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  1. Spencer Wright

    How do you combat your Disney blues?

    I am leaving on August 14th. I generally avoid walk-through/ride-through videos, as I am concerned they will spoil details I may have forgotten about. (i.e. sections of attractions which might surprise me next time). I am a huge fan of listening to the WDW channel music and the video with...
  2. Spencer Wright

    Favorite Disney Villian

    My favorite Disney character (and villain) is Yzma. She's diabolical, smart, and fashionable. But at the same time, she's an absurd campy mess. I agree with Madame Medusa, she seems so random.
  3. Spencer Wright

    Everthing you wanted to know about Uber/Lyft at WDW

    Can anyone please share recent experiences with taking Uber/Lyft to a Resort "unrelated" to your destination? Last year I took lyft to the Contemporary several times from AKL to walk to MK, but I have heard they will turn people away if they have no reason to be at the actual Contemporary...
  4. Spencer Wright

    Will this trip get me to become a DVC member?!? August '19 WDW PTR. Updated 06/16

    Whoops! We are unable to put this page together…. Fast Pass Day (today) was %100.00 successful, and we now have a final plan in place. Due to Olaf it was off to a rough start, but we could not be happier with the results. I would like to thank my mother for actually booking the FP and keeping...
  5. Spencer Wright

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    We had dinner at the Cafe last year and loved it. Its comfortable, they were friendly, and we loved the food.
  6. Spencer Wright

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    Anyone else go straight to different travel sites and look at reviews? 🤣
  7. Spencer Wright

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    Thank You! There are two areas not roped off. Theres the bow of a small ship, and then the side of another which has the cannons. The plane is roped off, and they do keep you from going there (I tried). I will say it is pretty far out, but they do have floating platforms you can rest on...
  8. Spencer Wright

    Sean Faulk?

    I remember that well, because that is one of the first threads I saw when I got into Disboards (complaining about housekeeping being too long). But the run down of what are on the other shows was a great way to hear about content, such as Connecting with Walt which I may not have found...
  9. Spencer Wright

    SWGE YouTube Content Comments

    %100 True! And I think sometimes people either sort of 'forget' or just show a callous disregard for the fact that the people on the DIS are REAL people. Every so often, you see comments, like, "wheres (insert name), they are my favorite character" Or on another channel, someone commented...
  10. Spencer Wright

    Anyone dissappointed in star wars land

    Following! I will say while the land looks very cool, reviews I have seen seem positive, but lean toward being moderate. I am not a huge Star Wars person, but still seems cool to see. I had no interest in Pandora, and it is now by favorite land by far.
  11. Spencer Wright

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    As far as I know, the Water Park requires a pass, either half of full day. I will say as we got closer to the cruise the price seemed to seriously drop.
  12. Spencer Wright

    I just want a good steak. A lot of places serve steak as an afterthought.

    Grand Floridian Cafe does serve steak (I think as an afterthought to be honest), but its really delicious. I normally do not care about steak but tried it based on others recommendations and loved it.
  13. Spencer Wright

    one day in Disney, where do you eat?

    Ohana might be a great dinner option after an afternoon in Epcot before heading to MK (or vice versa). Plus you have the benefit of the monorail!
  14. Spencer Wright

    Last minute trip...June or August??

    I go more toward late August, but gone earlier in August, and love going then. The heat can be bad at some points but is manageable. Trips in June are like being under a broiler, and I might be inclined to discourage that month,
  15. Spencer Wright

    Are there any 'bad' rooms at AKL?

    We always request a room near the lobby and its very convenient. There are some rooms further away but nothing too far (in my opinion), and its all inside which is great.
  16. Spencer Wright

    Is Navi Worth My Time?

    There are many wonderful things about the Attraction. I am in the camp where I don't wait about more than 20-25 minutes for really any Attraction, and I would say NRJ is worth that wait. Its def a nice change and something different in AK.
  17. Spencer Wright

    Where is the air conditioning? Quick/counter service only

    I agree with Columbia Harbour House, especially the second floor. Pizzafari is another option in AK. Pirates of the Caribbean also has a dark, cool queue, and is near Pecos Bills. Depending on how big the children are, Space Mountain has a really great queue to cool down in (I know nothing...
  18. Spencer Wright

    Signature Collection Edition Predictions?

    I'm really hoping for The Aristocats. It's one of my favorites and has some great animation and music.
  19. Spencer Wright

    What does your commute look like?

    15 minute brisk walk to the train, and about 25-30 minute train ride. The train is about 2-3 blocks from the office. Its great podcast/reading time.
  20. Spencer Wright

    Should we cancel Boma ADR?

    While I love Boma, I absolutely agree. Don't forget to get a Zebra Dome whether you go to Boma or Mara!


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