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  1. LoraJ

    Mickey's Halloween Party and Halloween Time Superthread 2018!!

    We are going on Halloween. What is the best strategy for getting the most out of both parks ride-wise? Must Do rides for us= Radiator Springs, Toy Story Mania, Guardians of the Galaxy, Splash Mountain before it gets cold at night, Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Haunted Mansion. We don't care...
  2. LoraJ

    Looks like they are testing magic band stuff at DL today!

    I am assuming you stayed on property so everything worked out great for you. For us, we planned the trip about 90 days out when we were offered a time share we could not refuse. I was not even aware of the FP+ system so when I went to make reservations I was not able to get any of the good...
  3. LoraJ

    Looks like they are testing magic band stuff at DL today!

    I loathed the FP+ at WDW and am honestly hesitant to go back. We rode a lot less with FP+ than we did with legacy passes. Not to mention the lines at rides that never had lines before. And we are park hoppers, but not being able to reserve FP's at two parks in one day was ridiculous. I think we...
  4. LoraJ

    Have any of you done HHN at Universal Hollywood?

    Thanks for the tips, we were wondering about Knottscary Farm but I couldn't find many comparisons on the net. We will be in Anaheim for Disneyland, maybe we can go then.
  5. LoraJ

    Have any of you done HHN at Universal Hollywood?

    We're going to LA this year and thinking of doing HHN there. We have been to HHN in Orlando several times and were wondering how it compares at USH? Like they don't see to have houses, but mazes? I also saw they have a Walking Dead maze this year. Wondering if it is anything like the ISO one...
  6. LoraJ

    Need help deciding if 5 day Park Hopper or regular 6 days Magic Your Way

    I was always very pro park hoppers, but now with FP+ I guess it depends what time of year you are going and what kind of rides you like.
  7. LoraJ

    Downtown Disney on Halloween

    We have a reservation there tonight. When I made it I had no idea about all of the construction. We went the other day for lunch and it was rough getting in. I know they have the trick or treating tonight so I am a bit panicked about this. I am willing to valet but just getting into the lot area...
  8. LoraJ

    Apparently I dislike FP+...alot

    Most likely if Epcot they would be for Figment, Captain EO and Nemo when the standby lines are less than 10 minutes. I agree with the OP.
  9. LoraJ

    My Un-magical FP+ Experience...

    On the website there is a "cancel FP+" button. I did it there, you can select the one you want to cancel. It seems like on the app you can only cancel the whole group. But maybe hold onto it if a better ride shows up? I don't know how it really works.
  10. LoraJ

    My Un-magical FP+ Experience...

    For my trip next week I have 4 non-expiry park hoppers. I really hate the way FP+ is pretty much useless with hoppers. Thinking about using just two of those tickets, another day come at 4pm for MNSSHP and then going to Universal the rest of the week saving the other 2 tickets for a time when...
  11. LoraJ

    Fastpass+ or Legacy Fastpass

    I am really not liking it so far. Each time I plan a Disney trip they are catering more and more to the over-planners which makes it more and more stressful for someone like me who would prefer to be spontaneous. I like to plan based on weather. Now I have to know where I want to eat 90 or 180...
  12. LoraJ

    FastPass+ Basic Info, Suggested Priorities, And Strategies--Part II

    I am trying to make FP reservations for the day we are going to MNSSHP but I think the FP+ went to my regular tickets. How do I switch it? I am so confused. Not liking this system. Takes out the spontaneity of the trip even more.
  13. LoraJ

    October 2014 Car Rentals.

    I just did a google search and found a code for Dollar for standard $169 a week. Estimated total $227. promo code ED165
  14. LoraJ

    October 2014 Car Rentals.

    Do they have Uber cars in Orlando? At this point may be cheaper than a rental. Still can't find an economy under $400. This is crazy.
  15. LoraJ

    October 2014 Car Rentals.

    I am trying last week of October and withe all mandatory charges can't find anything lower than $360. And that's an ECONOMY! I hope this changes in a couple of weeks. :surfweb:
  16. LoraJ

    People Mag is reporting Kristen Stewart cheated with a married man?Pics on pg. 2 + 8

    Go back a page and read my post. It may look PR to you but common sense tells me they have been back together long before they were photographed based on him talking about who he lives near by. They were bound to be photographed together eventually, they had been spotted out together several...
  17. LoraJ

    People Mag is reporting Kristen Stewart cheated with a married man?Pics on pg. 2 + 8

    Everyone and their "it's for the movie promotion" theories are so laughable. It is 2012, not 1950. She had a momentary indescretion, he forgave her, the end. It's not the first time something like this has happened. And Rob isn't angry at her in those pictures, there are some of him smiling at...
  18. LoraJ

    Fender Bender. Who is at fault. This may be a tough one

    You can call, but they will ask you to come in and file a report. So if you can, I would suggest doing that.
  19. LoraJ

    Kristin Stewart is awkward!

    I was saying the person who made the accusation makes it sound like something more than pot, and there is no evidence of it. She's never been arrested for drugs, no on-set rumors about drugs being in the way of her work or causing issues, so I don't see where this "she needs to get help"...
  20. LoraJ

    Kristin Stewart is awkward!

    And my "mean girl" opinion is just as valid. Call it as I see it. I feel like people think it is "cool" to make fun of someone who is awkward. I was going to ignore this same lame boring thread that gets repeated time and time again until I saw that accusation about drugs.


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