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  1. LAB81018

    Quite the Valedictorian speech

    Improved school facilities (academic and athletic) raise the attractiveness of an education from that district. This in turn raises property values. So necessary? No. A community benefit whether you have students in the district or not? Definitely.
  2. LAB81018

    If you could be at one sporting event ( when ever it was)

    Since someone already mentioned the Miracle on Ice, pretty much any of the last 50 Indy 500. Though I would be much happier at certain ones rather than others.
  3. LAB81018

    Speaking of Bill Buckner. (People who career is defined by one moment)

    No, he didn’t. She had chronic health problems exacerbated by alcohol which she often drank a lot of.The quality of prohibition era liquor did not help matters. Her companion for the evening accused Arbuckle in an attempt to exhort money from him and his lawyers. He was fully acquitted at a...
  4. LAB81018

    Rocketman - Who's going see it? (HIDDEN Spoilers only, Please.)

    Saw it tonight. Excellent. Taron sounds and looks amazingly like Elton. Elton wanted a warts and all biopic, so you’ve got the sex, drugs, and rock and roll. You will hate his parents (Bryce Dallas Howard and Steven Mackintosh do an excellent job doing that). You will like his stepfather though...
  5. LAB81018

    All in the Family/The Jeffersons LIVE on ABC tonight

    I had one. It was then I realized how expensive diapers were.
  6. LAB81018

    Student Records Teacher Making Abusive Remarks

    I guess everyone should be thankful that he (formerly) teaches in Minnesota instead Florida. If he wasn’t dead, I’d swear that was my elementary school music teacher. He let us know we were dirt under his feet.
  7. LAB81018

    Oh No!! I'm Going To Be Arrested!!

    If I remember correctly, mine have been Fraud Likely and James Bond. I have gotten a couple from “Apple”, spoofing the 5th Avenue store’s phone number. I called Apple just to be sure, and they thanked me and added the “real” number from their to their fraud database. We currently have one...
  8. LAB81018

    Avengers Endgame tickets - what did u score? And how long was your wait time

    Back row center (my desired location for the setup) on Thursday night for the Real3D showing from the Regal app with no waiting.
  9. LAB81018

    Help throwing a Mel Brooks themed party

    I’m guessing this is a grown up party..... make a punch and label it SEDAGIVE
  10. LAB81018

    Help throwing a Mel Brooks themed party

    Brandy? Varm milk? Ovaltine?
  11. LAB81018

    Your Top 3 Cartoons you liked as a kid

    Everyone has already mentioned mine except for what adorned by 2nd grade lunch box : Blue Falcon and Dynomutt
  12. LAB81018

    Longest Song that you downloaded

    Hey Jude 7:11
  13. LAB81018

    Air France Passenger Takes Off Pants on Flight

    I think we would be remiss to not also mention his friend with the ukulele.
  14. LAB81018

    What was the last Movie

    The Thin Man :drinking1
  15. LAB81018

    How often do you find restaurant food that looks as good as in photos?

    I’ve posted this before, but it applies.
  16. LAB81018

    What has happened to these cookies?

    Haven’t made an icebox cake in a long time, but they are usually on the top shelf in our grocery stores. Now you are making me want to make sure one.
  17. LAB81018

    Did Disney ruin Sears stores?

    Sears executives did it while trying to enrich themselves.
  18. LAB81018

    As we give thanks on this special day....

    Well, Mr. Kalli, a lot of turkeys don’t make it through Thanksgiving.
  19. LAB81018

    Any had Breast Reduction

    I had one about 15 years ago. I was really happy with it. I wish I had had more taken off. I have also had significant grow back. Not nearly as bad as before, but still significant. I will also admit that some of it is due to weight gain. But others have had them grow after surgery.
  20. LAB81018

    Bohemian Rhapsody (the movie)..... (spoilers?)

    Saw it this morning and loved it. Had stop myself several times from concentrating on how much Gwilym Lee looked like Brian May. The scene in the EMI office about the potential of Bohemian Rhapsody got more and more laughs as more and more people realized who was playing the record company...


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