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  1. cewait

    Saying Hey! A note to friends from Sunday.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and support. I am off to the doc next week and am hoping we can come up with a solution. I am feel like there will be racing in the future, but maybe not the marathon or the half. Regardless of the outcome, I am looking forward to the future and looking for...
  2. cewait

    Running the tangents in Disney races

    Honestly, on the Disney half or really any larger race giving runners a full three lanes you will be hard pressed to come close to the tangent. Honestly, for all but the pointy end of the race running tangents is poor etiquette. Its better form in a crowd to hold your line along a multi-lane...
  3. cewait

    Saying Hey! A note to friends from Sunday.

    Sorry to have been MIA through the training season. Life tends to throw unexpected curves and this fall was full of them. Obviously, working through them closes some doors and opens others. One of the curves happened Sunday. Here is a note I wrote to some close friends then posted on my FB...
  4. cewait

    Star Wars Half....any new info?

    for those who may be FB challenged
  5. cewait

    Nike + problem?

    This is a good explanation.... Phones tend to triangulate off of cell towers, not off of satellites if not of the latest model. They also tend to be 2-4 time less accurate when they do get a fix on position... a GPS watch is generally 10 feet or less and a phone can be 50 feet or more off...
  6. cewait

    DL Verification Page A slight twist to the DL Half Verification Page. The page now shows your estimated finish time. You now have an opportunity to update the proof between now and the deadline of June1 Hopefully, Disney will keep this a standard feature...
  7. cewait

    running around Disney?

    Will you have a car? If so, there are several other long runs on property as well as the close by Orange County Trail Here is a three loop BW run of 7.5 miles - you can make this work several different ways to add or subtract 7.5...
  8. cewait

    First trail run race

    Depending on the terrain see if you can locate a pair of gators to help keep your shoes from filling with debris. Even the smallest grain of sand can feel like a boulder. Your focal point will need to be a little shorter - but you still need to scan up the trail. You may have roots, soft...
  9. cewait

    Expedition Everest Challenge 2014

    I have not run since March.... We will see how cross training serves as a base. I am hoping for a fun race. I just noted the thunderstorm forecast... I have not looked at the weather but if there is not a front coming through, the worst part of any rain will have cleared around dark.
  10. cewait

    Official 2015 Disney Marathon Thread

    Last Dopey had two bibs with one corral each. I also hope that they give two corral letters for at least the half and full. That would get the Dopey/Goofies correctly corralled in the half next year. One corral assignment for the 5 and 10k still seems appropriate.
  11. cewait

    Official 2015 Disney Marathon Thread

    Have her talk with the doc... There are several folks in the same boat and med technologies have really improved in that area over the last 5 years. If the doc is up on the latest stuff she and the doc could pull together a training program and equip her with the latest tools.
  12. cewait

    Official 2015 Disney Marathon Thread

    As a Dopey runner you will find that you are seeded in one of 5 (if the same as last year) corrals. You will be seeded by estimated pace... or in other words, correctly. What you will have to maneuver through are those who claim to be sub 7 minute runners but will struggle to finish in less...
  13. cewait

    Official 2015 Disney Marathon Thread

    All race weekends have sold out quickly during the last cycle. It has a lot to do with the new challenge races (Dopey and the 10k+Half for other weekends) and all the hoopla from these new challenges. The other races seem to get caught up in the urgency created by the challenge quick sell outs...
  14. cewait

    Official 2015 Disney Marathon Thread

    I am hoping that the bib carries two corrals like the GSC did this year. That way they can put Goofy and Dopey runners in the appropriate corral for both races Assuming 5 corrals, this is a D corral.
  15. cewait

    Planning strategies for a WDW running many questions!

    I would first try to figure out what race you wanted to run.... The Marathon Weekend is the oldest race at WDW and 'generally' the easiest to get into. The Princess Weekend comes next in the year in late February Both of these races are morning races where all events start at 5:30...
  16. cewait

    Expedition Everest Challenge 2014

    Anyone need a bib. My DW injured her back and will not be able to run.
  17. cewait

    How much do you $$ a nite in Disney hotels?

    Funny, I have never spent vacation in a non-Disney resort as I have always felt like some of the 'magic' comes from having Mickey on the other end of the wake up call. On the numerous business trips here, I stayed Marriott Village and it never really felt like I was at Disney. I always felt...
  18. cewait

    Fake Bibs at Boston Marathon

    I need to have someone come by and pinch me. In the past I would have been all over this but for some reason I simply cannot get in line with either side. Maybe it was the overall whininess of the FB post that broke the story - sorry, the post hit me as though it was from a middle schooler...
  19. cewait

    Star Wars Half....any new info?

    The decision came from a higher pay scale than my friends. I know the EMMI folks had to scramble big time to make a back to back and coast to coast set of races happen.
  20. cewait

    What do you use to refuel on a long run?

    As you can see - this is a very personal issue. We are all an experiment on one, so what works for me may not work for you. I would suggest trying gels, black, beans tummies of various manufacturers and flavors. Trust me when I say what sounds good in the store may actually be a real...


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