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  1. Nvrgrowup

    Crowd Calendars seem completely inconsistent

    J-Dog one of the reasons you will see increasing crowds the end of February is tha schools in the northeast get a winter break , a week off usually somewhere around Presidents day . A lot of families head to the world then to escape the cold.
  2. Nvrgrowup

    Requesting specific area on Flight of Passage?

    I have ridden the FOP multiple times and in different locations never saw any difference. Enjoy the experience and that you were able to get a fast pass. Its awsome!!!
  3. Nvrgrowup

    DVC Podcast - Not Great Advice

    When we bought our DVC in 2001 at now called BRV we didnt consider it a financial investment where somewhere down the line we could make money. For us it was because of our love of Disney World and the frequent trips we would make with our family. It has given us so many wonderful memories ...
  4. Nvrgrowup

    Which resort for a dad and 5yr old?

    You know your son best .When my son was 5 he was more interested in MK and HS. For a 5 year old there is a lot to see and do at MK . The WL is a nice boat ride from MK great for afternoon breaks descent food court and 2 pools. It is also a quick bus ride to MK. Hope you have a wonderful trip no...
  5. Nvrgrowup

    Anyone else have a "found my perfect resort" moment?

    I must admit am getting a little teary eyed reading everyone's moments. For me it is WL . We have stayed at many other resorts on property but for me it is home. Love the sights sounds smell of that gorgeous lobby. Have great memories of taking our now almost 19 yr old son after we adopted him...
  6. Nvrgrowup

    When will dates be announced for EMM, DAH??

    Eeyoreali I am in the same boat as you going to the world in Dec 19 hoping for some DAH dates. We are going the week before Christmas so I know that MK will be a no but hoping to see some in the other parks. I will keep stalking the great and all knowing Disboards for any insight and info...
  7. Nvrgrowup

    15 y.os at DHS alone

    Like you our son has been to DW since he was a baby. When he first asked to go a park on his own at almost 16 I cringed it wasn't because of safety but because of realizing that yikers he really is growing up!!!. Your son and friend will be fine. It definitely changed DH and mine visits a bit...
  8. Nvrgrowup

    Build your own lightsabers

    My son did his light saber build at Merchant of Venus MK. It wasnt as crowded as Tatooine Traders .He was able to spend more time making his choices for just the right build!! Go figure!! :darth:
  9. Nvrgrowup

    Poll: Your Plans for Galaxy's Edge

    We have been Christmas time before. Scheduled our trip Dec 18 -26 well aware that SWGE would most likely be open. We are good with that and we will deal with the crowds and plan the best we can. As a family we have always loved Star Wars so between the new land and Christmas in the world, it's a...
  10. Nvrgrowup

    Where is your 'First Night Dinner' and why?

    Over the past few years are go to place had been Trails End. Our home resort is BR at Wilderness Lodge, so the boat ride to Fort Wilderness is relaxing especially since we are always up and traveling early from the northeast. The food is good and simple. And if the spirit moves us after dinner...
  11. Nvrgrowup

    Favourite unique cocktails?

    Grand Marnier slushy at kiosk in France!!! A must do every trip!!! Enjoy!:drinking:
  12. Nvrgrowup

    Agent P's Missions

    My then 12 year old ds and I did the adventure and loved it! He is now 18 and we still talk about how much fun it was !! It was a great thing to do within a park that wasn't ride focused and great for him and I to kinda chill and slow down .We really got to enjoy the different countries. Have...
  13. Nvrgrowup

    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    Thanks so much rteerz for doing this. Our family is headed to the world in December to hopefully soak up everything SW !!
  14. Nvrgrowup


    Thanks mrsap for the beautiful pics!!! They are helping to give me a WL fix till our trip Dec 19. Cant wait!!!
  15. Nvrgrowup

    Reality of Wilderness Lodge bunk bed rooms

    Thanks for all the responses. My friend is having sticker shock for the week before Christmas 2019.Its been a number years since she has been and thought this would be a slower week!!:sad2: Has her heart set on WL recommended possibly renting points if available.Her original thought was to get...
  16. Nvrgrowup

    Reality of Wilderness Lodge bunk bed rooms

    Thanks Dave006 and rwdavis2 for your replies. Did not know that the bunk rooms may be a thing of the past by next year. From what you both have described there is no way her sons would ever fit in the bunks. Will pass the info along
  17. Nvrgrowup

    Reality of Wilderness Lodge bunk bed rooms

    Have a coworker who wants to do a big trip Dec 2019, with dh 2 twenty something ds and herself staying at the WL. She has been told by a TA that they all should be fine in a bunk bed room. and her sons should be comfortable in the bunks.told her doesn't sound right. Am I missing something? We...
  18. Nvrgrowup

    Pick Me a Disney Springs Restaurant

    Boathouse is a must do every trip for us. I particular don't care for food that comes from the sea, unlike ds and dh but none of us have ever been disappointed!
  19. Nvrgrowup

    What is the appeal of the dessert parties?

    The only dessert party we have done is at HS .We are Star Wars fans and the dessert party was a treat for us. We have only done it once but it was worth it to see the storm trooper interaction with our 16 yr old ds. Food was good plenty of choices alcoholic drinks weren't bad either!!:drinking...
  20. Nvrgrowup

    Wilderness Lodge - relaxed, low key vibe + various questions

    Have been DVC at BRV for a long time. Love the feeling of being away from the park craziness. Have never missed not seeing the fireworks except now with the trees cut and expansion there is visibility. Always try to catch the electric water pagent .Have never taken the bus to MK always the...


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