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    Favorite Family Vacation?

    My favorite that I have repeated a few times is staying in Estes Park and visiting Rocky Mountain National park for the week. In my younger days, we camped in the National Park. Now we stay in a hotel or cabin in nearby Estes Park. I love the family friendly hikes, alpine lakes, ranger guided...
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    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party? Is it worth it?

    Any time at the MK is fun. I thought the party was too crowded, though, and wouldn't do it again. If you want shorter lines for rides, the best thing to do is to go to the MK on a party day when the park closes early. Fewer people go then as they have to leave early before fireworks. If...
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    early November crowds

    The last time I did November (after Jersey week and before Thanksgiving) crowd predictions were that crowds would be moderate. Actual crowd levels though were heavy (8s rather than 6s), similar to spring break. This may have been a fluke though. Lots of the visitors were people who rebooked...
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    Keys To The Kingdom Tour

    Twice when I only knew 40 to 60 days that I would be in Orlando I was unable to get tickets (Once was for early March, the other was for mid November). As you can cancel a few days in advance and get your money back, if you want to do this I would book it as soon as you can.
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    Trip out west

    We often fly into Denver, stay one night to get used to the altitude and then spend a week in Estes Park, visiting the lovely Rocky Mountain National Park (plenty to do there for an entire week). We too, have flown into Phoenix and driven the two hours to Sedona, AZ and spent the entire week...
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    Anyone have Spectrum cable??

    We've had Charter Communications/Spectrum since 1989 when we moved to St. Louis. They do charge for extra TVs, so we just have one of our two on that. There are free apps that DS has on the other TV, though, that suite him and are from charter (free because we are a charter subscriber)...
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    A bit bored at the Studios

    We like all the Disney Park, but on our last trip (We had six full days and of the Disney Parks, just did three: Epcot, AK, and MK. HS (even though we like it) is the one we skipped. T of T is one of our very favorite rides, but when push came to shove it wasn't enough to put the park on our...
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    Just found a 6night trip under 1000 whole trip

    I think SeaWorld is wonderful. We have done many budget week long trips where with seven nights in a condo we did two days at SeaWorld (back when second day was free), one Disney park, and three resort days (pool, hot tub, mini golf, tennis, family games, organized activities all at the...
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    How much do you spend on vacations?

    OP, Are you talking pre-tax or post tax? For me either way it's a higher percentage than it used to be, as DH recently retired. 8% of take home pay (income after state and federal taxes, 401K deductions, medical, dental, and vision, insurance/HOA deduction) and DHs social security income...
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    Is Navi Worth My Time?

    We rope dropped it and enjoyed it (walk on with no wait at all). Lots of people head that way, but all the people are running to do FOP, not that. Do note, though, that due to crowd levels and the fact that we decided to go just three days before we did not have a FP for FOP (we wouldn't have...
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    MK Tour: How early to book?

    Several different last minute trips 90 to 30 days in advance I wanted to book Keys to the Kingdom, and every time it was sold out, even in lighter crowd months. Since there is no penalty as long as you cancel 48 hours in advance, there is no reason to wait to book. I would book as soon as...
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    Best resort with great pool for under $400/night?

    Yes -- timeshare rentals in Orlando IMHO are really great values (one of the best deals around as Orlando is overbuilt with so many nice ones) and what we do when we have a full week in Orlando. And yes, your price sounds in the ballpark. Given the terrific value and how much so many of us...
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    SDD wait times near park closing time?

    I realize that this is one of the newer rides (still it's a few years old, though) and is one that is good for almost all ages, but the popularity blows me away. Sure it's cute, but we don't think it's worth more than a 15 minute wait lol, so don't include it on our touring plan. For us it was...
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    MVMCP is it Worth it?

    This is just me and my son in his 20s. We went to a sold out party with my mom and nephew (were just going to do one day at the MK) and for a change of pace did the party instead of the regular day (my mom's preference). While any time at the MK is fun, I found the crowds way larger than I...
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    Crowd Calendar - which is most reliable?

    Touring Plans back in the old days was spot on most of the time with crowd level predictions. I still subscribe, but they have been way off on crowd calendars more often than not on the trips that I've done in the last few years. The touring plans and app have help me deal with the crowds, but...
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    Time Share Discount Tickets

    Normally the sales presentations are long and high pressure and put a sour taste in most people's mouths. Many still do these for the freebies. Enough buy overpriced timeshares that the freebies continue to be offered to attract people to attend. // Not something I would do, but yes freebies...
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    Where can I stay that is a condo, but not a timeshare?

    Owner rentals are an economical way to stay at a timeshare and not be required to attend a presentation. Owner rentals are for a week and are typically available if you have a Friday to Friday, Saturday to Saturday, or Sunday to Sunday stay. I often use and for owner...
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    Is 25 Way Too Old for DCP?

    One of my co-workers and who love Disney and are in our late 50s, when the job gets stressful think about trying it out, lol. It's not going to happen with families to support and decent salaries, we are used to, but actually I have heard that as long as you meet requirements, older adults like...
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    Where can I stay that is a condo, but not a timeshare?

    I have rented timeshares from owners over a dozen times and have yet to attend a timeshare presentation. Just say no when asked if you want to do a resort tour, welcome breakfast with information about the resort (disguised names for a timeshare presentation). Also, don't pick up the coupon...
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    Recommendations where to eat outside of Disney....

    Café Tu Tu Tango is a little pricey, but really fun: Take a look. Great reviews on Trip Advisor too. My nephew who live in Orlando is who first took me here.


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