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  1. richmo

    New to Disney..stay out of Disney resorts to save money?

    I'm not going to comment on VRBO or AirBnB, since I haven't used them, but most hotels outside Disney are safe. I would recommend using something like TripAdvisor to get a feel for which ones are good and which ones aren't. Kind of related to VRBO, I've stayed at rentals in Windsor Hills and...
  2. richmo

    Self serve Soda machine on Adventure of the Seas?

    I was on Adventure last summer...there were two Freestyle machines on opposite sides in Windjammer and there were two next to each other in the Promenade. Of course, you'll need the soda package to use them.
  3. richmo

    Port Canaveral Car Rental

    Another thing that might help is to use the link that @Capt_BJ provided above and determine the terminal at which your ship will be docked. Hopefully it'll be Terminal 1 (CT1). The reason I mention this is that if you're at Terminal 1, it is a short walk to the Alamo/National/Enterprise rental...
  4. richmo

    FLL - Where do you stay?

    We stayed pre-cruise at the Quality Inn and Suites Airport/Cruise Port South on Stirling Rd. I think they have shuttles to the Ft. Lauderdale port, but we rented a car at FLL. We chose this hotel since we were coming in fairly late at night and wanted to stay near the airport...Our RCCL cruise...
  5. richmo

    Perfect Day at Coco Cay Report

    Thanks for the pictures! I haven't been since the new features opened up, but it'll be fun checking them out, although I suspect we'll still just enjoy a nice beach day. I've seen several comments in this thread about the beach umbrellas and I imagine the procedure is the same as it has been in...
  6. richmo

    Post all SW questions concerns, etc. here...

    You probably received LUV vouchers. Unlike credits you may receive for flight booking due to price decreases, LUV vouchers are transferable and not tied to a certain passenger. However, keep in mind I think you are still restricted to the number of payment methods you can use on one itinerary...
  7. richmo

    Kennedy Space Center?

    I highly recommend KSC. I've been there before from Disney trips, but we also went last year during a Royal Caribbean cruise. Rather than doing the official excursion, which, as you said, is pricey, you might want to look into renting a car at the port and driving to KSC (its an easy 20-30...
  8. richmo

    Let the Wookiee Win: An August Solo Adventure! *Updated 6/1/19: Real Life/Disney Update*

    I'll follow on I-gram...and good luck with the blog!!
  9. richmo

    Rivers of Light: dining package necessary?

    I've had pretty good luck getting a RoL FP as a 4th+ even within an hour of the show. I'm not saying that's always possible, but I don't think you need to book the package just to see RoL, or even tie up one of your 3 prescheduled FP's for it.
  10. richmo

    Question regarding the card and lanyards...

    We brought our Castaway Club lanyards on RCL last year. Honestly, I used it the first day then put not afterwards. I had plenty of pockets in shorts and even my bathing suit, so I found that preferable to wearing the lanyard around my neck all the time. I'll leave the lanyard home next time. I...
  11. richmo

    TR: Adventure of the Seas 4/13 Sailing - 8 nts - Eastern Caribbean

    Glad you had a good time. We sailed on Adventure OTS last summer to the Bahamas and agree that it was a very nice ship. Also totally agree that the ice show is a must see; I think we went twice. The only time the ship felt crowded was going for deck chairs on "at sea" days. I don't believe in...
  12. richmo

    RCL On Board Discounts for a Future Cruise

    Yes, there's an area called "NextCruise" that you can visit and book while onboard to book a future cruise. Honestly, the discount isn't any different than what you see online most of the time (50% off 2nd guest, etc.). The main incentive, which isn't really much of an incentive to me, is that...
  13. richmo

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Made a minor change to my original post. Received another email from BJ's today indicating the final day is May 4 (I originally posted May 5)
  14. richmo

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    The last time I did it, BJ's sent a physical gift card. I assume its still the same. I think it came in about 5 days. In your case, I'd probably chance it. Worst case you save it for next time, if you think you're going back.
  15. richmo

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    I would think so since this is an online offer, not at the warehouses. But I'm no expert on this, so I would check with someone at BJ's online...
  16. richmo

    Disney Gift Card Deals

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but I just received an email from BJ's that the $500 Disney gift card is available online for $464.99 through May 4 to members. That's a 7% discount.
  17. richmo

    Crowds first of March 2020

    ...although that's right when college spring breaks will be starting. Many are either the first or second week of March. You definitely won't have the place to yourself!
  18. richmo

    Are Excursions Necessary??

    On the Nassau/Castaway Cay cruise, I would definitely agree you don't need excursions. Castaway Cay is a great beach might want to rent a float or two, but that should cover it. In Nassau, its totally up to you. Some will go to Atlantis or another beach, but you will have the beach...
  19. richmo

    NFL Draft

    Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like a boring draft night compared to previous years. Didn't seem to have the same level of maneuvering (yeah, there were some trades, but later in the round and not all that dramatic), picks went kind of as expected (although NY Giants, but even that was at...
  20. richmo

    For those who have cruised RCL.....

    To me, "The Key" is a waste, especially on longer cruises. At $20/day per person, it can add up quick. For us, we just get one internet device and switch off when we need to. Frankly, its nice to at least partially disconnect. Maybe on a shorter cruise it might not be so bad, but when you get...


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