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  1. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I’m hoping the droid backpacks will be back when I’m there on the 21st. Crossing my fingers....
  2. gypsy_at_heart

    How much do you spend on vacations?

    I generally spend my bonus on travel. It’s 10-15% It’s just me, myself and I - so my household income is an income of one.
  3. gypsy_at_heart

    Does Disney Ruin

    We only do the PNE once for the year out of habit and do a few rounds on the wooden coaster lol playland doesn’t really compare to a real theme park, but there is some nostalgia for me. Also, I do still love fright nights
  4. gypsy_at_heart

    2019 Roll Call?

    June 19 -23. Disneyland Hotel for SWGE
  5. gypsy_at_heart

    Does Disney Ruin

    I suppose it ruins other theme park vacations. I don’t actually like traditional theme parks so I wouldn’t be a good judge probably. Does it ruin all other vacations? No, not at all for me. A Disney vacation is just a whole different animal from going abroad. Also. I actually find I can get...
  6. gypsy_at_heart

    PC OPTIMUM, Lets share deals, offers, info

    I wait until there is a spend your points event and I stock up on what I like to call the ‘boring essentials’. Toothpaste, floss, deodorant, qtips, razors, etc etc. Depending on how many points I have to spend I often pick one of the shopper’s locations with the nicer beauty sections and get a...
  7. gypsy_at_heart

    VIP tours at Disneyland?

    When I contacted them I was told this regarding SWGE: “After the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reservation period has ended, access to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will vary depending on time of day and operational capacity. It is our goal to make sure all of our tours experience Star Wars: Galaxy’s...
  8. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    A few questions for those who have visited... 1. Has anyone bought a tunic and worn it in the park? I watched an interview with one of the SWGE mercy guys and he implied being able to just put it on over your shirt and go along your merry way 2. Has anyone bought the metal gift card and then...
  9. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Has anyone seen the blue milk sippers they are supposed to have? I haven’t seen any pictures up Thanks! :)
  10. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Do you know how much the droid personality chips are? Thanks! :)
  11. gypsy_at_heart

    Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Shopping and Merchandise

    I can’t seem to find a price anywhere for those extra personality chips for the droids, does anyone know? Thanks :)
  12. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    This makes me so happy! :bounce:
  13. gypsy_at_heart

    Recommendations for 2 adults on a budget

    Caribbean Beach is a moderate and on the new gondola system - I’d take it over AoA. Port Orleans French Quarter is a nice moderate. Small, charming, great for a couple adults. It doesn’t have super close park access but I never had issues with the buses. Also there is a boat to Disney Spring :)
  14. gypsy_at_heart

    Are you avoiding SWGE spoilers?

    I don’t want to see a ride video, but I do want to see everything else! As a previous poster said, I think it’s better to be prepared. Also I’m taking my parents with me this trip so I want things to go as smoothly as possible and maximize our 4 hours.
  15. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Four more sleeps for those people going on the 31st :bounce: I can’t wait for reports to start rolling in!
  16. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    From usctrojans on the opening day thread. I hope all hotel guests for the reservation period will get their credentials at check in. That would be handy. :)
  17. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    There are a whole bunch of insane pre-sale listings for coke bottles and all sorts of things smh
  18. gypsy_at_heart

    Disneyland Hotel -- How badly does it need refurbishment?

    Put your luggage in the bathroom (shower or tub I’ve been told is best) and do a full bed search. I use a small uv flashlight and check the rim around the whole mattress, the headboard etc. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve travelled a lot and bed bugs are the thing I’m a bit phobic about...
  19. gypsy_at_heart

    Canadian Buffoon's Semi-EPIC Vacation - 06/16 - The O Is Silent

    Following along! I usually plan my flights to connect in the States and clear customs before I leave Vancouver. Having to go through that on a connection would stress me out :scared: I’m glad you made it!
  20. gypsy_at_heart

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Has anyone heard anything on pricing for the Droid Depot personality affiliation chips?


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