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    Trying to decide on a Father's Day gift for DH

    Does he like surprises--or at least surprises of this magnitude? If you don't know the answer to that question, then assume the answer is no.
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    Annual Pass purchase

    Yes. I didn't mean to imply that the ticket had to be activated, but it does have to be purchased.
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    Teach me your ways and Tell me my plan is okay before I book fast passes

    He's scared of bugs? Stay far away from the Bugs movie. I'm an adult and cannot deal with it. The only time I went--since I'd been convinced that these were "cute" bugs (they're bugs not cute)--I was basically trapped in the middle of a long row and couldn't get out of the theater. Even closing...
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    FP day tomorrow- computer or phone?

    Have everything handy--that way if one device is slow or doesn't work you can switch to the other. That's my preferred method. Last time I did this, for my May trip, I ended up using both the computer and the phone app.
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    Annual Pass purchase

    One other thing not mentioned here. If you're staying onsite and want to make your FP+ reservations 60 days in advance, you'll have to have an admission ticket linked to your MDX account by the 60-day mark or you won't be able to make your FP+ reservations. So if you don't buy the AP until you...
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    Romantic Ideas

    Scott--You realize that Artist Point is now Story Book dining, with characters from Snow White. Thought I should mention that in case you weren't aware. One place I really love is the Grand Floridian Cafe. It's a great place to have lunch if you're at MK--very pretty and the food's good.
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    Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

    You're very welcome--and I know the exact experience you're describing. Which is why I plan where I'm going to eat and rarely go off plan--and I also never make dining reservations 180 days in advance, probably because I don't eat at any of the super hard-to-get restaurants. But I do think it'd...
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    Not a big deal to some I'm sure but...

    Love this thread and sending my love to Kyle! Have a fantastic trip!
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    Owning an island???

    There's an island very near me that'd be a great purchase, and it already has plenty of grocery stores and restaurants on it. It's called Manhattan. (Well, you said money would be no object!)
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    Alien Swirling Saucers vs Toy Story Mania!

    Alien Swirling Saucers is a pretty name for a cute ride that isn't very different from what you could ride in almost any amusement park anywhere. TSM is an amazing game/ride. No comparison. Keep your TSM FP+ and it's possible you'll be able to get AS2 for your 4th--but if I landed on TSM for my...
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    First time visiting WDW in June 2021

    A 3-way split seems too much to me, but you may not mind. Just remember that with this in place, you'd have 3 of the 10 days of your vacation possibly without a room until after 4 p.m. Yes, rooms are sometimes ready earlier, but sometimes they're not. So you could be without a room during the...
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    Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

    Traveling: The burgers were super new when I tried it. If I'd read more about it, I never would've risked it! BTW, I believe all the veggie burgers at WDW these days are either Impossibles or Beyonds. Very disappointing to me. When I go to WDW, I'm staying onsite without a car, and I've found a...
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    Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant/Dining Help Thread

    I've been vegan or vegetarian for 20+ years (currently vegan), and I had one of these burgers at Restaurantosaurus at DAK. They used to have a regular old veggie burger on their menu, but no longer. I don't remember if it was Impossible or Beyond, but it was one of the two. That was my first and...
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    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    I'm going to jump in here, even though I don't own DVC and wouldn't. But I do go to WDW pretty often and I do eat in WDW restaurants while I'm there. And I never have the dining plan. Ever. If I bought it, WDW would probably put up a plaque in my honor, since I normally spend far far less than...
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    Celebration at Disney World Brainstorming

    How about one of the after-hours events at whatever park everyone would like best. I know I'm not invited, but I'd pick DAK! If you've got the financial wherewithal to really splurge, perhaps hiring a tour guide for the day--but, you know, we're talking thousands here, not hundreds. But thought...
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    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    @hiroMYhero--Love you! Thank you! 💜
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    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    This isn't my understanding of using FP+ when hopping. In May, we had FP+ for TSM in DHS. After using it, we booked NRJ in DAK. After getting off NRJ, we tried to book another Tier 1 in DAK, but were prevented from doing so, even though there was availability. I was told (on the FP+ thread) that...
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    Are you afraid of clowns?

    Unless your MIL's living room is the size of a ballroom at Versailles, it must look tremendously cluttered. It wouldn't matter what those 500+ objects in her living room were--they're just clutter to someone else and a real turnoff to any potential buyer. Is there no real estate agent involved...
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    Off or onsite for family of 6 teens/tweens- what do you suggest?

    OP, you mentioned earlier that you might get the dining plan for only some of your party, however, I'm pretty sure--correct me, everyone, if I'm wrong!--that if you book the dining plan, everyone in your party has to have the same plan, so you wouldn't be able to do that split. In all my many...
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    Caring for Giants/Behind the Seeds Tours

    I've done Caring for Giants twice now--once with DH, once with my sister--and it was wonderful both times. I highly recommend it. The guides are excellent and the elephants are fun to see so close. I've also done Behind the Seeds, although many years ago, at least 15, maybe more. At the time I...


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