. Not horrendous, but still pretty bad.
  13. Kim&Chris

    June 2019 Car Rental Thread

    Couldn't find another June thread, so here we go! Of course the rates stink now, it's still sort of early I suppose. For the end of June, the best I could find was almost $400. Please post your rates, and hopefully we can help each other have a more magical vacation!
  14. Kim&Chris

    Gift for Someone Traveling to Ireland?

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!
  15. Kim&Chris

    Gift for Someone Traveling to Ireland?

    So, my mother in law has EVERYTHING. My husband and I stress ourselves out every year trying to think of something to give her. She is traveling to Ireland in April, so we thought a gift card might be nice. Does anyone know about this? Can we give her a standard Visa or MC gift card? Even...
  16. Kim&Chris

    James Gunn and offensive tweets

    I read his tweets and nearly threw up. How can anyone, no matter how "edgy" they're trying to be, tweet about sexual violence against children? I can laugh at almost anything, but those tweets crossed every line. And the crazy thing is that Gunn is a smart man, who HAD to know that he was...
  17. Kim&Chris

    Straw Changes On Cruise

    Same. The paper straws make my blood run cold. I found reusable metal straws at JCPenney and they're really great! But I'm so thankful Disney is moving away from the plastic straws. It's my understanding that the Disney Stores no longer have plastic bags either.
  18. Kim&Chris

    Miami...where did you stay pre-cruise?

    This will be the first time we've ever stayed in Miami, so I'm completely lost. Looking for recommendations, please. Would like to stay as close as possible to the Port Of Miami, then either shuttle or Uber/Lyft to the Magic in the morning. Thanks!!!
  19. Kim&Chris

    Vero Beach eating?

    We were at Vero a few weeks ago, and tried an Italian place called Trattoria Dario. VERY good food. When we go back (hopefully next year), we will definitely visit this restaurant again.


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