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  1. wilbret

    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    I don't think you've read all the posts. It's no more crowded than any resort with as many rooms. There are plenty of chairs, the prime ones go first. That's the "Chair situation." You'll be able to find a chair, you just can't expect to show up at 9am and find a front row/umbrella seat in a...
  2. wilbret

    What should I request for room location?

    Told them we wanted as high as possible. Lots of photos from rooms in the stickied post at the top of this forum... Good luck!
  3. wilbret

    What should I request for room location?

    We were in a xx82 room in Ewa and had a nice view. Anything from there up, I’d say you’d be good. Need to be 7th floor or higher to see over trees, it seemed. We were on 11 and had clear view.
  4. wilbret

    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    It’s hardly a nightmare. Aulani is amazing. There are always chairs available, the preferred ones just go first. And frankly, most people are up early due to time change, so getting out early isn’t really that big of a deal.
  5. wilbret

    Our first stay as DVC owners

    Our home resort is AK, but we have actually stayed at SSR more often. I agree, I like the proximity to Disney Springs. Some rooms are better off than others, one building seemed to be pretty new, in fact. We bounced around resorts, finding rooms where we could, and just sampling. If you are...
  6. wilbret

    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    I can confirm the chair situation May 11-19 was the same as the original poster. There were people staking out claim to front row chairs before 7am. Umbrella and front row chairs were definitely gone by 8am. Chairs in the full sun were generally available, as well as chairs that don't fully...
  7. wilbret

    Non-Theme Park activities

    Question: does no cars also mean no uber/lyft or taxi?
  8. wilbret

    What does your commute look like?

    For years, I lived 2.6 miles from the office in the burbs, where I could go home for lunch. Then, my company lost their mind and moved into the city, after 40 years in that location, making the commute 26 miles thru the worst traffic in the country (Atlanta). In Atlanta, we don't talk about...
  9. wilbret

    POP bus transportation is terrible

    I haven't stayed at 4 resorts in the past year, but I have stayed on site many many times, and the buses run as expected. Unfortunately, it seems like for-freaking-ever, and WHY are there so many buses going to EPCOT or Hollywood on party nights at MK, etc... I wish they'd run them more...
  10. wilbret

    PTR? Itinerary for Aulani/Oahu and Maui - whaddaya think?

    We planned to eat a lot in the room, too... 3 beachside/pool meals, 1 extra Ama Ama, etc, later.... we didn’t. Lol. Don’t over buy groceries... :-) Looks like fun. Swap Meet was interesting, be prepared to get hot. Parking lot felt like 115 degrees when we went.
  11. wilbret

    Poll.......Anybody getting the 'Congratulations, you won.....!' popups??

    What's the big deal? You should be happy you are WINNING! lol I haven't been getting it on here, but pretty much any link I click from Facebook is ruined by that type of crizap...
  12. wilbret

    Memory lane: That time I took the kids to a local hotel for a night...

    That’s funny, my wife and kids spent a tornado in the cooler at a McDonalds. Daughter left a toy there, and when we got it a few days later, it smelled like French fries ....
  13. wilbret

    Aulani DVC Tour/Purchase Incentive

    They were doing Luau tix last week, we were there and saw the signs. There must be 10-15 DVC sales podiums on site! One bonus, it’s pin trading gold! They rotate staff quite often, so just trading with DVC sales people bets dozens of trading opps...
  14. wilbret

    Need Help Fall Break Trip

    Yep - also, Legoland has cheap tickets found here on this site, but also plentiful buy one get one offers. (every issue of lego magazine includes them, too). Sea World also sometimes offers bogo tickets for youth, but 11 would be too old.. 10 years old is a theme park adult. It would work for...
  15. wilbret

    Memory lane: That time I took the kids to a local hotel for a night...

    Was looking back at photos from a few years ago, and got tickled. My wife rarely gets to have "girls nights," and sometimes I'll take the kids to visit family or something to give her a night or weekend off. I travel quite a bit for work, so it seems only fair. Once, I booked a room at a...
  16. wilbret

    Flight questions

    2nd vote for You can also look up historical fares to know if it's even worth waiting for a deal. One thing I'd recommend is making sure tickets are changeable or refundable. So many "discount" fares have loopholes where you lose a ton of value, if not all the value, if...
  17. wilbret

    Disney alone as a minor?

    When I was a young lad, my buddy and I stayed at a crappy hotel called the Sea Foam Inn, I believe. Luckily, we weren't murdered.
  18. wilbret

    Need Help Fall Break Trip

    FYI, that Friday MNSSHP will likely be craaaaaazzzy crowded, just be prepared to go with the flow. It's a long school holiday for a lot of us in driving distance to the park.
  19. wilbret

    Need Help Fall Break Trip

    We go every year at that time, for a 5-ish day trip. I'm a Halloween nut, so we definitely hit the HW parties. It's a great time to go, as long as they aren't opening a new Star Wars park or something. LOL. Sometimes we stay on site, sometimes we don't. If you could luck into a great deal on a...
  20. wilbret

    LAX stopover before Aulani..GOOD PLAN?? Hotel suggestions please!

    We flew direct, but I'm used to long haul flights for work. The flight was about dead on 8 hours. This was a breeze. I prefer a little suffering over cutting into vacation time at destination, dealing with airport more than I have to, etc. The flight back was +30 minutes early, it really wasn't...


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