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  1. J

    Anthem of the Seas -- partial or obstructed balcony

    Absolutely. We have twin girls too, but they are 15 YO. joe
  2. J

    Confused about Voom Surf Price/Per Adult/Devices Wording

    My wife and I share a voom package for one. I dont want the kids online anyway, so I dont worry about their devices.
  3. J

    Anthem of the Seas -- partial or obstructed balcony

    I guess I will see you on the boat. We are just down the hall 6 or 7 rooms.
  4. J

    Anthem of the Seas -- partial or obstructed balcony

    We had 2 connected obstructed view balcony rooms on deck 6 last Thanksgiving. As other posters mentioned, the obstruction was only on looking down. Plus the price was excellent. We loved the rooms so much, we booked the exact same 2 rooms for this Thanksgiving. We paid $4000 total for...
  5. J

    Thanksgiving cruise with Royal

    We sailed the Anthem of the Seas last year for Thanksgiving out of NJ and we are going again this year. There is really nothing special about Thanksgiving on the cruise. However, we did think the boat was excellent. We have cruised many times on DCL in the past (stopped due to bored with...
  6. J

    Best place to buy tickets?

    Check out Plum Benefits if available from your job. Best prices of any website I have seen. 3 day passes are $209 plus tax.
  7. J

    Cow fish!

    I just ate at the Cowfish in Raleigh, NC, where the restaurant originated from. I was on a business trip and the person who giving me a tour suggested Cowfish, I was excited to try a place that will be in Citywalk. It was quite interesting, I have a double cheeseburger sushi roll. The...
  8. J

    Park Tickets from Expedia.

    Actually, The best prices I have seen have been on 'Plum Benefits'. It is a discount site that I get access through from my job. A lot of companies offer it. a 3 day park to park ticket is 209.00 adult. That is about $18 cheaper per ticket than undercover tourist.
  9. J

    Castaway club

    Yes, you are right, they don't HAVE to give us something. But, we don't HAVE to be returning cruisers. It is balance of perceived value and a gift generally adds more value than it's cost.
  10. J

    Bernards Tour ST Maarrten

    We took the tour with Bernard this past November. We had heard so many great things. Sadly, the tour was anything but great. First, their was a huge line of people waiting to pay, the line barely moved and we were there for an hour. The only nice stop of the whole day was orient beach...
  11. J

    Castaway Cay gameplan advice!

    I recommend getting a couples massage on Serenity Beach in a cabana. Get a great deal by booking a day or two before at the spa. They need to fill up the slots Joe
  12. J

    DISNEY MAGIC - 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise - November 2, 2014

    HI all, Glad to see we are having a bit more activity on the board. I applied to join the new facebook group. Please approve me. Thanks, Joe Stein
  13. J

    DISNEY MAGIC - 7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise - November 2, 2014

    We are also on the cruise. We were just on the Fantasy for Jersey week and rebooked for this cruise. My wife and I and our twin daughters (will be 11 at cruise time). We are in Cabins 2079 and the adjoining cabin (2081 I think). We have done the Fantasy the last two Jersey weeks and...
  14. J

    What kind of candy?

    Thanks you. It is no pleasure to work on a cruise ship. They do it for the money.
  15. J

    Bernard's Tour St. Maarten Question

    We were on the Fantasy last week and used Bernard's Tour. I was not happy with the experience. First, I got to the place we were supposed to meet the Tour at 9am. Was met with a huge line. Waited almost 50 mins on line. Finally got on tour bus at 10am with "Ricky". We stopped at...
  16. J

    New Magic!

    But you didn't listen..... Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  17. J

    How is the food?

    I think you have to consider that they are preparing things on a banquet basis. Food that cooks well in large batches will generally be better. i.e. braised items (short ribs). Foods that really need individual attention. i.e. Grilled items will generally stink. I found all food in...
  18. J

    November 2, 2013 - Disney Fantasy 7 night Eastern - Cruise Meet

    Check your facebook messages - Joe Stein
  19. J

    Disney Chase $50 not compatible with on board booking discount/stateroom credit?

    With the fact that Disney is always offering super last minute fares, it doesn't even pay to book onboard anymore. $150 extra OBC is doesn't make up for the discount they offer. It is over $1000 less for the cruise now than what I paid with the 10% off. Joe
  20. J

    Castaway Cay Food

    Are any of the restaurants open for lunch while at Castaway Cay? The problem with the food at Castaway Cay is that they BBQ it and throw it in a pan under a heat lamp where it gets dry and cold. They would be much better off par-cooking the items, then finishing it off to order. How...


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