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    Teppan Edo sharing a meal?

    I am on TPN and we STILL paid for all buffets or all you can eat. I can still eat a few "safe foods"(turkey, rice, potatoes) but I typically don't even bother eating at restaurants because itI do still get allergic/mast cell symptoms from my "safe" foods sometimes. So unless I am really in the...
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    Disney Restaurants need flexible pricing

    I haven't read all the responses so this probably was mentioned before, but what about those who stay on a discount? Full price? Not paying at all (just throwing that in for various reasons). We stayed at Grand Floridian a few years ago for the 1st time...45% discount. So would we be able to get...
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    Ohanas' and a shellfish allergy.

    I am airborne allergic to shellfish, fish. Personally, We don’t go to any of the restaurants that are seafood focused. It’s also why we have never stayed at Beach Club resort. We even skip Columbia harbor house...It’s just not worth it. I go into anaphylaxis enough from mast cell disease so not...
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    Special menu request

    4 allergies each person, or 4 allergies total? Honestly, pretty much every place should be able to accommodate. I have 30+ IgE documented allergies plus mast cell disease that causes me to react to most foods. At this point, I really only eat chicken, rice, rice pasta, and potatoes. But before...
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    DAS once TSM gets rid of fp entrance?

    In Disneyland, we were taken through the exit for a good number of rides. But they don’t have as many FP attractions as WDW. I can’t imagine that they would not give out DAS Times for TSMM in a WDW....that would a horrendous decision. But if they do close FP, they probably have another plan in...
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    OK with surgical mask?

    I’ve worn both surgical masks (usually only when I can’t stand my vogmasks any longer) and more substantial/effective vogmasks so I can say it’s definitely not against policy. But it is rare to see. And I agree with others that unless you are used to it, you are probably not going to be...
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    Meal stops on 5 between SF and Disneyland

    If you need a stop after the Grapevine, Valencia/Santa Clarita has a lot of options. They are not directly off the 5 but within like 5-15 mins depending on where you go. We have : Red Robin Olive Garden Jersey Mikes Cheesecake Factory Sisly Italian (valencia town center mall) BJs brewhouse...
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    Feeding tube and dining plan

    I am on TPN and I've (almost) always been charged at buffets, dinner shows, etc. anything NOT a la carte. Only time I was not charged was when we went for my birthday. Completely unexpected, but we weren't charged at Crystal Palace or 1900 Park Fare last time we went. We did tip as if all of...
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    Gluten free waffles for breakfast at POR and Pop Quick Service

    If you are staying at POR, those who are GF have to try the make your own pasta. They have tinkayada rice pasta with an insane amount of toppings to choose from. I have 30+ allergies, and I was still able to get 5 ingredients mixed in my pasta. And the portions are huge. I left half in our...
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    Gluten free waffles for breakfast at POR and Pop Quick Service

    OMG....allergy friendly French toast???? That would be amazing. So long since ive had French toast!
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    Gluten free waffles for breakfast at POR and Pop Quick Service

    I have been able to get allergy safe waffles at both food courts. But that was 2014 and 2015. But I THINK, if the only issues is Gluten free, every food court (or almost everyone) will have them using Bobs Red Mill mix. I cannot have Bobs Red Mill because of nut cross contamination so I can only...
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    Erin McKenna Bakery for gluten free

    We have one of the babycakes NYC (what it was called before Erin McKennas) locally and because I have a peanut, egg, dairy, wheat, soy allergies (at the time not tree nuts) it was the only option. For the most part it was okay...I liked the banana chocolate chip loaves, the waffles, donuts, and...
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    PICC Line Infusions in the Parks

    I have done it the past couple of years. They have private rooms as well as curtained areas typically. I would advise using a private room because they are probably the cleanest and they have IV polls, sharps containers, etc I've done IV hydration (1 and 2 hour infusions), IV meds (both just IV...
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    Irritable Bowl Syndrome & Anaphylaxis

    I have systemic mast cell disease, and one of the symptoms is idiopathic anaphylaxis, and just anaphylaxis in general. perfumes, colognes, lotions, environmental, foods...anything and everything triggers mine. I don't know if this will help you at all but one thing I do is I wear a vogmask...
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    Amazing expereince at DL/DCA with DAS...first time

    We went to DL resort last weekend. All day Friday and most of the day Saturday. We took my best friend who had never been. It was the first time I have used a DAS and a wheelchair. The experience was far above and beyond what I expected. I have Systemic Mast Cell Disease, Dysautonomia...
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    Anybody else have Gastroparesis?

    I do. After I was diagnosed with GP, but Before I was diagnosed with my food allergies and mast cell disease, and subsequently placed in TPN, I relied on Boost and Ensure drinks most days, especially when in WDW because of all of the walking. Can you tolerate anything like that to help make sure...
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    Security Line

    We are going in 2 1/2 weeks and staying at the new Residence Inn convention center. So we plan on walking to the parks and entering on harbor. Does everyone go through the metal detectors? Has anyone here gone through the new security with medical equipment? I have a port a cath and will be...
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    increased security and touring the parks with IV nutrition and IV meds

    Security question... I am going to DL in about 3 weeks. We are staying at the Residence Inn near the convention center and will be walking to the main entrance. I haven't been since 2013. I know the checkpoint on that side is in the same place but did they also add metal detectors? I have a...
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    TPN, IV meds, and Disneyland

    And my only reply to this would be yes. Multiple diagnoses, with an amazing medical team, and a treatment/med regimen that has greatly improved my quality of life and is allowing me to go to grad school this year. And I just wanted to hear from people who have stored stuff in DL because yes...
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    TPN, IV meds, and Disneyland

    Anyone is capable of doing TPN at home (infant to 99+). But usually if it is used temporarily while the underlying illness is being treated, they don't discharge until the illness is undercontrol or fixed and can come off the TPN safely. It is used a lot in hospitals as temporary nutrition for...


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