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  1. Donna M

    Old Key West Three Bedroom

    Here are a couple pictures I took. I thought the place looked great. You can find some very strong opinions on the design, but I loved it. The bathrooms look similar to the 2 bd remodels, colors and tilework.
  2. Donna M

    Renting stroller for one night?

    Since it is only a few hours, and it sounds like you would rather not use your double, it would be easy to use Disney's. Maybe you can bring something extra for padding and warmth since it could be cool when the sun goes down, like a small crib sized fleece blanket. If she is warm and has a...
  3. Donna M

    As a DVC Member, which resort is your favorite...And Why?

    My favorite is VGF because it feels luxurious, especially compared to my house. And we enjoy listening to the musicians in the main lobby in the evening. OKW would be next due to the size of the rooms and Floridian feel with the palm trees. I like BCV with the pool along with BBR. There are...
  4. Donna M

    Any unusual trip reveals you have been a part of?

    We invited friends with 3 kids to Disney. We invited them over and had Chinese dinner and their mom had gotten large fortune cookies that you can add a custom message into. They didn't believe it when they read they were going to WDW. It took a lot of confirmation from the adults till they...
  5. Donna M

    Stroller recommendations

    I love my Graco Modes Click Connect for the 18 month old. It folds easily, storage is huge, has the tray with 2 cup holders and 2 cup holders for parents up top. It reclines flat with a foot rest that swings up to extend the surface. It can be steered with one hand, and has a very large...
  6. Donna M

    FP+ and Rider Swap

    It does sound too good to be true.
  7. Donna M

    Renting stroller for one night?

    I agree with just bring the one you have. Your child is comfortable with it and should be able to sleep which is very important. You know how it works and you will have extra room for other "stuff" Spend the money on something fun.
  8. Donna M

    Travel Insurance Help

    We used whatever you can buy with the airline tickets. I booked and paid for us and another family. My dh lost his job and we were able to get the money back for both families. A check was written for us, but a separate one for the other family which they gave to us since none of us went on...
  9. Donna M

    Poll: Size of Room

    I feel that you would need to buy more than you are able to at this point. We bought when our kids were in middle school and now they are out of the house with kids of their own. Studios now will most likely not work in a few years, and it doesn't sound like you are buying a lot of points...
  10. Donna M

    Studio vs 1 & 2BR (Opinion)

    We love having the living room and will only stay in a studio if it's for a single night. One solution to the dilemma you mention is to get more points, then you can stay in the larger unit for longer :woohoo:
  11. Donna M

    Does it make me look cheap if I ask my relatives to pay something towards the second bedroom?

    If you decide to ask them to pay you may want to start by explaining how the points work. My brother doesn't seem to understand how the whole thing works. He asked if his son's family of 4 could go. I think some people believe it is like a second home, you own it and can use it as much as you...
  12. Donna M

    Embarkation to Airport Process

    Since you are flying SW on your disembarking day, I hope you did EBCI. If you have plenty of time I would recommend signing up since you might not be able to check in 24 hours ahead while at sea.
  13. Donna M

    New ice cube rule

    I remember the days when you were not allowed to bring food into the park, probably before many of you guys were born! We did sneak in snacks for the kids, but there wasn't any security to check at that time.
  14. Donna M

    Dimensions of single pull-down bed in studios/1BR at Riviera?

    We went on the tour and noticed that the one for the one bedroom looked bigger than the studio's. Other people were noticing the size difference too, which makes me believe it is a twin if the cm said it was.
  15. Donna M

    Best splash areas/pools for kids under 3

    That's my concern too, if it might even knock the little one over.
  16. Donna M

    Best splash areas/pools for kids under 3

    We haven't booked yet. I'm leaning towards Riviera right now to give it a try, and the pools look good. Pools are a major consideration. There will be only one day at MK then resort relaxation, but with two kids under 3! Being able to walk places is important too.
  17. Donna M

    Room Request

    Call member services. You can use the chat feature on the DVC website too, I've done it both ways. I guess you'd want to give them a few days, not sure how close to your arrival date you would want to get. When you do the online check in, don't change anything because that will void whatever...
  18. Donna M

    Leftover Groceries

    Bell services sounds like a really good idea. Can you imagine what the hallways will start to look like if it got around that you can leave food /water/soda there. Some places are already getting crowded with ecv's.
  19. Donna M

    Best splash areas/pools for kids under 3

    We are bringing the grandkids to Disney and will be spending most of the time at the resort. Splash areas have not been something I really looked at, except VGF since that's our favorite resort, and not sure about that one with really little kids. The kids will be about when 1 year and 2...
  20. Donna M

    dedicated lock-offs OKW

    If the boys are all yours, they probably wouldn't have an issue with a brother walking through their room to use the bathroom.


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