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    Rate not locked in if switching room categories?

    UPDATE: I called Costco this morning after the room I was hoping for became available again (yay!) and even though the price had gone up over $100, I was charged the original price had I booked both rooms on Thursday. Costco rep was misinformed.
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    Disney called to swap cabins?

    Will Disney do that for me??? I tried to get the connecting SPH rooms and one was lost in the middle of the call. Interested in how this came about.
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    Rate not locked in if switching room categories?

    I was under the assumption that I locked in opening day prices when I booked a room and could later switch to any other room and still get the opening day rates. When I chatted with Costco just now they said only if I stay within the same exact that true? One of my connecting rooms...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    2 questions... I noticed SB Local only accepts visa and sometimes amex but I entered a m/c a few weeks ago and dont see anywhere to change it. Anyone know? Also for the last couple of days I'm getting the error that I'm searching too fast when I click the swago search square (even when I haven't...
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    Those using swagbucks ???

    I did a survey on the answer app and answered all the questions but said I was disqualified. Then later that day ended up taking same survey (by chance) on a laptop, got to the same exact point and was credited the 29 points. I don't get it!
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    What Bed Bath and Beyond sells Disney Gift Cards?

    I'm in Colorado and all 4 stores I've been to sell Disney gift cards.
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Send them an email with a picture of the receipt that matches the rebate you submitted.
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    For those who did the rebates with BB&B...I know there was some talk of it being a limit of 10 even though our rebate sheet shows no limit. Has anyone been successful submitting more? We have 45.
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    I just did 15 happy lady cards at 2 different BB&B this weekend with no problem despite what others have said. Just ordered 3 of these happy kids...would like to order more but nervous they'll just cancel order. Anyone have experience ordering more than the limit?
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Just yesterday in CO it worked!
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    I was able to on the 5th no problem in CO.
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    Visa Gift Cards not working???

    I called shopDisney this morning and was told it was a recent change because they weren't getting paid on the virtual visa orders? Supposedly once she cancels my order, the money will be back on the card and I can try PayPal method suggested.
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    Visa Gift Cards not working???

    There is a number to call at shop disney but I keep getting a message that cast members will be back soon and to leave a message. I'll try calling Monday morning probably. I'm pretty sure I did everything the same, here's the email they sent: Thank you for your recent Shop Disney order! To...
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    Visa Gift Cards not working???

    I've been redeeming swagbucks and mypoints for virtual visas and then converting at shopdisney since July no problem but this morning I got an email that they can't process my last request because they can't verify the address on my Visa card....anyone else ever had this happen or is this a new...
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    4 and 6 year old and kttw card

    What would they need their cards for if they have check out privileges but not charging?
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    Disney Gift Card Deals

    I've been having pretty good luck with the printers.
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    I love credit cards so much!

    Hi, I was hoping to get some help with the Disney credit card bonus offer. I recently signed up for a Disney credit card to get the $200 signup bonus and just got my gift card yesterday. Is my husband able to sign up for a card as well and get the $200 gift card? It also says add an authorized...
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    Redeemed MyPoints for $50 Visa Prepaid Card. Why Should I NOT Have Done That?

    So has anyone been able to buy a Disney giftcard with an e-gift visa?? I've been saving up for Walmart but this would be so much better if it works!
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    Disney Gift Cards - Website Problems

    Is anyone else having issues with this site? I just logged in and all my cards say invalid for the amounts.


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