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  1. olwyngdh

    Most ridiculous injury you have had in your life?

    She looked at my arm, said "Yep, it's broken," poured me a shot of tequila and sent me to the ER.
  2. olwyngdh

    Most ridiculous injury you have had in your life?

    I broke my arm in a water balloon fight at a friends Med School graduation party.
  3. olwyngdh

    So sad I don’t know if I can do WDW

    Finding nap spots in the park helps too. I don't know what I am going to do now that Ellen's Energy Adventure is gone. :/
  4. olwyngdh

    Pittsburgh hotel suggestions and activity ideas

    That is sad. I ran the Historical Research Center when it was there. It was a great place to work, shop, and eat.
  5. olwyngdh

    Restaurants at Shades of Green

    If you have someone staying there, you may be able to get in and have dinner with them. They will likely have to leave your name at the gate and you will have to show ID. At least that is what we had to do for my daughter's wedding.
  6. olwyngdh

    Pittsburgh hotel suggestions and activity ideas

    Yeah, but the 3 am Primanti Bros Fish sammich at the original after hitting the clubs on the strip is best! I miss Pittsburgh. Not that I have the energy for the clubs anymore, but when I was young? Oh yeah.
  7. olwyngdh

    Pittsburgh hotel suggestions and activity ideas

    Cool place to eat is Primanti Brothers in the Strip District. It is as classic to Pittsburgh as the Philly Cheesesteak is to Philly.
  8. olwyngdh

    Change in perception of Disney?

    Actual 50something bra burning liberal here -- ok, we were 8 and stole a bra from a friends older sister because we didn't want to be left out and burned it in her dad's BBQ grill-- and my husband, daughters, and I are still big Disney fans. My granddaughter is being raised as the Disney...
  9. olwyngdh

    Disney weddings not all they're cracked up to be?

    We were lucky for our daughter's wedding which was a Disney/Not Disney wedding. Because my husband is in the Army, she was able to get married at Shades of Green. It cost a LOT less than a wedding where she lives in PA would have, in fact, they paid more for the reception they had at home after...
  10. olwyngdh

    Interesting (clean) names

    Sandy Bottoms stayed with my family for State Choir when my school hosted it back in the 70s. I competed in a pageant with Raine Cloud. She had a twin brother named Storm.
  11. olwyngdh

    Aventura vs. Hard Rock

    Did you figure on paying for the universal express pass? You get it free with your room at HRH. When we went in June the cost of paying for the Express Pass would have been more than our room cost.
  12. olwyngdh

    Christmas Tradition for Granddaughter

    We did the ornament thing with our daughters, my daughter is now doing it with her child so we really aren't. My aunt gave my oldest (her namesake) a savings bond every year in addition to a toy or clothing. Those savings bonds paid for her wedding.
  13. olwyngdh

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    Thank you. That is not the impression I have gotten from your posts. It is a really sensitive topic for those of us who have to use scooters or stay home because we face the abuse from able bodied guests constantly--on the bus, in lines, just traveling down the walkways at Disney. The comments...
  14. olwyngdh

    How to stop the guessing of wrapped Christmas presents

    My husband wrapped a note that said look in the closet in a bracelet box. When I looked in the closet I found my Steeler coat. He is an expert at doing stuff like that. He has sent our daughters on scavenger hunts to find their birthday presents. He snuck into our daughter's bedroom a couple...
  15. olwyngdh

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    And I may be. All I have to base my feelings on is the words posted here and I stand by my assessment. She is one of the people I fear to meet at Disney because she doesn't seem to think I have a right to be there or ride the busses and wants to make sure everyone knows it. I hope I am wrong and...
  16. olwyngdh

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    You probably are a really nice person, but I really hope you are not someone I ever encounter in the parks or on the busses because I would expect you to be one of the people berating me to your friends loud enough for me to hear. I have had that happen on multiple occasions, as well as actual...
  17. olwyngdh

    First Christmas Thread of the Year

    Any Rankin/Bass Christmas special and White Christmas are my big ones. I also have what my husband calls an unhealthy addiction to any and all made for TV Christmas movies. I have trained my 16 yr old in my addiction well enough that 9 out of 10 times if it is not a brand new one, she can tell...
  18. olwyngdh

    Recipe? We don't need no stinking recipe...

    I don't use recipes for soups, stews, roasts...pretty much anything I make on a regular basis. I know what goes in them or what will work in them and base how I make them on what I have in stock or what looks best at the grocery store that week.
  19. olwyngdh

    Lots more scooters riding the buses now

    I use a scooter when we go places due to my fibromyalgia and arthritis. Without it, there are a lot of things I can't do. I own my own (best anniversary present ever!) I rent one at Disney because of longer battery life, guaranteed repair or replacement if something goes wrong with it, etc. I am...
  20. olwyngdh

    Stuffing recipes... help!

    It is really good and compared to a lot of recipes I've seen it is very basic! I am just surprised that my recipe is the only one I've seen posted that uses eggs.


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