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  1. SharonZ

    Art animation

    I think for sleeping surfaces and privacy, I would go for two rooms at a value.
  2. SharonZ

    Can any DIS'er identify this flower/weed?

    I don't think it's worth the risk of feeding it to the turtle.
  3. SharonZ

    Have you ever heard of this when buying a used car

    My insurance agent has always dealt directly with the dealership, and I've never had any problems.
  4. SharonZ

    I realize this is looking WAYY ahead to the future but...

    Free Dining isn't necessarily the cheapest way to go. Most of the time you pay less taking a room discount and paying for your meals OOP. Do some research.
  5. SharonZ

    Hit with large vet bill...would this be wise?

    I've used balance transfers a lot in the past. I just set up auto-pay for the due date, and I've never had any issues.
  6. SharonZ

    Are there any 'bad' rooms at AKL?

    AKL is probably the only resort where I would try and upgrade to a pool view.
  7. SharonZ

    Did you ever have a personalized license plate ?

    I got one for my first car, at 16 years old. I still have it 40 years later, and many vehicles later!
  8. SharonZ

    Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery

    I had my tonsils out as an adult, and it was awful! Recently, I went through a very painful joint replacement in my index finger. My surgeon said that there have been studies that proved that taking 400 milligrams of Advil and 1,000 milligrams of Tylenol together are just as effective as...
  9. SharonZ

    Saving for Disney

    I'm also not a fan of buying a ton of Disney gift cards ahead of time. If for some unanticipated reason you can't go - that money is not available for emergencies, a trip other than Disney, etc. I can easily go to a Sam's Club a couple of times to buy $500 gift cards to pay off a Disney trip...
  10. SharonZ

    How Much Should i Bring?

    I would never carry that much cash, anywhere! I would just use my credit card, and go to the front desk every couple of days to get a print out of my charges, so I can keep track of my "budget."
  11. SharonZ

    Hit with large vet bill...would this be wise?

    Do the Care Credit application online, you get a quick response. It's also good for a lot of options other than just Vet care, and also may come in handy in the future.
  12. SharonZ

    Best Options For 6 People

    I would definitely do two rooms at POFQ, just for the sleeping surfaces alone.
  13. SharonZ

    French Quarter room location advice

    I really wouldn't worry too much about room requests at POFQ, you won't be disappointed with any building.
  14. SharonZ

    POP bus transportation is terrible

    I think bus service is roughly the same at all resorts, none are perfect. You experience good and bad bus times at all resorts, it isn't just specific resorts.
  15. SharonZ

    Dr performed surgery deemed "investigative". Insurance Denied. Now what?

    At the time, my insurance carrier required that surgery termed elective be performed at a surgery center. I had outpatient hernia repair at the hospital, and my insurance carrier charged me 20% as co-insurance. To alleviate my bill going to a collection agency, I paid the amount in question...
  16. SharonZ

    Pools - with a little belly, like 3 months pregnant (not)

    A tankini is your best bet - and own it! I also like swim shorts with the built in pantie and a swim-suit top. I like all the separates that Lands End carries.
  17. SharonZ

    Getting sick of Amazon and delivery mess-ups

    I've never had an issue with my Amazon Prime deliveries. I prefer when it's delivered via UPS and not USPS.
  18. SharonZ

    In Room H2O products

    If it bother's your son's skin, bring your own from home. It's not worth him having a reaction.
  19. SharonZ

    Help me pick my holiday

    IMO, flying internationally with a one year old and Disney/Cocoa Beach/cruise for two weeks would be too much. I would wait until the little one is a little older. I would also price out free dining vs. a room discount. You may find it cheaper with a room discount and meals out of pocket.


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