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  1. bnk1120

    How many days do you have left #4!!!!

    7 days! AKL Kidani here we come!
  2. bnk1120

    Thanksgiving week must do's?

    This is my first time going to the world for Thanksgiving! I know it will be crowded, but we go often and aren’t too concerned about rides. I love the suggestion of going to WL. I planned on GF, but didn’t know what other resorts decorate for Christmas. Can’t wait!
  3. bnk1120

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    CBR was the resort we stayed at for my DD’s first Disney trip. I’m really excited to go back again 13 years later for a surprise trip! Can’t wait to see all the updates.
  4. bnk1120

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Just switched from AOA to CBR for Thanksgiving week. Hopefully I made a good choice!
  5. bnk1120

    Who's Going to Disney in November 2018?

    Just booked Thanksgiving at AOA. Never gone at this time before, but very excited! Can’t wait to tell my DD!
  6. bnk1120

    *** Official November 2018 Thread - It's Turkey Lurkey Time! ***

    Just booked for Thanksgiving!
  7. bnk1120

    Feb 2019!!

    Booked today! 2/16-2/23 at Animal Kingdom Villas!
  8. bnk1120

    How often do people cancel?

    I would waitlist, but also stalk the website checking for availability.
  9. bnk1120

    ***February 2019***

    Booked my airfare for 2/16-23! I know it will be busy with President’s day, but we’re restricted to school breaks. Super excited!
  10. bnk1120

    How often do you go back?

    I also figured Hawaii would be a once in a lifetime trip, but 4 years later we are back!
  11. bnk1120

    Disney's ALL-STAR MUSIC RESORT Information & Questions

    Just returned from a great stay at All Star Music! I'm a very light sleeper so I requested 3rd floor in the Rock Inn section. It was quiet and not too far from the buses etc. I will definitely be staying here again.
  12. bnk1120

    Going to park on first day before check in?

    Was there last week and my bags from both ME and bell services were delivered to my room while I was at the park.
  13. bnk1120

    Comparing Value Resorts

    Last night we waited for 45 minutes for a bus from MK to AS Music. Three buses came and left before we could get on - at almost 1AM. The lines for all the resorts were very long, and people were clapping when their bus pulled up. It wasn't just an All Star bus issue it was all the buses...
  14. bnk1120

    How long has it been since your visited the World?

    It's been 5 months, but I'll be back in 20 days.
  15. bnk1120

    How many days do you have left #4!!!!

    20 days!:banana:
  16. bnk1120

    Does it really matter where you stay?

    If you plan on spending most of your time at parks then the resort doesn't matter as much. Go for the best price.
  17. bnk1120

    Please help us decide which resort

    I would pick BLT.
  18. bnk1120

    Which value?

    The cheapest one.
  19. bnk1120

    Pop or akl

    I would also suggest a split stay. Do the first couple nights at Pop while you are busy at the parks. AKL is one of my favorite resorts, so to me the extra $ is worth it.


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