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    Our MARVEL DAY at SEA experience - January 2018

    was on the cruise with you! that was my little racer in the black widow lane who decided to sit and clap instead of crawl to the finish line!
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    How to get to the Port from Ft Lauderdale?

    Flying in Saturday night and staying at the Homewood Suite in Ft Lauderdale. What is the best way to get to the cruise port in Miami when traveling with 4 adults and a 9 month old and 2.5 year old?
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    How many more days until your Disney cruise - Part 3

    8 DAYS!!! Leave on the 21 out of Miami!
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    January 21st on Disney Magic

    im on that cruise!
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    Flying into FLL to cruise out of Miami

    Flying into FLL for a Miami cruise end of January with me wife and 2 daughters (3yr and 9mo) I'm mostly concerned with travel that has car seats. As of now I think we are staying at Hyatt Place near FLL airport since it has a airport shuttle and cruise shuttle is $12 a person
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    Added cost for upper decks vs deck 2?

    We are currently booked in 5512 and 5020 (secret porthole room) for the parents. Probably gonna stick with that. Thanks for those who replied.
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    Added cost for upper decks vs deck 2?

    Is it worth the extra $200 to not be on deck 1 or 2? Currently myself wife and daughters (3yr and 1yr) booked on forward deck 5 (5512) of the magic in an ocean view and think the extra money would be worth it to not be a deck with nothing but rooms. Parents have decided to join so looking at...
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    Free Dining... more rooms open!

    Yup got Carribean beach through a Sunday when every other time I looked the dining stopped on Saturday! Just saved the family almost $1200
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    Be Our Guest on MVMCP Night, observation

    Check the email they sent with the confirmation. A good chance the warning will be there
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    BOG - B/L/D?

    Definitely lunch. Best quick service in the park
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    Reservations during MNSSHP

    When I tried to book CRT at like 9:20 I got that warning. For this reservation there was no warning. There was a 7pm one with no warning as well Never mind just read the email confirmation and the warning was there . I swear it wasn't on the page when I confirmed the reservation in the app.
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    Reservations during MNSSHP

    I booked a 7:15pm at Crystal Palace on a haloween party night (Sept 16). Usually the confirmation screen says if I need a ticket or not but this one didn't have that disclaimer. Am I Ok without a Halloween party ticket and how quick will I be escorted out the park once dinner is over.
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    Best way to make reservations for large group? Also what restaurants?

    If it gets me a lunch reservation at be our guest I'll grab a family of four on the way in!
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    Best way to make reservations for large group? Also what restaurants?

    Not sure if 11 is considered a large group but I'm gonna give that email address a try
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    More RO discounts for Fall?

    Seems like a few room only were added for September. I know I saw discounts for Carribean beach that I hadn't seen before today
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    Free Dining Success Rate

    thanks for that link. was able to secure the last free dining spot at Caribbean Beach in September for a great deal!
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    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Is the horror stories about all the bus stops throughout the resort adding time true? Going to be going mostly to magic kingdom so a 40 minute bus ride sounds terrible
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    September 2014 CANCELLED ADR Thread - RULES 1st Post

    cancelling 9/20 Akershus Royal Banquet Hall @ 6:55 pm for 8. \ pm me if you want to coordinate. been keeping it since got a crt late that night and have been hoping to get an earlier crt for sat or luck into one on friday but its not happening
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    September 2014 CANCELLED ADR Thread - RULES 1st Post

    9/19 ; 8:35 pm chef mickey for 7 available right now
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    Be Our Guest Lunch FastPass Thread [PLEASE read the FAQs in the first post!]

    so my reservations have disappeared off the site and we are scheduled for lunch in 3 days. i have the confirmation windows printed, will they let me in the line if i show the print outs? this is frustrating!!!


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