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    Getting to Vineland Outlets without a car??

    Premium Outlets were offering a free shoppers shuttle from some Orlando hotels including the Swan and Dolphin and Disney Springs hotels. I am having trouble confirming this is still available but if you contact the Outlets, I am sure they will give you the most accurate information. Remember to...
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    Rosen Shingle Creek

    Has anyone used the VIP Lounge at the Shingle Creek? Reviews are rather difficult to find and I am hoping there are some experts here. Thank you.
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    American girl store

    Do not know the Uber cost. The worth depends if your daughter likes American Girl as the products are very expensive if she is indifferent. My girls loved the store but were overwhelmed by the choices - a normal reaction I was told. It is a wonderful experience, I just wish we had planned...
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    *NEW* Walmart on Old Lake Wilson Road Grocery Pick-up

    Used this service for my Christmas shop. It was great. Very efficient and no queuing! Thank you for highlighting this service and for the advice on how to use it, especially to goofy4tink. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.
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    *NEW* Walmart on Old Lake Wilson Road Grocery Pick-up

    Thank you. That is extremely helpful.
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    SeaWorld Orlando - Menus with Prices : Page 7 - Current 2019

    That is wonderful news, thank you! I have purchased the sampler but thought it was just for small items. I could not get a menu so your posts are extremely appreciated.
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    *NEW* Walmart on Old Lake Wilson Road Grocery Pick-up

    Re-read my message above and thought I should clarify my question as it reads suspect. In the UK I order and pay for click and collect and my husband collects it wirh a copy of the email and ID, is it the same for WalMart? Thank you.
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    *NEW* Walmart on Old Lake Wilson Road Grocery Pick-up

    May I ask how you pay for your shopping? Do you pay by credit card at home and just show the confirmation email when you collect your purchases or do you need to sign a credit card slip when you collect your shopping? I will pay for the order but my nephew has offered to collect the shopping...
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    SeaWorld Orlando - Menus with Prices : Page 7 - Current 2019

    May I ask what the circled stars on the Christmas Hut menus represent? Thank you.
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    "Snow" @ All-Star Sports

    That is so neat.
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    Food at Christmas

    Is that offer on all Holiday Season or just for Thanksgiving? We have all day dining but the little ones do like treats. Thank you.
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    Food at Christmas

    I am struggling to find details of the Sampler menu to. Have sent a request on Twitter but have not yet received a reply. Maybe the DIS will do a food review:yay::santa:
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    Seaworld and Busch Gardens Photokey

    Hi, Is the Photokey worth getting? Going to both parks over the holidays and unsure whether to purchase this extra or not. Can you get one that covers both parks and if so how much is it? I cannot find the answer on the Seaworld site. Thank you for your assistance.
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    corset info

    Okay, curiosity has got the better of me, what are you going as?
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    Seaworld tickets

    Oh, thank you! That is great to have that confirmed. Thank you so much for replying, I appreciate it.
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    Seaworld tickets

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have emailed but have yet to receive a reply. Gina has advised me to speak to Seaworld Customer Services when I get to the park.
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    Seaworld tickets - help to change

    I feared as much. Such a silly mistake. On the plus side, I get to re-read your Seaworld trip reports. We have only been once, ten years ago so you are a great help. Thank you for your reply and the trip reports.
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    Seaworld tickets - help to change

    Hi, I have purchased 3 day 3 park tickets from Groupon but I think I should have bought the 14 pass. Is it possible to upgrade at the park or online? I emailed Seaworld twice but have had no reply . Thank for your help.
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    Seaworld tickets

    Hi, I have purchased a 3 day ticket for Seaworld/Busch Gardens/Aquatica from Groupon but now wish I had bought the 14 day pass. Is it possible to upgrade at the park or online? Thank you for your assistance.
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    December Legoland Trip - need your advice!!

    Please do not check into Legoland on the 28th if you are going to Mickey's BBQ, they are an hour apart on a good day, at Christmas it could be a nightmare. Gridlock. I have not been to the Orlando Eye. Perhaps stay at Gaylord Palm an extra night or book into a hotel at Disney/Disney Springs. You...


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