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  1. WonkaKid

    In need of help for a Disneyland budget for a young adult.

    Actually, I should have mentioned this. They have small plastic cups in between the soda dispensers, which are now on the opposite side of the registers (they used to be before them).
  2. WonkaKid

    I’ve got maps! DM me for a pair (or more)

    Maps are on their way!
  3. WonkaKid

    I’ve got maps! DM me for a pair (or more)

    It looks like you haven't posted enough to send DMs yet. If you're really set on maps, you can go to my profile, go to the referenced site and then find my email address there.
  4. WonkaKid

    In need of help for a Disneyland budget for a young adult.

    Since its refurb, Pizza Port's policy has been that cups area no longer free. I used to go there to get a large water and hot water for my tea (I bring my own). But on my first post-refurb visit, one of the CMs told me that I would be charged for a Styrofoam cup. However, every time I've gone in...
  5. WonkaKid

    Bringing in food from another DLR eatery

    I realize that this doesn’t answer your question exactly but I thought it might help in some small way. I’m a longtime vegetarian and have brought my lunch to the park for years. If they’ll allow that, I wonder if they’d be flexible with what you’d like to do.
  6. WonkaKid

    I’ve got maps! DM me for a pair (or more)

    Folks, I’ve got several sets of park maps. If anyone would like one, shoot me a direct message. Be advised: several times in the past, people have posted their mailing address on my wall, which is public. If you’re not sure how to DM, ask below and I’ll put together a quick tutorial. Also: as...
  7. WonkaKid

    In need of help for a Disneyland budget for a young adult.

    I’ve never paid for water in the park. Do some places really charge for it? Incidentally, you can get your own ice water (and lemon :-)) at either Rancho Del Zocalo or Pizza Port. PP used to have sparkling water on tap but that went away with the recent refurb. Coca-Cola Corner still has it...
  8. WonkaKid

    Pin trading?

    Oddly enough, this morning I spoke with someone I know at the DL gates shortly before the park opened. He and his wife are avid pin traders. He has more than 15,000 pins in his collection and he trades both in the park and in the picnic area just before the park gates. Apparently Thursdays are...
  9. WonkaKid


    I’m sitting near the Star Tours exit now. A CM I know that works the ride tells me that, yes, they do in fact offer the single rider option. It opens after 10:00 a.m. and SRs enter through the exit.
  10. WonkaKid

    Odd/funny DL Tokyo rule

    I've been to every Disney park in the world. DL Anaheim ("The original") is my favorite followed by DL Tokyo. I was there eleven years ago and happened to notice two odd rules: all tattoos must be covered and no member of organized crime groups allowed. Wow. That's a problem at DL Tokyo...
  11. WonkaKid


    Me too! Very surprised. Not a huge fan of ST because I often get motion sickness from it. But perhaps I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.
  12. WonkaKid

    Buzz scoring was *really* broken earlier this week

    Fellow Disers - I was at DL on Wednesday and the scoring on Buzz was really messed up. No scores came through for anyone and the scoreboard simply didn't display. Later in the day, it finally came up but it only showed scores 1-4 with the top score of only 109,000. I was told earlier in the day...
  13. WonkaKid

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I was at DL this morning. While I waited at the gate for the park to open, someone I'm acquainted with told me that he saw a guest swipe a whole map-holder full of the commemorative maps (when they were still available -- probably about 150 of them or so). He slipped them into a Disney bag and...
  14. WonkaKid

    Disneyland 24 hour events?

    Oddly enough, within the last two weeks I asked a CM at the gate about a 24-hour park opening. She told me that she wasn't aware of any and seriously doubted that DL would ever have one again, simply because they're so problematic. I wouldn't make plans in anticipation of it but it's up to you.
  15. WonkaKid

    Sparkling water/seltzer

    @lauritagoddess Good news, sparkling water fans! I’m sitting at Coke Corner now. Yes, they have sparkling water on tap *and* it’s free and unlimited!! Woo hoo!
  16. WonkaKid

    Sparkling water/seltzer

    I’m at the park now and have checked a number of places. So far, no luck. But the quest is ongoing ;-).
  17. WonkaKid

    Sparkling water/seltzer

    Oh, they sell it. But it's around $4-$5 a bottle. Call me a dreamer, but I liked it better when it was free and unlimited.
  18. WonkaKid

    Park report - crowds, heat, Toy Story, SWL + pics

    That’s probably right. I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t recall everything. But I loved how CMs stayed absolutely in character and spoke as if they truly lived on Batuu. I more than halfway felt like I *was* on another planet.
  19. WonkaKid

    Park report - crowds, heat, Toy Story, SWL + pics

    Perfect. I presume you know that the Smuggler's Run plaza is the best place to view them in GE (or so CMs informed us). Unfortunately, the night we were there, fireworks were cancelled. It hardly mattered, though.
  20. WonkaKid

    Pixie dust opportunities

    Best. Reply. Ever. Couldn’t agree more. Someone once told me that she was raised to believe that in order to hold an opinion, she had to attack the opinion of anyone that disagreed. She learned later that it’s better and easier simply to agree to disagree. When you’re calm, respectful and take...


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