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  1. robinb

    Poll: Size of Room

    We also don't have a problem with studios and we own twice as many points as you do.
  2. robinb

    Dressing "too provocatively" at Golden Corral

    Hmmm ... I also looked at the woman's public FB profile and I did not get that kind of negative feeling about her at all.
  3. robinb

    Does it make me look cheap if I ask my relatives to pay something towards the second bedroom?

    Will your price be different with them in the room? Will you be renting a bigger place to accommodate them, or will they simply be sleeping in your living room like they did before? If it's the former, then I would ask for some $$ to cover your extra expenses. If it's the latter, which you...
  4. robinb

    Disney Emoji Blitz

    I'm half way through. I'm using Disgust and I'm saving Joy for RFs. I have been getting some good scores though, so I worry about how many I'll need for RF.
  5. robinb

    Poll: Size of Room

    One one hand, I agree with you. One should not buy a timeshare thinking that they will make money. Disney has been removing benefits for resales for a while while jacking up their own prices but resale prices have increased with Disney's increases. Stuff can always happen. Resale prices...
  6. robinb

    Jiko or California Grill......arrival night dinner........

    I would pick a place in the Contemporary. Frankly, I think it’s a waste of a signature restaurant when you have to be some where later in the night. I would pick a different restaurant instead. Maybe Chef Mickey’s and get the Fab Five out of the way.
  7. robinb

    Does it make me look cheap if I ask my relatives to pay something towards the second bedroom?

    It was a mistake. They thought I had until 30 days to cancel (like any normal person would think) instead of 31. They did wait until the last minute which was a pain but everything turned out ok.
  8. robinb

    Does it make me look cheap if I ask my relatives to pay something towards the second bedroom?

    That happened to me. My in-laws crapped out on me at 30 days, leaving me with points in holding.
  9. robinb

    Poll: Size of Room

    Are you talking about your next trip, or are you talking about your vacation future and possibly buying DVC? I'm going to assume the latter. 1) Stay in a DVC studio for approx 8 night vacations This could work for your family of 4. If your kids are both the same gender it will work better...
  10. robinb

    Smugglers Run - how roles are assigned?

    Ugh. Now I have another thing to worry about. If I get assigned to be the pilot I don't want to be guilted into giving up my card to a child or some other stranger who really wants to be the pilot. I don't want to break someone's heart, but I would also want to have the opportunity to be the...
  11. robinb

    Dressing "too provocatively" at Golden Corral

    I have to put a good word in for Golden Corral. We have Golden Corrals here in Wisconsin that are quite nice for a buffet. The restaurants are clean, the servers are nice, the food is fresh and it's actually good. It's not all garbage. They have a pretty extensive salad bar with other...
  12. robinb

    What insurance on new Iphone is the best?

    I always buy big ticket items with one of these kind of credit cards because they double the manufacture’s warranty. I have tried to use the extended warranty twice. The first time was on a laptop that failed catastrophically. I took it into a local repair place for an estimate and instead of...
  13. robinb

    I will get flamed or ridiculed for this, but here goes anyway...

    Yes. We owned at OKW and we were able to get BWV for NYE through the lottery. We bought 200 points at BWV so we could continue to stay there over NYE once they stopped the lottery.
  14. robinb

    Dressing "too provocatively" at Golden Corral

    Those were my thoughts exactly. IMO, the outfit was certainly not flattering but not anything to get all upset over. She has every right to dress any way she wants, even if it’s in daisy dukes and a crop top. FWIW, her body size shouldn’t be an issue at Golden Corral either. One of the...
  15. robinb

    What insurance on new Iphone is the best?

    I bought my clutzy DD Apple Care for her phone. She used it for a broken screen in the first year. I would also invest in a sturdy case.
  16. robinb

    I will get flamed or ridiculed for this, but here goes anyway...

    Don't feel too bad. I forgot all about it until about 10:00 Eastern and was in the queue for more than 30 minutes (starting 3500 people back) while watching two of the dates (mine included) sell out. Sigh. I'm going to try again when they go on sale in a couple of days to the general DVC...
  17. robinb

    FP changes at DHS as of August 29th

    My guess is that it's to make the masses believe that they are still getting something of value. "Can't get into Star Wars land? Darn it! All is not lost. We have all these OTHER Tier 1 Fast Pass Plus (tm) options for you instead!" I sincerely hope that this is just a rumor or some glitch...
  18. robinb

    I will never get this as a non parent

    This story has nothing to do with being a parent. Uber has a policy of not allowing people under the age of 18 to ride alone. A 12-year old girl called an Uber early in the morning before dawn. The driver accepted the fare, even though it was against the rules, and drove her 20 miles away to...
  19. robinb


    Or ... not enough of what you should!
  20. robinb

    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    Ugh. Do they expire at the end of the valid date window? If they are "expired" then I would have to upgrade them, right? Would I have to upgrade them at WDW or can I do it online? That would be a pain because then I couldn't use them for FPs in advance. Speaking of FPs, I wouldn't be able...


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